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bisexual bisexual mmf stories Never again would be the same. “Are you alright to drive?” the man asked. We’ll have to do it often. Both shot loads inside me at least six times and made me swallow three more.""Then lick my balls" he said. He had a 6 pack, was semi tan, from playing out in the sun. He shivered as he felt his boxers being pulled down slowly and the tip of Pat's bisexual bisexual mmf stories penis at his rectum. One more gorgeous than the next. And then – --I felt his fingers softly playing with my ass.""Then follow me. After watching television for a while noticed that the V. But, the real surprise came from the young bisex guy who dropped his pants to show me a whopping 9 inch piece of meat. Suddenly, he pulled back again. This, orgasm, and the one shot the bisexual bisexual mmf stories day before were the most intense orgasms could remember having before then.." He said. His orgasm felt like it might send me through the back of the couch. He wore white cotton pants and a white undershirt. awoke first in the morning and made everybody breakfast. As a matter of fact do,” is what he said. Later that morning woke up alone. Stepping out, our naked bodies met bisexual bisexual mmf stories together in pure bliss as hands and arms held on to one another in dire hope. Trying to please him as much as he pleased me, began to swirl my tongue around on the tip of his dick. He settled down into the tub and felt the soreness start to leave his body. gave the blowjob of my life as teased him, licking his shaft, taking his balls into my mouth, and licking the bisexual bisexual mmf stories sensitive underside of his manhood. also noticed that his thighs were smooth, no hair. And we replay that night every month.
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free mmf sex stories My thoughts were interrupted by a slight knock on the door A few times he would slide in deeper than was ready for and it was all could do to keep from gagging, but the feel of hot, pulsating, manmeat in my throat was enough to keep me sucking him and trying to take it deeper and deeper into the back of my mouth We shared a king-sized bed and always slept naked together" He demanded A bit later went upstairs and sat in a chair next to him definitely owed you one,” said as stood from his bed and moved over to my own, sitting down How many cocks had taken him, he wasn’t sure but the soreness of his ass was telling him that it must have been quite a few" Gregory softly whispered As described aloud to Jim how soft and warm it was between her legs, our hands slid into our pockets to quietly massage our boners laid Jerry on the bed on his back and just stood back to look at him Dave slammed my face into the pillow and began ruthlessly fucking me again couldn't even remember his name He extended the pack to Pat started out of the room, and he told me to put them on there, he wanted to watch It’s only a block or two from here ” “Don’t worry about that,” he said, “whatever you can do will be appreciated He swung again also told her that my folks would be unhappy if was to share an apartment with a woman The air quickly filled with the musky smell of man-cum and he slowly calmed down from his orgasm They came more than any many could With a more persistence he was in all the way The first shot took me by surprise and gagged slightly and started swallowing as fast as could Jimmy described seeing a long thick nipple that stuck way out My mouth watered with anticipation as looked at the beautiful dick before me, bouncing with every beat of Jordan's pulse understand He licked the side of my mouth and my cheeks, licking up every drop of jism that had not been able to keep in my mouth Nine inches or more of pure white meat He asked me if wanted him to suck me? could only coo my desires to him loved the taste of his cock as it filled my mouth She’s a petite goddess standing all of 5’4” with an ample c-cup It tasted so good Standing beside him was a handsome fellow in his mid-twenties Her hands were moving at a furious pace, one thrusting in and out of her cunt, the other massaging her ever so swollen clit "Ok, now suck out all the rest of my cum in my cock and swallow it Moments later my focus on these two ravishing beauties was broken by the sound of male pleasure coming from our left For some reason during the drive these memories began to overflow in my mind ” He added as looked to him in surprise He'd been drinking It didn't take long for both men to rush towards their orgasms now and within a few more up and down hand strokes Deacon's cum was spurting from his shaft onto Dave's stomach as Dave aimed the shaft right at him "Me too The bar wasn’t too far but it wasn’t close either He moaned and shoved himself further into my mouth, even before was ready He pushed it to the back of my throat until gagged, then he pulled back out and slid in again Young bisex man masturbates and makes love to a man mmf pics porn stories "I bet you say that to all the men His condo had just sold (after only two days on the market) “cum dude, yea, want more of your dick, harder""There's an easier way," he told me had class in the morning, Mike had his managers' meeting "Time for your next gift realized that he was producing quite a bit of precum so got a small glass and managed to milk some into it so gay Her strokes got harder and faster After having a drink or two, we ordered dinner To my surprise had left a porno tape in there and he had noticed All inhibitions were gone" hesitated, knowing next to nothing about poker or the like They seemed like angry snakes, struggling to stay out of my hands, as if they wanted something else It was a one bedroom spot By the time that Mike had been there for two weeks, decided that there was very could do could feel my heart pumping "Isn't this for a bride?" asked With every spurt of cum that came into my asshole, came out of my prick onto my chest and chair would have stopped him if it didn’t feel so good Walking back in, Gregory met me in an adjacent living room as we both locked lips once more" He said with a serious look The next night at the bookstore was so horny couldn't stand it was so shocked, frightened and simultaneously embarrassed that froze, looking at him, wondering what he was going to do We were lost in the moment when the cabby turn to say we were here knew that to him was just another fuck, but to me this was a new role that would have to adjust to" Both young adults now, Jim and have been best friends since we were 27 years old The friction was being replaced by the slick lubrication had completely forgot to open my mouth was so stoned "My name is Pete," he said as he stood up Thankfully none of them were endowed like Sam and Pete Falling under the captivating, loving spell of pure homosexuality We weren't even one-third of the way toward our goal didn't find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later "Mmmm… "I'm cumming" he screamed as his jizz poured between my lips Oh no, he thought as he looked around at the group of men When got about an inch away he jerked back as the breath from my nostrils scolded his sensitive head was quickly whisked out of the van and nearly carried into one of the arcades by my four hosts beautiful, Gregory He tried to pull back but the man raised his hand and held his head in place as he continued to search his mouth with his slippery wet tongue We got a small table because we were going to get dinner with our drinks His only words were,"That's FIVE, motherfucker ” He stood up, tying the towel around his waist Then he took his mouth off me slowly “You look like you could use a good fucking Dreaming of my lover and still savoring his taste, rested for a few moments waiting for Nate to finish his shower He returned from the bathroom with his bottle of oil and was wearing only a towel around his middle He kissed me on the lips, grabbed my hand and led our troupe out the door to Damon's van He was the most handsome guy had ever seen, and every day looked so forward to seeing his tone and chestnut hued skin naked every day The hot water was pointing down to the drain and the whole room was thick with steam came in explosions and kept cumming Our hands were all over one another as the same passion from earlier returned twice fold As he slowly walked over to the restroom, stretching, he entered to find two men inside His Dad had added a brother's land went he gave farming up for a factory job near Chicago, and a regular paycheck I'm cummmmmmminnnnnnggggg!" That skinny young lad shot a load in my mouth like none other I'd ever had never really thought about dressing up, but have to admit, with Jerry watching me, became extremely excited and even began to enjoy it "We're here for what we discussed "Shut up bitch! Shut the fuck up!" He fucked me until screamed, begging him to stop If felt so good that almost forgot that my cock was still buried in Mike's ass The drinks, the visual setting, the sweet tasting cock in my mouth and the expert attention of this fine Oriental man soon brought me to my second mind-shattering orgasm of the day He moved his hand from my neck down across my chest to my stomach After licking his still-hard cock clean, he just pulled up his pants, turned, and starting walking out of the room could hear the buzzing in the back ground and asked if she was watching her secret movie? She just moaned and new she was "Yes, ma'am," Damon answered felt so dirty as glanced at all the hot ladies walking down the street It took much coaxing to get him to write it down and send it, and we would both appreciate any feedback you might have bi mmf stories His dark, sensous eyes, scanned around the train as he stood there, his prick only inchs away from my hand It wasn't until later that night that got my chance to make a move on Josh one day enjoy all of what he had and the thought of Jerry using these things on me was hot! chose the dildo walked from store to store looking for anything that might use on myself when got home was standing at the rail, letting the wind blow through my hair and taking in the wonderful smell of the ocean ” I’ll never know if he knew how that would make me feel guilty or if he was being sincere He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders All did was flirt with girls, now had a man's cock in my mouth! What shocked me even more was that was starting to like it! knew there was no way was getting away, so began to relax just give em' a rubdown, and maybe jerk them off, but Aaron stumbled about beside Pat until he was slammed against the wall and felt Pat's lips press against his "I'm off in an hour But it was during my daily showers after my workouts that my eyes would wander and see the healthy, attractive men about the club He stayed still for a few minutes to let me adjust, then he started sliding in and out The taste of his cum was unlike the sweet pre-cum As stared into his beautiful blue eyes, opened my mouth as wide as could and he fed me his cock Reaching down, scooped some up and brought it to my mouth "Do what?" he asked, teasing me some more with his warm breath" sat there totally dumbfounded spread my legs a more, knowing that he wanted better access to use the dildo on my eventually didn’t think it sounded convincing "Not so fast slut, you'll do what tell you to do and only that as finished one in my mouth, the other two spurted their loads, covering my face “You just didn’t get enough, did you?” the man asked My wife of 10 years just gets better looking by the day mmf stories threesome It was warm and huge but it felt wonderful in mouth He watched the black body emerge form the clothes It's too gorgeous not to His orgasm felt like it might send me through the back of the couch Now could fully consume his sperm filled organ As the blistering wave of orgasm carried us away, thousands of bolts of electricity thoroughly raped me was frozen by the way his hand played with my nipple couldn’t believe how hot his dick felt on my tongue was detached from my body, riding waves of ecstasy Young bisex man masturbates and makes love to a man Sam is there My wife works full-time too" He murmured Not wanting to incur their wrath, began removing Pete's clothing In the doorway stood a handsome fellow who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, about my age or a bit younger "I knew you wanted me to fuck you," he said as he started thrusting himself into me with a rhythm He kissed my neck and embraced me Once we returned to sucking cocks, it only took a few seconds don't know what came over me, had to do something never knew it could be so good As the last hard cock was spraying its hot come into the mixture inside him, he heard a voice His efforts grew, as did his persistent thrusts At this point we both started slamming our beers Coming to my senses, opened my mouth and welcomed the object of my sexual desire inside Suck me,” he said, lying back against the tub again This was too much to take Anyway, while was walking around noticed a doorway that was surrounded in neon and covered with a cloth Once his marvelous thick cock passed my ring, his luscious girth managed to tuck itself in soothingly began to hallucinate from the pain and the drugs It was a bad situation Without looking up, he opened his mouth and let the black cock slide across his tongue was trying to discern what had made the noise when felt his wet hand paste more syrup against the center of my ass want the three of us to have a great life of love and sex together in a three-way relationship My moans set him off Then felt his cock head against my ass Jerry asked me if was still up for some “playing” around that evening finally decided that bed – even with a guy jerking off several feet away – was a better alternative He had planned on being right here at this moment letting his lover fuck his mouth as he sucked every drop of stored up cum from his prick He said,"I don't know! The reason was in there in the first place was because was thinking about what happened between you and ten years ago Since he lived in prime fly fishing land, we decided to visit a place 2 * hours South East of his home just knew would saturate him with at least a gallon of pent up seed His hands splayed outward, clutching my white cheeks-- gripping them as each fingernail dug deep into the flesh of my ass The end…or two men’s beginning As he stripped off his suit, saw that cock again It was unlocked and jumped in out of the torrential October rain “Is it that obvious that we hate each other?” “Not really, just pay a lot attention" replied as droplets of water cascaded across our bodies ” “Oh?” asked, nervously This was just about more than any guy could handle in a day The effect was marvelous for Deacon as he had nearly swerved into another car as they rolled down the highway and he was getting some great road head bisexual bisexual mmf stories The pressure at my anus was minimal and he slipped right in Our sex life is something that never dreamed of Tacking john cock in my mouth was a lot more natural feeling then thought it would be His mind was racing trying to come up with a solution for the position he was in Dave kept fucking me even after he came We had not displayed any interest to repeat those acts in all that time Tacking john cock in my mouth was a lot more natural feeling then thought it would be We were both hard These boys were about a year older than Donny and myself felt 2 fingers slide into me up to the knuckles “Oh god, that feels good As stoned as was that the most wonderful thing had ever tasted in my life and only wanted more, lots more Holy shit is he fucking gorgeous! Now, as he swaggered over to me, my heart raced With his other hand, he was caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, was in sexual ecstasy felt my curiosity begin to kick-in as made my way to the door They waved to us from the drive way as we pulled out of site By this time we were both naked and stripped the sheets off the bed and Josh laid down Slowly rubbing my leg in almost unison with the stroking of his cock It was just a bit past 9:00 in the morning We ordered drinks and began to talk about more personal topics He gave me an incredible blowjob The gorgeous Asian man then sat on the side of the bed and pulled me closer to him Now leave me alone, just gotta come right now while can still see her in my head!" But wanted to hear everything immediately eagerly inhaled, drawing in the thick scents of evergreen and oak glanced up at the clock couldn't believe how well Damon was taking this day-long queer orgy At one point, while we were walking to the restroom, Jerry grabbed my ass from behind My point here is that it wasn’t an unpleasant experience massaging his shoulders and back However, this one took the cake, mean, it was hot and sweaty this time, which made things worse! As straightened my tie and pants in my sweaty seat, a huge, tanned man came up near the pole was seated next to started bobbing up and down at a fast pace, imagining was working my partner up to cum a huge load ” He watched the man starting to get up off the tub "Let's try that shirt," announced Ryan He felt the cock in his hand disappear and a warm mouth surround his own member, licking and sucking on it, trying to make it hard and erect The perfect setting for seduction and beauty Gregory felt it, and buckled immediately together That's when we introduced ourselves, pulled our pants up and went on our separate way He began to pour the syrup over him in hughe globs The redhead took a seat and her dark haired lover pulled up the redhead's skirt to reveal a pantyless shaven cunt, glistening in its moistened excitement "You are the first one have picked up in a long time ” I’ll never know if he knew how that would make me feel guilty or if he was being sincere As he would pull back, my lips would get coated by his cum, and run down my chin Oh no, he thought as he looked around at the group of men squeezed his cock and worked my hand to pump his cock and let the pre cum ooze from the tip tried to imagine how many other men's ripe asses Gregory's cock had invaded, but then realized it was about us tonight" He whispered as felt his hand clutch mine lovingly We both had and have a couple other friends, but did most of our hanging out with each other As he would pull back, my lips would get coated by his cum, and run down my chin That first night just waited for it to stop

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