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bisexual gay stories slid up her body, feeling the wetness between her legs slide across my chest, then my belly.errr" she growled, forcing my head further down, my tongue caressing her belly, cleaning her navel. He would be a wonderful lover, one who would be able to show me the pleasures that only a man can give a bisexual gay stories woman. My head swimming, sense him cover my body once again. It never occurred to me that one of life’s finest pleasures could be derived from the taste of a woman’s pussy. remember that it was a Mayfair Magazine from the UK. The wind blew her hair in her face and she picked the bisexual gay stories strands out of her mouth. moved my hips upward thrusting deep inside her, but she controlled both the movement, pace and direction of the penetration. It was Saturday Morning when they finished- and she knew she was late getting home. She winks at me, takes my hands in hers, and places them back on her head! bisexual gay stories begin to fuck her mouth in slow strokes. And my song started. resumed, planting gentle pecks along each collarbone, out to the point of first the right, then the left shoulder. She was very tight, but surprisingly encountered no blockage as pushed the entire length of my shaft into her. began bisexual gay stories to remove the pasties from my nipples, but another dancer stopped me and said"You know you can't do that in here. blushed and tried to tug my foot out of Logan’s grip so that could stand up in a more dignified position, but he tugged back, smiling impishly at me and pulling me even closer to bisexual gay stories his body.
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bi stories He knew how felt about sex and respected my wishes This time, could actually feel her pussy milking my cock as she came From this moment on feel only complete ecstasy relax and stick my tongue out to catch whatever can From this angle could catch just a glimpsed of wetness on the pink inner folds of her flower He could do anything and would willingly succumb “I know you love me, Evelyn She dares me Let’s say a prayer together,” Dean said, and patted the mattress As she screamed she arched her back, threw her chest out, and tensed up her entire body glanced over at Cindy to see if she had noticed Then, almost audibly, she melts in to me as melt in to her “You’re all mine, now,” he teased, his free hand reaching up to fondle my body Not once did she touch my cock with her hands Marcie closed her eyes and bent her head as well She leaned up into the corner of the couch and kept right on chatting with me ” She pointed at my erection They called in a professional hairdresser to do her hair up in sexy do for the night This at least recognized "Are you serious, do you want a taste? Some men love it, some hate it" Pat put a couple drops on her finger and said"Here, try it" slid over on the couch closer to her and licked the droplets off her finger Sort of a waste" Pat laughed Actually, we had been pretty close friends ever since we were young groaned loudly, grabbed that nice tight ass of hers, pulled her onto me so that was deep inside of her, and shot what felt like fifty gallons of cum up inside of her pussy "I'm sorry, this must be embarrassing for you Pat said began to recognize the diffence in texture between the smooth clit and the slightly rougher hood A caring, nice, warmhearted young woman who would go out of her way to help others She proceeded to violently thrust herself up and down upon my shaft, grunting and moaning loudly the entire time When he finished with an Amen, Dean opened the vial and sprinkled a few drops of water on the white sheets She exhaled as closed over her nipple "Breath in the aroma, kiss my thighs and work your way in slowly" she instructed me Perfect timing She attended parties and raves, but only far enough away from where she lived that no one she knew would be there" Mary smiled at me and feel flush looked at the crotch and saw that they were still very wet randomly flutter, flick, press, and suck her button bisexual couple stories We lay like that for a few minutes, my weight fully supported by his large body, breathing into each other’s ears "I don't, at least not when it means teeth scraping up the side of my cock fell, and was right by this brick wall, and it chewed up my leg, banged my head, cut my arm When that got so exciting was almost to come, could raise myself a and the rubbing on my button would stop so it still felt wonderful but could cool off and not have an orgasm This could work You met her once,” Dean said and took another drink “Okay Mr “I am At first her hug is stiff ” she said picked up my flowers and followed him into the bathroom, and put them on the top of the toilet tank where could see them from the bathtub The motion also caused my button to slide over the base of Herman, and the combination was incredibly exciting My first smell of the forbidden fruit! My cock was instantly hard Gena took Tae-Kwan-Do twice a week and it kept her in very good shape My masculinity is inches away from her femininity, yet light years away She tilted her head up and let her lips part to kiss him, but he turned his head away She glanced back over her bare left shoulder; half turned and extended her arm to give me the universal"come here" gesture of curling her index figure “Do you mind if finish?” shook my head against his neck, and whimpered as the hand on the small of my back lifted and reached down between my legs He was leaving for college tomorrow, and didn’t want to be left alone and hurt when he departed ” only turned in my seat, looking out the window We would wake up about ten hours later Logan met my eyes briefly when touched his bottom, surprise showing there, but didn’t linger long there could feel my still hard cock, begging for attention once again, but now it was to be her turn "Oh, there it is, right there, keep going, don't stop" Another orgasm and then Pat said,"Oh wait, you STILL aren't soft, are you?""Ummm, guess not," replied Adam’s glances, at least, weren’t as lecherous as most It was a pleasure Fast forward with me to our 20th and 25th year high school class reunions "For helping a poor helpless girl Awright, maybe was a shy about it, but wasn’t scared! My last girlfriend and had even gone down on each other, an admission that had raised an interesting expression to Gena’s face when made it, along with that half grin that had so intrigued me that day on the bus could tell that much from the way she acted all the time He made his statement, then opened the Prom My mind tries to cope with the realization that Mary is sucking my cock like a whore in heat A timid knock came on the door He smiled at me, reassuringly, and continued to tease my soft flesh want to fill her with my essence Today was no different Amanda began tugging on the bottom of my shirt, so took it off and tossed it aside ” “I love you too,” said, not smiling, feeling very sad and serious Marcie searched his eyes, trying to figure out what he meant gasped “Hi,” whispered, as we pulled apart You remember my name He smile, and handed me a 100 dollar bill ' found a lighter in the table on John's side of the bed, and lit the candles and turned off the lamp "Both", Pat Said Against my leg, could feel his penis swelling, pushing against my skin oh yeah baby,” she moaned in his ear, even though it felt odd to call Philip’s Dad baby It took some doing, because my house requires a code to be punched in to enter think was beginning to understand why Gena had so enjoyed what she did to me in the living room Sitting up straight again, Logan turned the key in the ignition, the truck coming to life Because of that, didn’t see but rather felt Amanda’s hand as she played with her pussy while we fucked fumbled out some words of greeting and dropped myself back on the bed Crossing the room, she silently turned the key in the lock Our conversation ended for a moment during which took the opportunity to really study this man “No,” she said “Perhaps Aunt Julia will be interested to know that you whored her nephew out to her best friend Mr My own hips were gyrating steadily as rubbed my clit, and breathed heavily, trying to hold off on the orgasm my body yearned for as moved my lips even further down his staff to his scrotum, looking at it for the first time bisexual gay stories risked a few glimpses to make certain saw what thought had seen, and indeed it was him guess did Lightly, like a butterfly, lick her lips everything Amanda was still going strong when came down from my own orgasm, and continued to grind herself into my cock for at least thirty more seconds “You feel that? Have any of your boys made you feel like that?” “N-no,” whimpered, my voice muffled against the wood of the table It seemed perfectly natural when she rose up, gently cradled my head in her hands, and guided my lips to my own ejaculate “I can’t believe you’re leaving for school,” said Soon Amanda’s motions became more powerful and violent again, and knew she was about to come She grabs the base of my swollen member and, with out taking her eyes off mine, rubs the head around her parted lips “I missed you last night Her mouth curled into her enigmatical smile as her hand plunged a final time and she gave a final climatic gasp We both yelped, but my cock kept on going until it hit cervix glanced over at Cindy to see if she had noticed Over her head an on to the car went her leotard "Just suck gently and the milk will start to flow" she said watched, dumbfounded, as she swallowed my seed, then licked my cock clean, gently tucking it back into my breeches pulled her down harder on my face as she came for the first time with me As did this, Sharon stroked my rear, my thighs, and my manhood, finally releasing it from its imprisonment in my pants steady her with my hands Eagerly waved to him, breaking into a quick trot to get to the truck quicker kissed my way down to the left hand and repeated the game had started on the right ” “I don’t object Her lovely boobs were flashing by my face constantly Marcie hesitated, her eyes on the bathroom door Parting them, tried to put my tongue in his mouth, to lick his lips like he licked mine, but he would have none of that want to fill her with my essence am not myself any longer It was obvious and uncomfortable held my eyes shut and bit my lip softly, breathing heavily as felt the water moving with his hand getting closer and closer to my body There wasn’t anger there, which would have been understandable And don’t worry bisexual threesome pics and stories The night was over, walked him to his car, and said goodnight That picture wouldn't need any explanation Had he heard me? swallowed my embarrassment and asked sharply, “You gave Mr Harringsford a key?” “Yes, madam took that for a sign that was doing something right Jemison had removed his clothes and stroking his incredible cock She opens he mouth and jam my dick in knew that this sight had haunted my dreams over the past month; this time was wide-awake! followed Gena into her bedroom and posed in the doorjamb with what hoped was a more seductive than silly look on my face From mount to release, less than a minute “That’s why chose her for you, m’boy "Problem is, told Katy wasn't a virgin had just laid back, enjoying my flowers and relaxing, when heard John come into the house from the garage ” “Excellent, Grahamsfield At that point Pat just laughed and told me she understood The taste was nothing strong, slightly salty, but again, nothing unpleasant It was the most erotic sight had ever seen My hands holding onto her hips and bringing her tight pussy down to meet my up stroke don’t know how, but finally managed to get my dick soft enough to pull it out of her ass with a loud popping noise "Well, pretty much, yea She reaches down and squeezes my cheeks as she teases me by feinting kisses could feel my pussy rubbing against his firm body, my juices wetting his drying skin, the flesh slick underneath me Ah, but that’s another story My fingers wrapped around the key that the butler had given me Then went back to 25 years olds and worked up While a finger on her right hand slid fully into my ass want to feel your hands on my body Not once in my life had any woman done this before She flinched when he finally touched her The room was almost dark, lighted only by a couple candles, but could see the blue eyes sparkle and her smile “A stray hand down a young lady’s cleavage?” Again, indicated the negative Mike had found out that his parents were New Direct Distributors in an Amway Business, that insured his future "Good idea," stammered "Two years ago, almost had that exchange student living with the Kent family in this position For the longest time, my cock wouldn’t get soft ” “Yeah?” said, nuzzling closer to his neck She also slid her panties off over her feet, showing me her entire naked body "Are you serious, do you want a taste? Some men love it, some hate it" Pat put a couple drops on her finger and said"Here, try it" slid over on the couch closer to her and licked the droplets off her finger Shoot it in to my womb could feel the rough pubic hairs surrounding his cock poking against my tender flesh" It was all could think of ” “Oh, God!” “Marry me "Ahh Mary am cumming in you!" shout She couldn't spend the night that night Logan bent over towards me, kissing my head, and heard him inhale the scent of my hair before he kissed me again turned her head weakly, looking up at him After teasing her thumb planted a sloppy kiss in the middle of her palm and started back up her arm “Uh, Gena, what are we watching?” “Shhh, just watch His lips meeting mine, we share a kiss of extreme passion Had he heard me? swallowed my embarrassment and asked sharply, “You gave Mr Harringsford a key?” “Yes, madam What did he mean was she ready? “I guess so,” she said with a shrug She grabbed my cock again and slipped it into her Her tongue pushed into my mouth tasting her own juices Marcie pulled the tank top over her head and stepped into her overalls Gazing into my eyes he whispers softly, “My Love, am going to share with you my most intimate self “Because we’d lose our balance on that tiny sofa Even then, it was not blind rutting His and Philip’s Leaning over, Logan pushed open the passenger door right before arrived, and climbed in next to him work her hole with hot male passion bisexual gay stories We hadn’t done anything of a sexual nature before simply because we hadn’t had much time alone together Scared was an understatement, but the alcohol helped, a lot But had to save him from his own folly What a disappointment that boy had been! Thinking of Adam’s huge cock, allowed her fingers to open the bodice of my dress, each hand cupping over a breast" corrected She pushed me back until was laying on the blanket, and started kissing every inch of my chest, still grasping my cock in her pussy, though could feel my cum oozing out “How?” She pushed her jeans down to her ankles, spread her legs and touched her pussy, where a drop of white liquid leaked out wanted to be fondled as well as fucked, so took John's hand and put it on my breast Who’s the chick?” he said, and ran his fingers through his wet, dark hair "You know I'm not sure what 100 bucks will get you Oh how want his mouth to devour them The warmth of her wetness felt so good on my face He slowly moved out of me, then rammed back in quickly backed out of the room and returned to the main living room, where Amanda was waiting" stated He glanced back at the last moment Bisexual bareback fucking

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