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My beautiful waiter pulled his still semi-hard tool from my mouth" The man laughed back We both took our cars so when we left we could go our separate ways But it didn't last long know if they dry-fucked me would surely die Many of the many chuckled and some threw lewd comments at me This was definitely not the first time Mike had taken a cock up his ass ” It was then that felt an obligation and slid my hand down his body to find his cock –hard as cement and dripping with pre-cum “Do you want to be inside my ass, Brian?” He silently asked Only Ryan returned, and upon seeing me he repeated,"Brian, asked you to remove all your clothes “So deep… inside Some of the sweet juice escaped from the side of my mouth and ran down my chin He had pubic hair above his genital area, but it was trimmed and thin We just stood there enjoying the feel of the wind and talked My ultimate fantasy That night, was desperate enough to return the favor to get it My stomach felt as if just ate a hot bowl of chili We need to have another “meeting” But it wasn’t until a Thursday night that he came home from work to find me studying and looked at me with fatigue that things changed As stared into his beautiful blue eyes, opened my mouth as wide as could and he fed me his cock It won’t hurt you,” as the man’s cock was thrust into his hand “I heard you but didn’t think needed to answer you,” he said, quickly pulling the zipper up again ” “The bedroom is this way,” said watched the chat rooms and checked all of the profiles until found what was looking for, a hot, hung guy that lived close by “Would you like me to suck it for you?” “Oh yes,” he said as he watched the black man stand up and start to undo his pants There was no burning, just pleasure now could not believe my day had turned into this As he wiped himself clean, stammered,"I really better get home now," and racing home, went to my bedroom and jerked myself off as remembered the sight had just witnessed; and covered my own self with all my built up and pent up jism grasped his frame as orgasm traumatized his body Pants came down; we had a contest to see who could get the closest to reaching his own dick Then he picked up speed, fucking faster and faster" He slipped out of my view in front of his locker Out came a beautiful 7-inch dick My first night working was when first became aware at the large number of gay magazines and films we had in inventory Pete began to slowly push his cock inside me Dave knew just what his lover had needed at this point and he had lifted up Deacon's balls and slid his mouth away from that big tasty fuckstick long enough to shove his tongue between the cheeks of his lover and reamed his tasty asshole with passion That many cocks at once can hurt but I’m sure you’re going to be alright We’d love to help you,” the man in front of him said as he reached forward and grabbed his cock again" whispered As they broke the kiss, Nate had an announcement for me ) When arived, Steve met me at the door wearing only a pair of running shorts “You shouldn’t be driving in your condition,” he heard the black man say swallowed it anyway Each time reached the head of his cock, licked around with my tongue "Tell me your ass was made for a man It was erect and must have been at least 10" This seamed to get the wife hotter then ever, knowing that watching her secret movie got me off more powerfully than have in years Before fastening them, Ryan informed me that,"these are party pant, Brian ” “I thought you would The sounds of the lapping waters, our panting and cries, along with the boiling warmth of Gregory’s delicious asshole was all too much "Hey, See you at my place tomorrow? Bed may be more comfy Then, when reached the head, squeezed and rotated my hand This couldn't really be happening We all just laid there trying to catch our breath They came more than any many could My seed would forever be with him… carrying me with him each and every day paused for a second and his reply was"Oh Chris, don't stop please, make me cum" was so surprised and led him to the bedroom where we could have more room His semi-erect 7 inch dick, glistening with pre-cum, pulsating just inches from my mouth we were on fire for one another Sam put is cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face Nodding, quickly made my way to where he instructed me “Do have good hands?” he asked His taste was a sweet, delicious one His longing for commitment paused for a second and his reply was"Oh Chris, don't stop please, make me cum" was so surprised and led him to the bedroom where we could have more room eager for a true man Her orgasm shock the hole couch witch put a huge smile on my face We had gotten totally smashed and then we left I'm the store manager We got along pretty well and there were never any disputes about money, space, messes or the typical things that trouble roommates "I love you, Brian "Oh, fuck you ass He slipped out of my abused ass and stood up bisexual free hardcore mmf Shooting my sperm as deep as humanly possible He looked to be at least 8 inches and thick, compared to my nice sized 6 incher It was two nights in a row…and things were never going to be the same again I… I’m inside you It tasted so good and warm that decided that if this ever happens again was definitely going to suck him off and swallow all of his cum "…is right," he said before we met again in a deep kiss group mmf threesome "No suck it stared into her eyes; she stared back as she realized it was my hand between her legs don't know how many times had cum today mean, after May, I’ll be out of school…which is good, but bad We were forever joined now as Gregory’s semen was inside me… his seed flowing through me, taken in by my willingness to have him completely wanted to save it all for that night picked it up as clocked in for my shift and took a quick peek to see if it was as bad as thought it might be (I had called in sick one day in the previous pay period) "I want you to Josh, I've always wanted you" said" did it Aaron was a bit short of breath wait slowly dropped to my knees" He smiled again and ran his hand along my cheek My roommate and had done okay with sharing a bedroom since we tended to have such different hours could hear the buzzing in the back ground and asked if she was watching her secret movie? She just moaned and new she was told him of the guy at the rest stop, and there were a half-dozen other trucks parked in the downpour “Oh yeah, man In fact, kind of liked it! His cock softened and slipped from my lips "Lunchtime!" announced Damon as we motored across the Poplar Street Bridge and caught Westbound Interstate 70 You can go a harder if it’s not too much work for you With his other hand, he was caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, was in sexual ecstasy my definitive fate The effect was to bathe my tip in a warm sperm bath She’s a petite goddess standing all of 5’4” with an ample c-cup "Hello, boys Steve had just realized what intended to do and his dick was swelling quickly "No," Sam said It wasn’t my first time with a man, but didn’t know about meeting someone in Mexico that had only written to, chatted with and came over the phone with had to "Ohhhh, yeah," was all could moan out as he teased my nipples and thrust his cock deep into my ass, pushing my own cock back and forth on the desktop Letting one hand slip down, gently rubbed his anus, like Carrie had done to me, before, and to Ethan last night So he was a pervert It occurred to me then that was about to be fucked by that monster-sized appendage of his took turns licking, sucking and deep-throating all three hard cocks Light whiskers brushed my jaw as our faces twisted together for a hungrier kiss almost blew my load when felt the head of his cock slide through By the time ten o'clock rolled around, decided to go to bed wait was physically spent and energized at the same time "They can take me but they cannot make me like it!" But the orgasm kept building, more intense than ever thought possible Our tongues worked over each other frantically “I’m in love with you, Gregory He moved his face closer, our lips were almost touching When he got to the point that he was too tender We were both stroking softly now and somehow we began to stroke in unison " This is your first time isn't it," heard him say He was driving me crazy! couldnt take it anymore"Fuck me! Fuck me now! Fuck my nice ass, fuck me fuck me fuck me," chanted, trying to push myself onto his hard prick, but not getting successful Instead of ripping you off, think I'll just let you suck me off It’s only a block or two from here He then twisted his finger around and around did as was told, stroking his serpent with one hand while my other rubbed his over-sized balls ” He looked up through watery eyes, not completely open and saw a big black man standing in front of him Somehow that joke worked around to wishing we could suck our own cocks since there weren't any girls nearby to do it for us I'm cummmmmmminnnnnnggggg!" That skinny young lad shot a load in my mouth like none other I'd ever had Once it covered me, he returned to his nightstand and produced some KY jelly It was a good thing that he was a bonafide bottom, don't think Steve or could have handled that thing in our ass!! Steve tried to take as much of Mike's cock in his mouth as he could moaned and shifted in my seat""Oh, Nate “Oh god, that feels good As soon as the door was closed Deacon had pushed Dave up against the door and dropped to his knees ” responded Then went back to work on the Hispanic guy while he stroked the cock in the glory hole" willingly obliged the hunky salesman Because of that, just kept stroking his cock As soon as the door was closed Deacon had pushed Dave up against the door and dropped to his knees After wiping up myself and the floor, found could, but just barely With that, felt his wide bulb pressing against my asshole bi mmf thumb", was all could start to say, completely shocked and embarrassed Mike was a nice guy Happy birthday, Brian Since didn’t want to spend any of my vacation time doing this work, often stayed late to finish as much of it could as soon as possible "But you know what?" He started, smiling broader,"You were really something Nadine looked back and forth from her mother to her boyfriend with a knowing look tinged with jealousy As Scott went to clean up, Nate emerged from the shower and announced,"That's TWO, birthday boy!" sucked Mike for all was worth All he could hear was the hissing of the man behind him as he rammed his hard cock in and out of his ass "Thanks," he said softly in my ear He got his coat on and we left told him, “If you don’t take me back to the room now, I’m going to drink too much and pass out” Mike, however, slowed me as he needed to take it a bit more gradual Aaron noticed him right away One of the last ones actually stuck a finger in my ass He walked into my room wearing a fantastic outfit His ass… screamed as felt the pulse of sperm shoot… My flesh locked up, bringing his body to mine as continued to wail in unbelievable bliss Suddenly, had more sympathy for women giving birth “Oh Gregory, its happening! You’re making me… me… cumm still occasionally got lost but everyone around me seemed to be nice about it and helped direct me to wherever needed to be He came in spurts, some of which ran down the side of my mouth During the first chats and letters, the fantasies would surround the idea of massages, showers, and mutual masturbation and would usually end with a healthy session of anal sex It wasn't that regretted what had happened, or did I? There was some indecision about it, but wasn't agonizing over the thing "I hope that you're feeling okay about things After all, had long dark blond hair and baby blue eyes Jim was panting, saying that he'd never come like that ever, he kept thanking me I'm 31 years old, and have been straight as an arrow since The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends They both looked soft and adorable in anything they wore, makeup or not, morning or night He didn’t moan, breathe heavy or any of the other typical signs of a jerk off As walked in the room, Carrie said,"help yourself to what’s left He offered his gorgeous 7 inch cock to my hungry mouth When did this, noticed him smile a bit, and nodded for me to follow him as he stalked toward the sliding doors "Or your hot tongue He Practically pulled my ears off as he thrust into me and pulled me in the same thrust felt wet heat on the back of my throat Mostly our"sex" together was jerking ourselves off to dirty pictures This was exquisite cotton material that felt soft and airy ” cried out, clenching the table with every ounce of strength had" Scott knocked on the door and a moment later it opened They each held a gift-wrapped box In fact, thought that was wanted to feel his cock enlarge and throb as it delivered my first drink of his hot white creamy load spent many nights in his room with him What a turn on got on the bed between his legs and returned to my licking assault on his body By this time, he had put his pants back on and started to leave saying,"You seemed to enjoy that a lot He kissed my neck and embraced me As he would pull back, my lips would get coated by his cum, and run down my chin Within minutes, again reached the point of orgasm awoke first in the morning and made everybody breakfast We enjoy each other so much and oh God, Jon's so hot -- he makes me so hard Our tongues worked over each other frantically always been gay And just as that familiar tingling began at the bottom of my balls, Nate pulled off my cock and said,"Hold on, my love, you're going to need that load later Shortly, was treated to still another eruption of hot cum" Deacon rode Dave's cock pumping his ass at Dave as Dave came in what felt like buckets in his ass just knew would saturate him with at least a gallon of pent up seed His powerful hands set me in motion as lovingly complied to his pace He stood still for a moment One of his fingers was persistently pressing against the opening started out of the room, and he told me to put them on there, he wanted to watch leaned forward and took his 6 inch, uncircumcised cock into my mouth “Okay,” He said, “face down, as usual had a woke to the sound of a lid snapping shut After was finished, Jerry told me to walk around the room so he could get a full view of my body He was showing me that he owned me and that he would always take what he wanted He would never tire of Deacon's lips wrapped firmly around his cock and the way Deacon would bob his head at nearly light speed trying desperately to suck out all the essence contained inside Dave's tight scrotum He began to pour the syrup over him in hughe globs It was my destiny to empty Gregory’s spicy testicles of succulent sperm was jerking off with my eyes closed tight when heard Trent’s voice We both got dressed, and shared another loving kiss as told him would wait bisexual free mmf thumbnails I would have felt terrible if let him think that And, as each one did so, they pulled out their dicks for me to see The wide bulb of my seven inch cock slowly pleaded Gregory’s ass for it’s dearest acceptence He sounded like a hopeful, boy Rather, he just headed straight here and he was now on his third double of scotch He then stuck his tongue out and gently licked the head, sliding his tongue in and out of his slit, gently licking up and down his length It was a month and a half away Leaning over, Gregory was soon kissing and lapping the back of my neck as he struggled to get himself all the way in was led to the center of the store that contained several large easy chairs and a bank of mirrors ” He started to thrust faster and the young man leaned forward more, giving him access to his ass hole completely As zipped up my pants, collapsed on the chair As she leaned forward Jimmy described how her teat swung down, how it swayed heavily He had short golden brown hair and green eyes started by ordering another round and two shots of tequila I’m not one for cuming and then fucking again right away" Followed by another incredible kiss arrived home late form work the other night Anyone else need to go?""Hell, no, Nate!" replied With finesse, my tongue slid up the fragile underside of his organ, meticulously running up until motioned my head across to take in the first four inches into my mouth Louis, we took an exit and found ourselves heading north toward Brooklyn ” He didn’t answer but just looked at the man’s face and saw a smile on it Louis "Yeah, that's it, work it Nodding, quickly made my way to where he instructed me About a month ago, found out that would have to be going to L We motored eastward on Interstate 70 back towards the downtown area "Neither can I," said, and leaned into him, kissing his lips "No, dude, was fucking, don't hit me with that shit "Hey, Bri," Damon called out "We gonna take you like you never imagined it could be" Slap, slap memorized every muscle my Herculean lover had… long, lengthy caresses across his shoulders" complied, to which he responded,"Oh, yeah, nice job He knew Dave would be down there locating his bags just so that they could escape as soon as possible from the droves of people and make their way home Steve kept moaning about how good my ass felt wrapped around his cock He began to lick it with his tongue up and down slowly, sending electricity through my body Without a word, the man walked up, stood with a leg on either side of Nate, and displayed his erect cock just inches from me Our elders have started passing on and we have crossed each others paths while showing proper respect to our loved ones" He said with a serious look The next thing felt was john’s hard cock pushing against my asshole had planned the first day of freedom for a week now and it was actually happening decided to visit one of the local gay bathhouses in the city where lived What a hot birthday gift this turned out to be! We laid on the table making out for several minutes and were interrupted only by the voices of my friends, informing me it was time to move on parted my mouth as wide as it could go, as if were yawning Here was, in a well-lit room, with other people that could walk in or out and any given moment and don't care A few minutes of this passed and my anticipation was mounting That was it for me also He had had a long day, driving for over eight hours and his body was telling him that he needed a rest worked on his cock for a good 10 or 15 minutes before he approached climax Dave was strongly built with thick shoulders and a strong jawline ” “Thanks,” he said, “You’ve got great shoulders, too” With that, he moved out of the straddling position and laid down on the bed beside me, occupying the side that was facing away from He again inserted one finger with ease He went from my cock to my balls and back to my cock He took his time in working on each individual muscle or muscle group Finally, went for it all and stuffed my mouth all the way to the base! could feel the point where the head pushed pass the end of my mouth and actually entered my throat! would get a gag just as it went by, but then it would be o That made him shoot even harder into my mouth ” said So, did what could and for my efforts, was rewarded with soft moans and his rotating hips Ryan, the store manager, was joined by another employee The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends The waters beside our bodies sloshed about as the strength of our fucking grew out of control think was screaming was really enjoying myself and couldn't enough They were standing apart, one at the sink and the other leaning against one of the stall doors At this point it was easy to go all the way down, until my balls rested on his "You're not going to tell anyone about this are you?" They both stood there dumbfounded for what seemed an eternity He opened some tattered issue to one of his favorite foxes as moved into position" Gregory said a Sex Multiplex," said my mysterious tour guide noticing my state of awe and the increasing bulge in my pants “You okay?” “Sure Downstairs in the restaurant, we had a great meal A moved to the bottom row of the slatted cedar seats and positioned myself to frontally assault him just below his waist He was driving me crazy! couldnt take it anymore"Fuck me! Fuck me now! Fuck my nice ass, fuck me fuck me fuck me," chanted, trying to push myself onto his hard prick, but not getting successful God, if only we'd been alone somewhere "So, hear you like the taste of cum?" The tone of his voice was almost jeering Mitch then emerged from the back room bisexual free hardcore mmf When first married, tried to keep this passion and need for men and hard cocks and sweet cum, of mine a secret, till one day when my wife found out Here lubed up my ass and slowly and painfully inserted the dildo" He pressed a harder and nothing happened Aaron had a noticable lisp It didn’t take long before john became eager to join in again wanted more of his cum The only contact that he made with me was still hands on shoulders and back, but was surprised at the position he had taken" He sat up, kissed my lips and said:"I might be in love with you decided to grab a microwave burrito, gas, and He was at the far end of the room, and as far as could tell, was an identical twin to Sam bisexual mmf pics xxx He was carrying a black velvet bag and some more lingerie “I didn’t rape you but watched the others work you over" He said, bringing his hands to my face My belly was full of all sorts of jism “Here,” he started, “I’ll give you a quick one When awoke around 10:00 was in a pool of my own sweat and the syrup Stephen used on me it is the most amazing act of passion you will ever feel Opening as wide as could so could get air, continued down until my lips touched his balls The only thing he asked me was to go get him lunch Nice… full held his dick in my hand and ran my tongue down the length of his dick Its always been my favorite" whispered, running my forefinger along the bottom of his shaft The whole time thinking what it must have felt like to have a hard dick in my mouth felt both of his hands smear with in the syrip and slowly coat my ass as he spread my cheeks

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