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ass licking women" He led me to another section of the room.."Oh, baby," he groaned as bottomed out with a thrust that felt like pure bliss. Take some if you like. He said he needed to get out of those wet clothes."Last ones?" he said showing interest,"Cool, yea, need a shower ass licking women too. We surfed around for awhile and when we got to a good site noticed through his thin athletic shorts that he was getting hard. He then pulled his fingers free." He began stroking his cock and it got even bigger, almost 10 inches! looked him up and down and fully realized his intentions..ass licking women heard him moan in satisfaction and he let me take over from then on. After coming down from another cum high, and catching my breath, decided wanted to return the favor, with a strong desire to see just how Donny's cock felt and tasted in my mouth. It didn't take long, and Donny pulled ass licking women his mouth off and finished me with his hands. Acting like he was on drugs he said,"I just spent the last couple minutes looking at Beth naked. Would it? As the two men stepped away from him, he looked up and found that there were other men in the room, watching the three of them. Breath ass licking women seized inside his lungs. Steve took his mouth off Mike's cock and started stroking it faster and faster. As he stood, the mass of mixed come ran down his legs and pooled at his feet." cried out as his gentle tongue savored each side of my ass crack. The back of my throat tickled as ass licking women his smooth head would hit the top of my mouth and gradually be coursed into taking a detour down my throat.. Instead he teased me, breathing all over it, bring it up to his mouth then moving away, licking it for only a second, then moving. have never done this but came close on two occasions, ass licking women both times with the same guy, my roommate from college, Phil. He moved down to my feet. We all had decided on one of the several sandwiches from their menu.
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ass licking women To actually know you are tasting another man's beloved organ This seamed to get the wife hotter then ever, knowing that watching her secret movie got me off more powerfully than have in years"see ya then bro Turned on by his voyeurism, leaned back against the sleeper cab wall, and began playing with myself Then, one day, got so fucking horny, as we began our play, decided it was time and was going to fulfill this fantasy of mine Turning around, Gregory filled his palm with a sample for me to smell As kept following my mysterious boy toy, checked him out from the backside His orgasm felt like it might send me through the back of the couch Soft skin, perfumed and powdered But thank God we gotten somewhat accepting of occasional boy-boy contact Just before thought would cum, he stopped so amazed that a man was actually mating with me"I love you, Bri," was all he said"I never go all the way with any guys that come in here “No, don’t think you are As expected, he filled me with his cream while milked his cock for every drop of his love potion Acting like he was on drugs he said,"I just spent the last couple minutes looking at Beth naked The feeling of it hardening in my mouth made my own cock harden even more Mike slid onto the bed next to me don't know how many times had cum today did some touch-up work on the shaving of my crotch and ass, looked my self over in the mirror and decided that was ready When he got to the point that he was too tender “Maybe you can fuck me now?” He walked over to the young man and spun him around 25 or 30 men slowly formed around us as Nate and were to be the point men in a giant circle jerk"Its really happening My tongue felt the veins and texture of his penis Overall, I'm somewhat dazed and confused by thoughts and ideas that have consume and float around me Only slightly at first, but harden, nevertheless" He introduced himself as Dave, an over-the-road trucker on his way to Dallas Harder than had ever fucked any girl, or seen anyone fucked before It was his second of the night Once did, he sat beside me and began rubbing my shoulders Nate, Scott and Mike tag-teamed me and stripped me down to complete nakedness Much easier than the couch"I think I'll have some Stolichnaya then open my mouth to take the whole head in and sucked it as backed my head off the cock until my lips met at the very tip It was bigger than remembered and he had no tan lines started pumping my head up and down his shaft hungerily, ignoring his question never expected such an event to unfold Could this really be happening to me? How lucky am to be fucking such masculine splendor? buckled, collapsing atop his back with my fingernails digging into Gregory’s glistening shoulders flinched as felt his thick dick head on my lips As was about ten strokes from an incredible explosion, heard yet another voice"Do it! mean it!" realized had no choice but to comply, so opened up my lips started noticing him getting more and more tense The friction was being replaced by the slick lubrication Pat grinned as he looked Aaron up and down When Donny told me that his cum would be there soon, removed my mouth as pumped him to completion"I think I'll have some Stolichnaya knew then what a woman must feel In fact love girls Damon is a true friend Have fun Sam After a few minutes, he felt it twitch and then a hot load of bitter sweet come crossed his tongue on its way down his throat was almost home free when a hand reached out from inside a room and grabbed me! The hand yanked me inside of the room and slammed the door"After you wear these for a few weeks, you can move into larger appliances The heat relaxed the muscles and relieved some tension Both were at least 6'5 and stood like giants over me ass licking women began at his ankles and worked my way up his legs to the inside of his thighs" turned to look and my heart skipped a beat It took much coaxing to get him to write it down and send it, and we would both appreciate any feedback you might have kept wondering, hoping that this afternoon would get a repeat performance, also wondering if would have the courage to join him, as we jerked off together then learned that the lisp was caused by a huge stud that had been inserted into his pierced tongue Yet, she was still part man as she thrusted her cock in and out His head was being held against the man’s groin and all he could feel were the man’s hair rubbing against his face as the cock filled his mouth with it’s hot load moved to the head and sucked on it for awhile until moving up and down the shaft of his sweet cock had to stop for a piss two hours in my drive I‘m…" he uttered as his manly voice trailed off to the hopeful tone he had beforehand We drove back onto the Poplar Street Bridge and was headed back to Illinois Each time he had me take off an article of clothing, had to stand up and take it off grabbed my knees and pulled them to my chest, knew what he wanted and was only too willing to give him anything Nate sat up and met Damon with a kiss went to college and met my roommate who looked very confused Hungrily, Gregory chewed at my mouth with an urgency wasn't expecting""Please, tell me," said watched, entranced, as he loosened his hole with one and then two fingers Mike as 19, and very slim The fourth gun just fired!" The van full of four other men, all friends and loved ones, erupted in laughter He looked up and down the alley, but he was gone This was a gay bath house and though was tired, was also on a mission to get as much cock in this day as possibly could Hands holding onto me as if it meant his life slowly began sliding his dick into my mouth It pulsed and throbbed with the beat of his heart Recently, found myself having had a few drinks and feeling very horny Suddenly, had more sympathy for women giving birth Geeeez I'm screwing you Barbi “Oh, and why is that?” the man asked, his voice now seemingly angry fuck me, please" begged, knowing he liked to be begged and wiggling my ass in his face wanted to get him off as quickly as could so he would be done with me To my surprise, when returned home my wife just about raped me All did was flirt with girls, now had a man's cock in my mouth! What shocked me even more was that was starting to like it! knew there was no way was getting away, so began to relax This was the first time any man had touched me in such a way He settled down into the tub and felt the soreness start to leave his body""I'm not unhappy," said felt his wet cock head hit my lips, forge there way through and bounce off my closed teeth His breathing quickened and his moans became louder started pumping slowly in and out “Hey mister?” he asked Gregory clutched my button down, ripping it off me as we both smiled-- finally feeling one another chest to chest I‘m…" he uttered as his manly voice trailed off to the hopeful tone he had beforehand Do you have a tee-shirt that could borrow?” went back into the bathroom and came out with a tee shirt that didn’t want anymore and said, “Here He grabbed me and flipped me back over onto my back He made his way down my back to the top of my boxer shorts and stopped right there Gregory’s tan and glossy flesh quivered as my tongue soothingly slipped itself inside his balmy ass We all had decided on one of the several sandwiches from their menu Mike was an expert cocksucker along the same vein as my precious Nate This really got me going even more Just then felt the familiar vibrating of her toy snaking its way down my back She slowly began pushing and pull that love toy and began to buck and squeal “Yes After two bursts of his wonderful ejaculation, my black lover of the moment hastily pulled his still hard cock from my mouth, stuffed in back into his pants and quickly turned to leave and being here with you proves it"But still have to stop every now and again, my eyes get tired and need to move around Since didn’t want to spend any of my vacation time doing this work, often stayed late to finish as much of it could as soon as possible He whipped it and it brushed by my leg ass licking women"What do you mean, Sweetheart?" inquired When he finally pulled the condom off, it was overflowing with his juice My thumb was out as cars and trucks blew past me at high rates of speed tried to relax and decided to continue He had cleancut, boyish features, and would be regarded as a fem by some He had leaned over and unzipped Deacon's pants even as Deacon had tried to push him away half-heartedly When he reached my asshole, almost exploded Each time he had me take off an article of clothing, had to stand up and take it off"Come here," Dave ordered Once that was taken care of took off his shorts and then grabbed is boxers and slowly pulled them down His head fell back and felt his hot cum splash against the walls of my insides" Whispered Gregory as he slowly kneaded my fleshy globes Then returned to service his sizable prick Besides having sex with men, also love sex with women, of course; hence am bisexual Donny showed me his collection of Playboys Then just had to see him in the light It sounded like a good idea and agreed Long, lengthy strokes of his tongue moistened my crack as his hands continued molding my chunky globes to his satisfaction How poor was our county? If you turn on Route 6 at the Junction with Route 7, just past the 6 & 7 Diner was a 'Welcome to XXXX County' sign boys pics straight God, love this man did all could do to swallow as much as could but it still oozed down my chin jogged to keep up with him as he walked, seemingly aimlessly, around the busy streets, of what looked like 42nd street Dave had met him halfway through the airport with Deacon's bags in hand and a few roses Sam threw me into the corner, and Pete came up to his side You do what say, when say it and exactly how say it, you understand? If you don't, you won't live to regret it He stopped me How are you this morning?" The reply was,"Hi, I'm Steve and I'm horny, that's how am this morning!" replied that was so horny that though my hard cock would explode if didn't satisfy my desire to suck a hot, hard dick love your cock Well, what the hell, was on vacation That was all the stimuli he needed as he shot a fairly good sized load into my mouth was now 3" away from his cock “This is always what wear when toke up,” said as he looked up at me had to keep catching my breath as sprawled out on my stomach, was that nervous Perhaps seeing each other five times each year As he took a step, he stumbled and fell against the black man" looked each one of them over as they stood before our table It was an average cock, not too big and not too small He took my head and put my mouth on his nipple and his on mine while we both jerked ourselves off shooting our hot cum all over the walls of the room with loud grunts That was when another man sat at the stool next to him He felt my anus loosen up a bit and began to pull back think you are the most desirable man in the world Aaron had a noticable lisp When came, came hard and almost collapsed on the floor of the shower They were feeble attempts, however, and began to feel light-headed dominant wives ass licking didn’t know too much about him – we rarely worked at the same time"Neither can I," said, and leaned into him, kissing his lips As watched the movie continued to put more into the cup as produced it ” If he’d done this with a wink and a smile, would have had an easy time saying no But, he was considerably thicker than me But almost immediately realized that the rhythm to the sound that was hearing was too consistent Upon learning that was, he stated that all my drinks and lunch were on the house As watched the movie continued to put more into the cup as produced it"Maybe you are my bride started by ordering another round and two shots of tequila but this was beyond anything had ever experienced before Just as he first peered into her room, she was taking her top off By the time ten o'clock rolled around, decided to go to bed So, stripped off my pants and underwear and began stroking myself while looking at the perfect cock He was grinning ear-to-ear, muttering"Holy Shit, Holy Shit!!" He flopped onto the bed, slid his hand into his pants as he started wriggling like a worm on a hook Soon after got a wedding invitation from Stephen! was nervous but went" He smiled again and ran his hand along my cheek"Your first… cock… so much cock" Gregory whimpered as the swell of orgasm was heard in his uneven voice When all was completed, something like 23 different men had shot their loads on Nate and me His massive cock slapping against his belly Jeremy smiled and nodded his approval for the deal, and began stroking his hardening piece of meat He again inserted one finger with ease His hungry zeal for ass snuggled in front of her on the couch hoping she was still horny, as had become He told me to come over to him and pick my toy of choice just simply couldn't believe it After five minutes or so, he pulled out that amazing man-meat and told me to get off the couch didn’t believe that he would actually get his tongue to my asshole, but he did licked the markers bought and slowly inserted on into my anus My thumb was out as cars and trucks blew past me at high rates of speed" whispered Our cars were always older, so our tractor could be newer The fingers were removed and tensed up in anticipation told john that she had always wanted to try a three way Suddenly, had more sympathy for women giving birth The water in the tub was splashing against the walls as the black man continued fucking himself on his hard cock Because it was not yet 10:00 a Never again would be the same As Scott went to clean up, Nate emerged from the shower and announced,"That's TWO, birthday boy!" sucked Mike for all was worth She had herd the cab door close and came to the door to let me in ” The man sat on him until he was finished coming then stood up and turned around Beth was barely a year older than Jim while Lynn was just a shade over two years his senior dove for the object of my current lust and commenced to deep throat the whole thing had to cum I‘m…" he uttered as his manly voice trailed off to the hopeful tone he had beforehand"This is kind of like made the mistake of emitting a moan of pleasure He got up and helped me up “The works?” naively asked" sniffed at the white powder filling the vial Slowly, my mouth slipped off his semi-erect organ Damon was my best friend from junior high and high school He tossed me my clothes and told me to get dressed because it was time to move on was speechless"I couldn't help but enjoy the show that has been going on over here by your table Silence took its hold as all we could do was stare at one another It was pulsing with early signs of orgasm Moments later, we pulled off at a rest stop ass licking women As Nate and lay on the floor reveling in the aftermath of our cum bath, my life-long, straight as an arrow, best friend in the entire world, Damon, emerged from the crowd"You ain't got nothing worth seeing wanted them both so bad, but couldn't speak ” With that, he returned to the other room" Ryan fumbled with the twin zippers for a moment and then pulled the buttery leather pants the rest of the way up and secured the waist band"How was it?" he asked"Its so In the background another young man was undressing"Oh man They were occupying every hole she had was enjoying this so much! He used his hand to direct the dildo back to my mouth Soon after got a wedding invitation from Stephen! was nervous but went had lost count long ago I'm all alone, just masturbating in my bed, in my room, over this hot guy I'd seen out there on the dance floor earlier that night" His words were like a light switch being turned on"What is this, some kind of countdown?" asked Damon stood before the screen and immediately put $30 or $40 worth of dollar bills into the machine was now ignoring him and was also watching the porno"OK, how about getting back on the road now?" said Again felt exhilarated and with the new sensations of a new pair of hands on my cock, along with the exciting feeling of the hardness pumped in my hands, came faster and harder than ever before as we both climaxed nearly at the same moment, which just added to the excitement; feeling Donny's cock twitching and throbbing and shooting his huge load right there in my hand, as jerked and spasmed, as came for the very first time with someone's hand, other than my own wrapped tight around my dick, stroking and pumping me till was totally spent It never failed that the movies always ended with each of us having hot sex on the living room floor with our lover Soon the girls changed positions He gave me an incredible blowjob knew that was no match for him physically, if he wanted to rape me, he could We had drinks first don't need any more lube just fuck my ass lover As sophomores we moved off campus and had found a one-bedroom apartment" willingly obliged the hunky salesman “Is it that obvious that we hate each other?” “Not really, just pay a lot attention He took the brown vial back from me and took a big sniff had to stop for a piss two hours in my drive It was a large load, but managed to swallow every precious drop As stoned as was that the most wonderful thing had ever tasted in my life and only wanted more, lots more It only took a few minutes for Jerry to come Just when thought had the whole head in, it kept pushing me open wider until it became too painful, so backed out" Our feet were stroking a more Even if didn’t want him, might not have any option He was grinning ear-to-ear, muttering"Holy Shit, Holy Shit!!" He flopped onto the bed, slid his hand into his pants as he started wriggling like a worm on a hook That site must have stimulated others, as one cock after another began to pour it's load on the rumpled heap comprised of Nate and me relaxed myself As soon as his plane had landed back in D Every man in the place was there for the explicit purpose to be on the giving or receiving end of a blowjob Such strength! was damned"You'll see," he said covering my eyes throwing me into complete darkness except for a light near my nose When began to get real hot, slipped two, then three fingers inside me"Look at your cock," he said All at once, 10 inches of cock rammed deep inside my ass Our eyes met as began bobbing up and down Gregory held me as his groin now pressed fully against my drenched ass This was rush hour and it was very very crowed, and almost lost him twice in my pursuit The room opened up into an entertaining area with marble (like) flooring, two steps up to the corner window and balcony No one saw us but it was enough of a scar that we didn't try again an open sign of my willingness for him When he'd left the room, just before going into the bathroom, he noticed Beth's door was open a crack Gregory's hands gently began to slip under my towel Damn hated train rides He let out a groan and said,"I'm going to cum," but by the time he got to the word"cum" felt his first shot burst into my mouth, hitting the roof of my mouth, the back of my throat and my tongue Silence took its hold as all we could do was stare at one another Soaking wet, apologized for messing up his truck with water and mud ass licking women “You shouldn’t be driving in your condition,” he heard the black man say Just the smell alone relaxed me, making me feel at ease with my strapping Greek God “You’re doing a nice job,” he said, with the sound of his words almost resembling a moan His semi-erect 7 inch dick, glistening with pre-cum, pulsating just inches from my mouth “This is some strong shit,” he said before taking another drag She was so damned hot, plus she resembled my cute sister, which was a major turn on too you gorgeous fucking stud Then what felt like a baseball bat being pressed up against my hole His cock was fantastic On the way to the bar to pick up his car, he said “James meet me in my office tomorrow at 3:00 Of course still had the dildo up my ass Then felt his cock head against my ass He could only see her left breast; it was the size of a really big orange, looking a bit heavy The porno continued to play" stood before the two clothiers saw my first man to man kiss, one that was lengthy and obviously very tender She ordered me to finish john while she would watch felt the tension of the past several days simply melting away under this man's trained fingers Could this really be happening to me? How lucky am to be fucking such masculine splendor? buckled, collapsing atop his back with my fingernails digging into Gregory’s glistening shoulders He then extracted my dick from his mouth and turned me around He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything noticed this guy was rubbing his had dick through his shorts with his thumb, keeping it nice and hard opened my eyes to see our neighbor, Mike, stark naked, kneeling over me and bringing my cock back to life then reached both hands around and put one hand on his balls and the other hand on his rod

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