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bi mmf stories .. We blew cum into each other’s faces within ten seconds of each other. After about five minutes we were really stoned. “Had to work my shift and half of Joe Corrigan’s” “Why?” asked. The head was straining to be freed, but had other intentions at the moment. felt Nate's bi mmf stories mouth around my dick, and my own lips around this stranger's dick. This might sound egotistical, but I'm not working with a small cock here. He was so sexy! began again to rub his erection and felt a wet spot at the tip of his cock. The only thing he asked me was to go bi mmf stories get him lunch."Just where you belong. He appeared to be far too young to be in a place like this. “Maybe you can fuck me now?” He walked over to the young man and spun him around. The end…or two men’s beginning. Then worked back to the shaft. Each time tried they bi mmf stories got a rougher. He didn’t try to push them any lower. I'm your average looking white man, nothing to really brag about, yet never had any complaints from the few women I've shared a bed with. Carrie watched him walk away and then got up too and said,"and have some shopping to do. bi mmf stories “You look like you’re ready too,” the young man said. By the time we got to the back of the train, rush hour was in full swing and there were no more seats left, so we stayed near the door, just staring into each others eyes, ignoring the glances and stares of some of the other riders. Another bi mmf stories 40 something guy, also well dressed and well kept waited for my nod to enter. Unclothed, he had a stocky build, was covered in cheap jailhouse tattoos and hard a very large bugle in his crotch. slammed the first beer and immediately opened another.
bi mmf stories Bisexual Babes Muffdiving Sucking Cock Movies bi mmf stories
mmf pics porn stories “Your cock is where it belongs Recently, while looking through an adult video and toy catalog, decided to explore my fantasies in a safe, private way They were occupying every hole she had "Hello, boys" Our feet were stroking a more This time, he allowed me to go over the brink, and sprayed the back of his mouth with another hot load of my own cum Chest heaving in deep, violent gasps for air Taken off guard, grabbed onto him, laughing at the unusual situation finally had to strip down and star jacking myself off “Sure you can, son but his cock felt so good deep inside me" With that, he turned and walked out of the shower He was so sexy! began again to rub his erection and felt a wet spot at the tip of his cock Then just had to see him in the light He and Mitch then traded places as finished one in my mouth, the other two spurted their loads, covering my face There was a small group of us who got stoned together on rare occasions "Shhh, keep the blindfold on," he said have to admit had occasionally fantasized about those events, but no desire to repeat them didn’t expect him to be home He was as thick as my forearm" was a nervous until Mike walked into the room, kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts, revealing a cock even bigger than Steve's! Mike came over and knelt behind Steve No way would be going in to work today He took his pre cum soaked hand and began to lick the slippery fluid off of his fingers Mostly our"sex" together was jerking ourselves off to dirty pictures It looked as if it was going to rain so told him we should just share mine It may have made a difference, but, it certainly didn’t make it easy “Sometimes a nice soft touch is the best,” he whispered, “How old are you? Twenty-two? Twenty-three?” “Twenty-two,” answered Another kiss looked and saw a cock, which looked even bigger than Dave's!"You know not just any bitch will do," Sam said to Dave "No, there will be no contact with the outside world for the next 4 days" replied Make me come in your mouth did it again and again until tasted his warm liquid oozing from his cock Determined not to let it leave until it fed me the delicious cock cream Pre-cum oozed from the slit of my cock The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends He gave me an incredible blowjob noticed that all the other men were watching me as slowly began to pull on my engorged cock sat up in the chair and Phil came around in front of me In the stall was a large black man nude and covered in soap didn't make it in time to take his dickhead into my mouth, but was right there when the first powerful spurt became airborne and landed on the tip of my tongue, followed by a gusher that blasted the back of my throat And here was fucking him… pounding him… making him mine You follow us up to the house in it but be careful Gentleness consumed me as lightly grazed my lips to his, tasting my own salty essence on his lips ” replied, staring into his irresistible dark eyes A red-haired girl in her early twenties knelt in front of the booth, her head buried between the legs of her companion Finally as the night wore on got so horny couldn't take it anymore Don't worry, it was wonderful for me look at what you did to me "Sorry, Bro feel like a person again As he thrust in and out of the young man’s ass, the black man sat and watched, slowly pumping his now hardening cock But then… “You know, Scott, used to do massage therapy made my way around so that my back was to him amateur bisexual woman Such a smile that took away my fears and doubt “Will you help me?” he asked quietly Once they had pulled into the parking area of their complex, each had grabbed a bag and they had nearly run to the front door of their apartment Realizing what he was about to do, asked him to take it slow and not hurt me began to wonder what he was going to do What a way to enjoy an excellent lunch Spitting in his hand, he coated his cock for lubrication as leaned over in the stall She apparently stayed there and watched me as finished my friends and the job at hand and mouth After about two or three minutes he grabbed my hand ever so softly and moved it from my lap to his cock After we both were satisfied, showed her the videotape still had He returned from the bathroom with his bottle of oil and was wearing only a towel around his middle actually felt as though new this man more than actually did, felt extremely comfortable My bed is black and extremely high off of the floor so he probably didn’t see it Both men were at least a foot long struggled as he pushed his unlubed cock into me, but could not resist his single powerful thrust We found a table very close to the female exhibitionists", was all could start to say, completely shocked and embarrassed Well Sometime during this exquisite service, dozed off "You will be screaming that name when am done with you At that moment, felt a twitch which was followed by another blast of tangy sweetness “Maybe you can fuck me now?” He walked over to the young man and spun him around bank briana threesomes It slid all the way to the back of my throat and then he slowly withdraw it "Oh see, you like men, too? Was that the first time you tasted a man’s cum?" Not believing this conversation was taking place with my step-daughter, just nodded my head He worked that studded tongue up and down my shaft And my love for Brian was reaching a whole new dimension The van headed west and back to the Missouri side of the river He told me he loved it "Isn't this for a bride?" asked My family had moved to a new neighborhood and school district Before had too much time to think, stuck my tongue out and touched it "Sure turned towards the back, and as my eyes adjusted, noticed one open seat on the end of the back row" He pressed a harder and nothing happened After we both were satisfied, showed her the videotape still had can't tell you how gorgeous this is decided to visit one of the local gay bathhouses in the city where lived "I don't know what it is," he started breathily,"but want to feel you in my ass Finally, couldn't stand it any more Damon wore nothing but a smile and sported an erection for the ages My cock grew very hard and started to produce some precum He broke our intimate kiss and kneeled down before me to give me a blowjob His index finger coated the crack of my ass choose to believe the latter would pump my mouth up and down as licked each head, making sure my mouth was ready to lick up any and all pre-cum dripping from these horny guys The cock itself was about 6" long, but the balls and suction-cup base made it 7" overall His reply was taking my hand, and guiding me to the edge of the pool where the steps were love your cock Up and down my hard shaft What a variety Moans of utter euphoria echoed in his room as felt another man's mouth-watering ass for the first time took my hand and started stroking it By the time the movie had ended was extremely horny as well as had quite a bit of precum in the bottom of the cup It turned out that he lived only a few blocks from me fucking threeway Walking back in, Gregory met me in an adjacent living room as we both locked lips once more There we stood, arm in arm, cock pressing cock, now unwavering in our endeavor to become one tonight It's okay, Nate loves to swallow my loads, just as do his It started spewing his sweet cum into my mouth and down my throat Over the course of the next 6 years we had managed to repeat that act at various different cities and places about 4 times He leaned over, gave me a sweet kiss and thanked me for the excellent blowjob It somehow turned into a"pack everyone into the corner" game Moaning his name aloud, dropped my face to his lower back-- biting the thong between my teeth Take some if you like Nate sat up and met Damon with a kiss It was a hot time that further pushed my bisexual ways and needs and since then have told a woman friend who was very turned on by the whole thing and is very interested to go with me sometime to try it all again As cried out with pleasure, each spasm of my cumming caused me to clench my ass around his cock, when he let out,"Oh, yeah He and Mitch then traded places Saliva drooled from my lower lip while his fingers lovingly caressed my face together In seconds he was licking the head of my hard dick, rubbing his lips over it, teasing it "Time to relax!" was the announcement as we piled back into the van Most of the men had their cocks out or at least feebly tried to cover them as passed As they broke the kiss, Nate had an announcement for me "What is it? What's going on?" hissed Though he was as straight as an arrow, Damon was the best friend a gay guy could ever have “Oh Gregory, its happening! You’re making me… me… cumm as finished one in my mouth, the other two spurted their loads, covering my face was in a daze, still cranking and now being fucked within an inch of my life It's still sinking in worked my right hand around to his pucker hole and began to ease my index in an open sign of my willingness for him It would be nice to spend some time with him without our families smothering us Because of that, just kept stroking his cock ” As he got up, wondered if he had the simple ‘clothes on’ type of rubdown, or the full blown, down to the underwear sort of thing Anyway, it was my lust for Josh that really got me to take action He Practically pulled my ears off as he thrust into me and pulled me in the same thrust felt wet heat on the back of my throat A pure, muscle bound man My cock was at full attention He was telling me of his flight and how excited he was to finally be doing this How many cocks had taken him, he wasn’t sure but the soreness of his ass was telling him that it must have been quite a few smelled of salt and coconuts With a urging, pushed forward They both laughed loudly at this From the sounds he was making and his body language, he was indeed enjoying this as much as was was just about ready to explode While washed myself, began to think of Jerry and all of the fantasies we shared Also, each time saw that lusty look as our eyes met, and noticed his reaction, my cock would throb and get harder too The last words to me were,"you've got 30 minutes!" walked around the mini-maze and was treated to incredible sites all around me "You are gonna get it good was fixated on the show before us ” He didn’t answer but just looked at the man’s face and saw a smile on it The next day, as we were beating off, Donny reached over and his hands took over as he pumped my hard throbbing cock Together, the two of us laid in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep am the junior vice president but only because am not old enough to be the full VP was all for it got an instant boner The water in the tub was splashing against the walls as the black man continued fucking himself on his hard cock had a girl friend and guys did not turn me on at all "I have to get to Dallas on time and am behind schedule He selected a sexy gay porno, smiled to me and stepped out of the booth bi mmf stories You see they have a double zipper “You know,” he began "Go out there buck naked always been gay During the time that we were in the bar, the crowd went from quiet and reserved to a loud, laughing gaggle teased the slit in his head, trying to draw out he first drop of pre-cum When he finally entered the bedroom, Mike didn't say a word As the night moved on produced a joint ” He added, running his glossy palms down my shoulders, massaging my arms now was drunk, relaxed and absolutely hornier than hell" said with concern “It definitely shows No one ever really tells me that According to plan, he eventually poured forth his load, and captured every drop started feeling my cock harden He suddenly cried out, digging his fingernails into my ass flesh with an urgency I've never seen watched as his neatly trimmed pubic hair gave way to his long smooth cock already erect Stephen had only a small one person tent Just dole out quarters for the video booths and ring up pornographic books and videos ” He started to thrust faster and the young man leaned forward more, giving him access to his ass hole completely I've caught this young man's glance earlier on and ever since we've been eyeing each other That was outstanding for a first massage He stayed that way for several minutes, his cock still inside me Somehow that joke worked around to wishing we could suck our own cocks since there weren't any girls nearby to do it for us Soon, all five of us were in the sauna like out of some romance movie Dave heard it and renewed his thrusts with more vigor At that moment, nothing was more vital than having that cock exactly where it was, and tasting his forthcoming shower of cum As he drove away from their house and to the road, he looked across at the rest area and smiled "Your with this hot guy and your questioning it? Are you an idiot!?" Alrite, suck it up Mikal""You like sucking cock, don't you? I'll bet you like eating cum, too His fingers interlaced behind my head and as he caressed my hair he pulled me onto him My cock was leaking on my stomach Now, not having seen the hole there in the first place, was a bit shocked but then got over it, walked over and started to stroke the cock didn't know what was doing, but liked it sooooo much enjoyed playing so much, however, enjoyed what came after a whole lot more bi gallery mmf As he drove away from their house and to the road, he looked across at the rest area and smiled And then – --I felt his fingers softly playing with my ass "Hey Sam We were best friends then, and will always be best friends Dave had opened the fly on Deacon's dockers and slid his hand inside finding the long, thick shaft of Deacon already hardening and the tip had been glistening with precum He would never tire of Deacon's lips wrapped firmly around his cock and the way Deacon would bob his head at nearly light speed trying desperately to suck out all the essence contained inside Dave's tight scrotum Truth was, just curled up on the small couch in the living room and tried to fall asleep About ten minutes later, withdrew his cock and began licking his balls and asshole while jerking him with both hands We had been ceremoniously sealed to one another in a unique and hedonistic way He was right knew there were only two other people in the building and they were back in the booths Suck my dick and make me cum had never came that hard before was detached from my body, riding waves of ecstasy moaned out load in obvious pleasure, as was unable to hold it in “Oh, no place fancy Fully and totally satisfied and completely exhausted, we collapsed in a sweaty mass onto the floor, cocks still in one another's mouths It sounded like a symphony between him, my wife and my self "Happy birthday, Brian took my right hand, and scooped up a handful of water as splashed it over his ass and back All did was flirt with girls, now had a man's cock in my mouth! What shocked me even more was that was starting to like it! knew there was no way was getting away, so began to relax His eyes were slightly wide and he talked with a hurried, manic pace Before could change my mind, grabbed a condom and some lube and lubed up the cock His eyes were closed and he seemed to be loving it ” Almost without thinking, lowered myself to his hard member and looked right at it “Oh, that feels good,” he said, as the black man started to run his hand up and down his hard length "Yes, let me suck it, please" begged, opening my mouth, and kind of searching for his prick with my tongue His load was not large, indicating that this wasn't his first orgasm of the day He moved over to the sink and turned on the water So, as far back as can recall, that sign read A{ } ALMOST PERFECT PLACE “Yea "You know that it doesn't make you gay, right?""Yes

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