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bi free mmf pictures took her hand and put it on my penis. If you need a tension breaker, I’ll be happy to do what can. My smile faded as we shared a long, moist kiss. was beginning to feel the effects of this daylong cocksucking fest. My hold gained as well as our rock hard cocks pressed against one another. Just as he opened his mouth to scream, the man in front bi free mmf pictures of him, jammed his hard cock into his mouth, completely filling it with his member."I couldn't help but enjoy the show that has been going on over here by your table. How could I? With this much beauty and fervor? How could any man resist such exquisite and bold lovemaking? This one act of unbridled love convinced me that was now going to be a gay man for the rest of my life. His cock bi free mmf pictures was getting harder and wetter as it slid over my tongue. My smile faded as we shared a long, moist kiss."I'm going to bust bro. As started to awaken from my dream sleep quickly became aware that it was not a dream at all. Some of the sweet juice escaped from the side of my mouth and ran down my chin. Each time reached the head of his cock, licked bi free mmf pictures around with my tongue. He was rotating his hips the whole time. Finally stopped and collapsed, completely exhausted."What did you mean when you said this wasn't normally your thing?" asked.. He set me down. had class in the morning, Mike had his managers' meeting. But sure tried.. Let us help you. Like Dave before them, screamed bloody murder when Pete took my free mmf pictures As good as what I’ve been doing for you is, the full body variety is much, much better.."Ohhhh, yeah," he said as he continued thrusting like a madman, shooting blast after blast into my mouth.
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free gallery mmf pictures After Steve's soft cock slipped out of my ass, Mike said it wasn't fair that we had cum and he hadn't He saw in his eyes, nothing but lust and he looked away quickly knew he would be cumming soon and needed to make a decision His upper body arched up as he clutched my face as it bobbed up and down After what seemed like an eternity, the cock inside his ass twitched and he felt it spew it’s hot come up into him, warming his ass and filling his canal had a hold of his sides as fucked him, hearing the slapping of my balls on his cheeks marveled at how good it felt Myself, I’m only 5’7” but still manage to turn a lot of ladies eyes "What," she asked,"didn’t you know?""He knew," Carrie scoffed,"he watched and he loved what he saw And then he thrust in hard The decision was made easy by the size of my paycheck that week Sometimes really have enjoyed when Donny would straddle my chest as sucked him off Every time we ended up between cars, my mysterious man would grab me and pull me into his now famous passionate kiss What do you think?” “Ok, I’ll try,” he said looking at the young man" he finished hurled my entire weight into him, sending ripples of manly fucking across his tan ass meant…mmmm… The apartment was not a great one Finally realized There, saw the feast in all its glory "I will spend my life worshiping your cock and loving you and that tight ass Deacon," he had teased before sliding up and kissing Deacon We knew they were gay lovers and Mike and Scott knew that Nate and were gay lovers C The porno continued to play couldn’t believe it He has agreed and wants to move in with us and become an equal partner in our relationship of love and lust stood and up and held his now flaccid cock in my hand, still getting shakes out of him by rubbing my thumb against the sensitive underside of his cockhead This was magnificence in it's most purest form had cum three times in about six hours time, and was feeling tired on business Then he sat up and gave me the dildo" Once again, did as he said The man followed him and pinned him against the wall from behind he ordered one more shot, downed it, and said the hell with it Opening them again, he turned his head and found another black, hard cock, level with his mouth He licked the side of my mouth and my cheeks, licking up every drop of jism that had not been able to keep in my mouth opened my eyes to appreciate his vigorous chest, drawn in to his round, defined pecks As Mike knelt before me and slid my boxers off, thought how strange it was that never would have considered something like this only a few days earlier Soon, all five of us were in the sauna "Do it! mean it!" realized had no choice but to comply, so opened up my lips""Then lick my balls" he said Spitting in his hand, he coated his cock for lubrication as leaned over in the stall The heat of the moment was indescribable We pulled to a stop and Nate jumped out Now, he wasn’t sure if he had enjoyed it or if he was just feeling the shock of it all at the same time She started to massage my bum and ask me if like her naughty movie bisexual mmf pictures sex I moaned out load in obvious pleasure, as was unable to hold it in Apparently, the bar was a favorite of the local area Finally Jimmy opened his eyes, man they were all but glazed feel his large strong hands massaging my lower back Finally, went for it all and stuffed my mouth all the way to the base! could feel the point where the head pushed pass the end of my mouth and actually entered my throat! would get a gag just as it went by, but then it would be o It was no surprise that she still had her gay porn movie going and her vibrator still lay on the couch beside us ” Now, if that had been the end of it, fine Jeremy smiled and nodded his approval for the deal, and began stroking his hardening piece of meat ran my tongue up and down the shaft, and there were a half-dozen other trucks parked in the downpour Then after about three months of this we began making suggestions to meet each other "So, we do the nipples, right?" she asked ” He watched the black man get out of the tub and walk out of the room don't know how long she had been there, but according to the tape she stayed there and frigged off as made sure all three of my prized pricks were ready to cum at once Deacon had rushed out of the plane and down the inside terminal to get to baggage claim and find Dave ” he replied, adding a gentleness to his already loving massage ” He didn’t seem to care that was there and he changed right in front of me" OH MY GOD!! 10 o'clock in the morning and I've had more sex than any one man could possibly handle The man reached out and started to undo the buttons on his shirt, slowly at first and then almost ripping them open in his haste to get at his body We had a honeymoon suite that we both chipped in for He must have four or five huge spurts of steamy cum into my mouth This sent him over the edge took her hand and put it on my penis The sight of all this was enough to cause my wife to start screaming and plunging her fake cock deep into her cunt as her orgasm over tuck her" said""Then why did you –""Because wanted you to have the chance to do it He had such strong hands, would've turned around and started making out with him right then and there He swallowed my dick down his throat was really starting to enjoy the feeling of my backside being violated My breath felt so hot as exhaled with excitement that it felt like was burning my lips and nose was left in another terrible state ” The young man nodded and turned to his father You try them on He taught me everything know and owe him a lot was so excited, didn’t need any tenderness, and wanted to be fucked! “Yes, yes, fuck me!” whispered was so nervous""Really?" asked He called to me, and asked if would get us a (guess) few drinks Without a word, Ryan stepped before me with a pair of soft leather pants, offering them for me to step into After a while it was semi-erect Then Nadine broke the silence Gregory let me massage baby oil across his entire body, a ritual he had been doing for years He then noticed his hard cock sticking out of the water With an intense fervor, my head pistoned upon his organ, combining my sideways motions of my tongue He nodded in acknowledgement to them and walked over to the urinal He slowly nodded in one of those intense moments lovers share as the realization of what their about to do hits them This is what would carry his sweltering seed into the deepest ends of my virgin ass am going to fuck you until you scream like a whore He ignored my pleas and pushed his cock head against my virgin hole "Oh man amateur pictures threesome So, dressed in a light shirt, white thong and cotton pants The mere thought of kissing another man entered my mind's eye Since that evening john has become on of are closet friends asked him jokingly if he would have ever taken the guy up on his offer wanted to save it all for that night As came through the door and he shut it, turned around and saw that Phil was naked “You have a nice cock, Scott” he said He was obviously a business man of some sort out of the office for the afternoon Much easier than the couch "Will you be gentle with me?" Dave laughed and shook his head And then that wonderful salty taste hit my tongue as his cock emitted even more pre-cum that oozed through my gritted teeth They had no clue what was up to As he would pull back, my lips would get coated by his cum, and run down my chin She had put a porn on the TV and seamed to be having a great time Yet we still laid there watching these strong men going at it on TV As walked through, two powerful hands grabbed me, and pulled me into powerful lips that kissed me passionatly could see the pulses of excitement swell in his organ as both of my hands lifted to stroke it's delicate skin Since it was my idea, got Jim to do me first I'd seen penises before in porns, but never like this Dave had been giddy with anticipation and held his own cheeks wide apart so Deacon could get in and ream him as he craved He then sat back and told me to kneel in front of him and start sucking again This one comes with love from Mike and me bisexual bisexual free mmf pictures I opened wide and received his hairless heater He was taller than I, about 6'4 He set me down As if to let him know this spread my lips thickly across his cock and began to squeeze them together with a semi-light pressure The final reward of filling my mouth with hot, creamy, tasty cum was my goal and never again removed my mouth when Donny was cumming for me, unless was in the mood to have him cover my face instead As my orgasm approached, the sweet Asian pulled out of me and turned me over" Whispered Gregory as he slowly kneaded my fleshy globes As the days progressed, found myself more and more drawn into my insatiable curiosities about a man’s body "I was worried," he said,"worried that you might be unhappy with what we did last night The relaxed atmosphere of the sauna caused me to take my time and truly savor this south of the border treat She turned to face me and revealed a fully erect 6 inch dick run both of my hands through my hair to the back of my head, and then slowly down over my bearded face, and breathe deeply as continue to stare at myself in the mirror He felt the cock in his hand disappear and a warm mouth surround his own member, licking and sucking on it, trying to make it hard and erect "Keeps me up just fine but it makes me horny as hell too Misty eyed, Gregory looked down at me with his entire stalk vanished inside my mouth licked his hairy sack and sucked his balls into my mouth one at a time "Yeah take it all you silly bitch," Deacon yelled as he slapped his partner's tight ass with pure lust had the strongest curiosity; just what cum would taste like “Look guys, don’t want any trouble watched, entranced, as he loosened his hole with one and then two fingers It was warm and tight The atmosphere in this place was pure eye candy Finally realized At this particular moment, my own sexual gratification and pending orgasm was put on hold Before he could get his cock out for me to suck, the door opened again His right hand also leaned forward and started to slowly stroke my hard piston Her hands reached back and pulled me on to her so that could not move John was picking up his pace, driving harder with each thrust heard him swallow 12 times "Only for a man began to jerk off again and busted another nut before he finished his My entire body shuddered as his tongue glazed a wet path up and down the entire length of my crack We always had good food to eat, a nice life, clean air, and pleasant surroundings She quivered as bottomed out could feel his cock against my leg for a couple of seconds before he started pulling my boxers off What did matter was that he was clean, clean-cut, obviously well to do, and extremely handsome was so horny that started seeing everything in a sexual manner He pulled me closer to him Thinking more with my dick than my head made a quick deal ; “Oh yeah, that’s it Is that okay?” “Sure ; “Oh yeah, that’s it “Maybe should rest for a while,” he said, smiling back at them ” “Doesn’t sound too good" He held his face alongside mine for a few seconds His ass was suddenly empty as the man pulled out of him, the come running down his legs and covering his balls with its sticky gooey mass By this time Aaron and Pat were pretty hammered When got about an inch away he jerked back as the breath from my nostrils scolded his sensitive head The house music stopped and immediately a hot, grinding dance tune came over the stereo system "I want you to Josh, I've always wanted you" said The whole sight made me pretty horny but was still covered in grease from work so excused myself and headed for the shower " Jim switched to a two-handed baseball bat grip on my so very slippery dick "We're giving you a '21 Gun Salute' to celebrate your 21st birthday" said walking out the door "My name is William," answered “Can you see my face in the dark?” He asked "Lover…" Kissing Nice… full That fall found myself at the school After my self-pleasuring was soooo successful, got out and toweled off Still in much of a crouch, he took his bulging and pulsing cock into his hands and held it before me My hard on was starting to come back And don't want any trouble with the law you know "Oh God, Brian “So deep… inside He swallowed it all and sucked on the cock, trying to empty it into him The three of us were going at it when another cock came through the glory hole and automatically waved him in to join us "Sure," he said, nearly falling off of his stool "Twenty-one cocks? All in one day?""Yes, sir!" answered Damon came with such in buckets glanced up at the clock The smell of man sex permeated the whole back room But thought to myself this is all probably a show to welcome their guests When it made contact, didn't move figured that had better swallow so swallowed as much as could “Well, your cock felt good in my mouth and wouldn’t mind feeling it in my ass, if you want to fuck me,” he said, smiling at him Anyone else need to go?""Hell, no, Nate!" replied Soon enough and had these three horny boys standing around me, as took turns sucking and stroking their throbbing cocks bi free mmf pictures His dick was hard as a fence post; he began pumping himself with his eyes closed while still saying"Holy Shit!" Again begged to know what the hell was going on We opened the door and went inside "Just where you belong "Wait," he said,"I want you to experience something…if you're interested was having the time of my life It was not lost on him Aaron began to feel uncomfortable, feeling his eyes roving up and down him It happened His powerful hands set me in motion as lovingly complied to his pace " wondered what he was planning, as his cock didn't look like it was in any condition to fuck, but soon he started stroking it back to life Very sexy! At the sight of this, took his cock into my mouth It was me Still, at some point growing up we both knew that coming was"it"! By the time we were 18, we still slept over at each other's house regularly Do you have a tee-shirt that could borrow?” went back into the bathroom and came out with a tee shirt that didn’t want anymore and said, “Here He slid over beside me and grabbed the dong Every muscle had a muscle on it could've melted at that moment He was a fairly attractive man, with the whole aryan thing going free mmf pictures sex We talked for a few minutes about nothing of consequence "So beautiful" Slap, slap reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me This is like a dream come true “Fuck yea am…” yelled as watched my rigid cock vanish inside his picturesque ass Since Pat was gay, alarms were going off in his head was pleading for him to take the dildo out and fuck me with his cock Leaving my own cock alone sat up and, licking my lips, leaned forward and started my first blow-job “You just sit there for a while and let that water soothe you,” he heard the man say as he left the room, closing the door behind him His strong hands kneaded my pecs, he massaged my face and sinus areas, my temples, shoulders, and moved on to my thighs, lower legs, and feet am 6'2" tall, weigh 200 lbs, blue eyes and a 7-1/2" (when totally hard) cock with a width of approximately 2-1/2 fingers, whatever that measurement happens to be always will had forgotten about my wife said did and she started to tell me that it had been her fantasy to watch me with another man It was clear to me that he was doing his best to keep me from hearing As he would pull back, my lips would get coated by his cum, and run down my chin My boss is a really nice guy but he hates his wife They're good friends Both times were equally great Just as erupted into his talented mouth, he moaned, said something that was inaudible, and gave me a load of his sweet and salty cum He concluded by giving me an incredible hand massage They disappeared Just us Then felt large hands on my ass spreading my cheeks apart He suddenly cried out, digging his fingernails into my ass flesh with an urgency I've never seen And can't believe I'm here, with him "Isn't this for a bride?" asked "I have to tell you," he said,"If was going to design a lover, he'd be a lot like you "I think that was ELEVEN The man beside him pulled his mouth away from his and stepped back, looking down at the man sucking his cock" Then, taking hold of my hair, he leaned his head back and, letting out a low growl, his rod became even more swollen "Are you okay with it?""I guess so A part-time job at a bookstore and financial aid doesn’t go all that far sucked in earnest as he fucked my face

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