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bi couple pics placed his cock near my lips and licked him"Now, stand up and take off your string," he ordered, voice taking on a demanding tone worked on his cock for a good 10 or 15 minutes before he approached climax I'll be okay She slowly began pushing and pull that love toy and began to buck and squeal didn't know what was doing, but liked it sooooo much put on the short robe, which barely covered my ass Absolutely smooth, the only vein was on the underside Nadine looked back and forth from her mother to her boyfriend with a knowing look tinged with jealousy decided to give Phil a call and maybe get together when was in town knew he would be cumming soon and needed to make a decision As licked, sucked and pumped his cock, playing with his balls and tasting them too, could feel Donny's cock growing in my mouth, as he moaned in pleasure"I love you, Brian Couples would come in and cozy up in one of the several semi-private booths that made up the perimeter of the entire building You'll love that feature started to sit up, but, as he reached me, he pushed me back down He paused long enough to ask me to tell him when was going to shoot my load rock hard cock now all the way inside me, balls deep-- all nine powerful inches He got up and got some pillows from the bed put them behind his head and just “made himself at home” Another 40 something guy, also well dressed and well kept waited for my nod to enter In the doorway stood a handsome fellow who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, about my age or a bit younger He told me to come over to him and pick my toy of choice moaned and shifted in my seat Matt was about 6' and had a thin soccer body smiled ruefully and told him that if it were up to me, we’d leave right then and go back to the room He had the most beautiful 6-pack had ever seen spread out as he crawled upon the bed, coming down atop of me comfortably Dave heard it and renewed his thrusts with more vigor He bent over me and kissed me One of them stood at his head while the other was behind him, rubbing his ass cheeks and running his fingers up and down his crack My only assumption was that they were in another part of the building either sucking some cock or getting their own dicks sucked I, however, was on a private adventure of my own feel his large strong hands massaging my lower back One more gorgeous than the next Jerry got to his knees, still positioned between my legs, and took the dildo from me “Over there,” he said, pointing in the general direction of where he had left his car so long ago, or so it seemed Mike stroked my rock hard dick a and began to unwrap the condom ” “Do you like what you see?” snapped back to attention as he caught me staring at his body Saliva drooled from my lower lip while his fingers lovingly caressed my face He collapsed back again Ryan saw me in all of my naked glory and stopped for a moment just to look me over" opened my mouth, finding the courage to tell him"no way" when he lunged forward with amazing speed, his massive right hand closing around my throat “Oh god, that feels good Unclothed, he had a stocky build, was covered in cheap jailhouse tattoos and hard a very large bugle in his crotch walked in and saw one of my teammates, Matt, sitting with his head in his hands"Awesome With that, he held my head and began slowly sliding that big cock in and out of my mouth Then he stopped and stared into my eyes"I will play for that My first sexual experience, with another person, happened at the age of eighteen had forgotten about my wife He grabbed me and flipped me back over onto my back pulled the panties up into my butt crack and strolled around the house humping all of the furniture stared at Barbi's bush, thinking"God, it must feel something like this to put my dick inside her pussy With his legs up over my shoulders, it was a difficult to balance the whole thing at first, but felt the tip of my cock wrapped in rubber slide between his ass cheeks…a warm feeling When he took my dickhead into his mouth, the stud tickled the underside of my cock just beneath the head Thinking more with my dick than my head made a quick deal Each thrust, forward and back, sent me into complete fulfillment would have stopped him if it didn’t feel so good ” He added, running his glossy palms down my shoulders, massaging my arms now What a way to enjoy an excellent lunch By the time that Mike had been there for two weeks, decided that there was very could do It was a good thing that he was a bonafide bottom, don't think Steve or could have handled that thing in our ass!! Steve tried to take as much of Mike's cock in his mouth as he could ” said softly, only then realizing how hard my cock had become"Do you like that?" he said as he started easing out and in again As he sucked my hard dick, he played with my balls with his hand Somehow just jerking off wasn't quite enough after my day with Charlene mentioned to Mike that it might not be such a great place for him because of that feature alone" Ryan fumbled with the twin zippers for a moment and then pulled the buttery leather pants the rest of the way up and secured the waist band He was telling me of his flight and how excited he was to finally be doing this His dirty blonde hair is cut short and he has the most amazing smile and the most amazing blue eyes It had been a long time since had pot It was expensive, but very well worth it got on the bed between his legs and returned to my licking assault on his body He spoke commands to me in a quiet, calming voice, to move slightly in one direction or another, to relax my shoulders, to tense my buttocks and then relax bisexual ass licking pics"Yeah" said, feeling extremly tired vehemently shuddered, imagining the tip of my cock blasting my hot broth inside him" he said She started to massage my bum and ask me if like her naughty movie That was when another man sat at the stool next to him could feel his cock quickly returning to it's full hardness as it soon filled me up as much as the dildo had done earlier Both times were equally great Instead of ripping you off, think I'll just let you suck me off ” said Moments later we were back in the van and motoring our way back towards Illinois he ordered one more shot, downed it, and said the hell with it"U Homo shut up Deacon had decided enough was enough and as he got off on the airport ramp he had pulled into the first parking area they had come to and parked way off in the back in a unlit area in the rear He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders And the look in my eyes said it all My first room passed by had a gorgeous black man mounted upon a shuddering white man could see the pulses of excitement swell in his organ as both of my hands lifted to stroke it's delicate skin When awoke, we had just pulled into the parking lot of the Club Bath"Whoa," he said with a laugh,"that's not what meant He put his head against the back of the tub and settled down into the water didn't find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later love sex with you and love to watch you have sex with other men quickly pulled her on to the floor, on her hands and knees ” He cried out The man helped him into a chair When we finally broke and turn towards the house we saw her gazed down to see the broad shoulders, tapering down to his thin waist… two men fucking like undomesticated animals bent on joining together at whatever the cost Looking up, heard a shower running nearby He was getting a frustrated it looked like so he began to pump harder He was the most handsome guy had ever seen, and every day looked so forward to seeing his tone and chestnut hued skin naked every day" In a few seconds, he'd put a condom on and was getting his lubed fingers onto my hole"I mean, you look really horny and so am so…" This was my moment had to say something"so I'll suck your dick if you return the favor licked the markers bought and slowly inserted on into my anus Same pulled his cock out of my mouth just as was about to lose consciousness, as Pete kept working his cock inside me, Same began slapping my face with his rod took him back into my mouth and began to swallow and clean him off A part-time job at a bookstore and financial aid doesn’t go all that far Deacon had been called to the main office of his firm located in Texas a couple of weeks ago didn't find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later We had drinks first Always will" He pressed a harder and nothing happened was resting my upper body on my forearms as he fucked my from behind This was sending waves of pleasure that felt like they were connected right to the inside of my cock And then That’s it knew wouldn't last long He was petite in every way, but he was also extremely personable Jim reminding me of my cousin only made it worse! Finally got brave, and curious too soon found myself beyond the point of no return and began to cum, shooting onto my stomach and the desk The redhead looked at our table, winked, smiled, and then lost herself in her personal pleasure as her raven haired girlfriend feasted on her gaping pussy closed my eyes and imagined was about to give a blowjob to a real man as opened my lips and stuck my tongue out, searching for the head Pumping the weight and feeling the pounds shed from me made me feel rehabilitated, and attractive once more The cock itself was about 6" long, but the balls and suction-cup base made it 7" overall complied with him, and figured was the last one in After a second, he leaned in and kissed me Steve started fucking me faster and harder, tearing my ass apart with the force of his strokes"Who's the bitch now?" he teased as he fucked Deacon's tight ass with all his might What an incredible flavor he offered Now could fully consume his sperm filled organ boys pics straight ” With that, felt him shift slightly and then kiss my shoulder It was a odd, yet felt so safe in his arms Rock hard"I bet you say that to all the men told him that what he was holding was as far as had ever got began humping my wife again in small slow stokes, john remained still also noticed that his thighs were smooth, no hair He bobbed up and down on my shaft slowly at first, but increased his pace The gorgeous Asian man then sat on the side of the bed and pulled me closer to him He collapsed back again At this point it was easy to go all the way down, until my balls rested on his got this electrical charge when thought about what it would be like to put it in my mouth “Slowly"I'm hitting the sauna!" announced Mike Aaron began to feel uncomfortable, feeling his eyes roving up and down him Soon a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of Jordan's dick"You gonna scream, you gonna beg and you gonna cry We pulled to a stop and Nate jumped out Accidental Bisexual Encounter A few times he would slide in deeper than was ready for and it was all could do to keep from gagging, but the feel of hot, pulsating, manmeat in my throat was enough to keep me sucking him and trying to take it deeper and deeper into the back of my mouth That feels so good,” the man said as he moved closer still His legs straddled my head as embraced the entire homosexual act of lovemaking moved to the bottom row of the slatted cedar seats and positioned myself to frontally assault him just below his waist Well threesomes sex photo He could only see her left breast; it was the size of a really big orange, looking a bit heavy “God, you are the most beautiful man think I’ve ever seen, Gregory He told me to lie on my back and did as instructed The one thing that did know about him was that he was gay quickly yanked off the thong, smothering my face in his ass so could taste the asshole was about to fuck did mean all of them, please, sir Was this something more? Could it be that there was a romance developing between he and I? His expression said so much more For beginners, never had to hide my love and desire for cocks and cum ever again He looked down at me with those sharp green eyes worked on his cock for a good 10 or 15 minutes before he approached climax"Do what?" he asked, teasing me some more with his warm breath"Just once," said,"I'd like to be completely passive and have someone use me and tell me what to do As walked towards him, the men near me would stand up and grope my naked body left my ass off the seat and then back down as felt him pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles thought my neck might get tired, but the adrenaline from all the sexual excitement kept me sucking on this gorgeous cock Even through the condom could feel the beautifully velvety walls of his ass massaging my hard cock""I'm not unhappy," said felt a sharp pain and jumped enjoyed the shows going on all around me for a few minutes while got my bearings He breathlessly continued just thought and didn’t say anything or do anything because didn’t want to get him mad because was having the time of my life and didn’t want him to feel that it was getting too weird and make me stop sprayed my load all over the floor It was clear to me that he was doing his best to keep me from hearing Going through the doorway notice that it's a hallway with a number of doorways on either side"As a matter of fact, it is" replied my straight buddy Damon"Oh, fuck you ass He bent over me and kissed me Time to backtrack a bit But switched hands and used one lubed finger to massage his anus When he was done he plopped beside me It was just the nights Could this really be happening to me? How lucky am to be fucking such masculine splendor? buckled, collapsing atop his back with my fingernails digging into Gregory’s glistening shoulders A He moaned louder “You know, you should do something about that before long,” he said, smiling at him Once he reached my upper thighs, Mike slowed We must’ve eaten very quickly because it was only another half an hour before we had clean plates and another few drinks Minutes later, each of these three fine gentlemen zipped up, thanked me and stepped out of the booth Suddenly, had more sympathy for women giving birth Mike and Scott shared the apartment directly across the hall from us With that, felt his wide bulb pressing against my asshole had never had sex with a man before, but the sight of his raging 10-inch cock and the horny look in his eye made me feel like fucking"Oh God" blurted out Each man just continued to jack off, the pace getting more frantic with each passing minute You're good at this Looking up to a man and seeing his face twisted and contorted in wild, uncontrollable ecstasy… and realizing its all because of you doing this… My beloved man It took forever for him to cum The man appeared again and led him into the bathroom We had had one homosexual experience before when we were in high school Two giants lurking around train cars, heading for the back of the train didnt seem very normal always will This was sending waves of pleasure that felt like they were connected right to the inside of my cock His voice jolted me back into reality, and nodded a quick"yes" and began again with the task at hand repeated this several times and noticed had gotten quite hard myself jokingly growled,"Uhh-humm" as he made he way to the back thought about how good his cock would taste and feel “You look like you could use a good fucking It began to get hard, it rocked up to a full 8" You game?” How could say no? All the trust that had been built up would look like it didn’t count for anything gave her a few seconds to adjust before starting into a steady rhythm Now swallow it “How does that feel?” He asked am 6'2" tall, weigh 200 lbs, blue eyes and a 7-1/2" (when totally hard) cock with a width of approximately 2-1/2 fingers, whatever that measurement happens to be Breath seized inside his lungs You can expect anything to happen in there, and it usually does"Talk about my ass, Gregory My bed is black and extremely high off of the floor so he probably didn’t see it would pick him up on the way down Is that okay?” “Sure"Do it and you will have the biggest orgasm of your life!" Even then resisted He moaned and shoved himself further into my mouth, even before was ready" And he was gone By the fourth hour of my trip was ready to blow my wad Maybe I'll come back again some time"No suck it bisexual ass licking pics At this time, realized we were in the middle of cars and the sound of the train moving began to give me a headache, so gladly followed him into the next car My cock was coming down a bit, but there was no denying that it had reached maximum density you're so gentle Once we returned to sucking cocks, it only took a few seconds She slid over on the couch and grabbed her vibrator Let us demonstrate how they work Once was completely naked he stood back and took a good look at me felt 2 fingers slide into me up to the knuckles After ordering a bourbon on the rocks, he asked if was the birthday boy tried swallowing, but with his cock still in my mouth it was difficult He said that his wife and bisex guys were out of town that week and that could stay at his house while was in L""No, was just"I’ve never been fucked before," said weakly wanted every anal fiber to lovingly caress that penis so that it would give me it’s warm reward He kissed me on the lips, grabbed my hand and led our troupe out the door to Damon's van just thought it might be easier to talk that way At one point Stephen tripped and fell into the river started out of the room, and he told me to put them on there, he wanted to watch My dick was stiff as steel now, and began to jack myself off “Suck me like you want to At the delivery of the third round, our waiter came to take our food order He was about 6'5" tall The pulsating of his love missile sent me to my own orgasm" Gregory whispered She must have sensed that was getting pretty close and she began picking up her pace on my ass He must have four or five huge spurts of steamy cum into my mouth It was warm and tasted so good It would be nice to spend some time with him without our families smothering us He grabbed my ass with both hands and parted my cheeks slightly as he pushed the head of his cock to my hole Over the course of time from the first call, we had decided to make it a 4 day weekend I've been expecting you

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