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bisexual group mmf He reached down and took my head between his hands and starting moving my head in unison with his thrusts. This was magnificence in it's most purest form. He heard the grunt from him as his son’s cock entered his ass, impaling him on it. a definite hard penis was waiting underneath. My stomach bisexual group mmf was filled with his essence. have never in my life felt anything more painful than that.” He watched his cock disappear inside the man’s ass until all he could see was the man’s ass and his crotch hair, intermingled."Do it! mean it!" realized had no choice but to comply, so opened bisexual group mmf up my lips. The girls seemed to notice me too. But, the real surprise came from the young bisex guy who dropped his pants to show me a whopping 9 inch piece of meat. As the blistering wave of orgasm carried us away, thousands of bolts of electricity thoroughly raped me. Each thrust nearly took the bisexual group mmf wind out of me and was quite painful. Then the white guy just as quietly left. felt as though was the cause of Mike’s pleasure (which was), but attached a sexual thought to it for a moment or two (mainly because of the moaning). could not believe my day had turned into bisexual group mmf this. The room opened up into an entertaining area with marble (like) flooring, two steps up to the corner window and balcony. We made our way through the hallway, and finally into his beautiful bedroom. The man beside him pulled his mouth away from his and stepped back, looking down at the man sucking his cock. bisexual group mmf "This is Jordan, Brian," announced Nate. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be loving it. Inside the building was promptly escorted to one of the large booths to the left of the front door.
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mmf stories threesome I think it was a case of"do unto others" How many cocks had taken him, he wasn’t sure but the soreness of his ass was telling him that it must have been quite a few As the days progressed, found myself more and more drawn into my insatiable curiosities about a man’s body "Brian, this is Mitch opened wide and received his hairless heater cried out in shock at first, feeling myself gradually sinking all the way in "Look at me, Brian "But you have nice clothes," he said Only Ryan returned, and upon seeing me he repeated,"Brian, asked you to remove all your clothes Damon stood before the screen and immediately put $30 or $40 worth of dollar bills into the machine apparently didn't move away far enough because a big splat of Donny's cum hit right on my cheek, ran down and dripped onto my chest Though he was as straight as an arrow, Damon was the best friend a gay guy could ever have As the daylight broke, found myself in a hot lust filled dream Once they had pulled into the parking area of their complex, each had grabbed a bag and they had nearly run to the front door of their apartment Dave had met him halfway through the airport with Deacon's bags in hand and a few roses" Nearly choking on my toast, started blushing more than ever had before, and stared at Carrie tried to imagine how many other men's ripe asses Gregory's cock had invaded, but then realized it was about us tonight ” am currently married and have two bisex guys "Hey bro," he said to Pete We both took our cars so when we left we could go our separate ways ” shouted, biting my teeth in powerful need “It definitely shows Oh, yeah!" as felt the first blast of warmth shoot into my ass ” Mike sat down, sighed wondered if he was thinking about last night His ass was suddenly empty as the man pulled out of him, the come running down his legs and covering his balls with its sticky gooey mass She apparently stayed there and watched me as finished my friends and the job at hand and mouth Warm steam bellowing throughout the wooden chamber as mirrors decorated the walls had stopped to take a break because if didn’t, would cum any second and didn’t want that to happen because it looked like he could go on forever Our flesh found it’s instinctive tempo as his ass muscles delicately caressed my entire stalk Sitting down next to me, he immediately leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the lips while taking his right hand and reaching for my crotch As he fucked me and the young man sucked me, felt the beginnings of an orgasm C After coming down from another cum high, and catching my breath, decided wanted to return the favor, with a strong desire to see just how Donny's cock felt and tasted in my mouth As cried out with pleasure, each spasm of my cumming caused me to clench my ass around his cock, when he let out,"Oh, yeah With that Aaron finished his drink and turned to face Pat "You will put that on or will drag you naked across the parking lot," Dave said There was Ethan, stark-naked, that giant sausage in his hand, and perfectly-toned body still dripping from his swim""That sounds good, go ahead" whispered He reached over and fondled my full, swollen ball sac and touched my engorged shaft Both he use to do like breathing fuckable asshole?" he asked, bending over with his dick at the enterance of my man hole, growling each word into my ear “Can we go to bed?” He asked, my only answer was to turn back to him; and once again, began kissing him In a few seconds, was standing naked in front of him with my hard cock bobbing up and down in time to my pounding heart" he tried to say between grunts of intense power and exertion This was draining all the tension from my body in a way that I’d never felt They shared a loving embrace and then headed into the shower for round 2" said What a tease! Then he took the dildo from his mouth and positioned it at my ass I’ll do 30 if have a lot of stress or wanna stay away from my wife, but usually the most do is 20 "Thanks," he said softly in my ear was fixated on the show before us It couldn't have been two minutes before warned him was about to come did all could do to swallow as much as could but it still oozed down my chin Immediately my anxiety grew in anticipation of what awaited me in this nondescript box You'll love that feature Just then felt the familiar vibrating of her toy snaking its way down my back bisexual group mmf He spread his legs even further and slowly pushed my finger inside him His body swayed as the overwhelming orgasm subsided He closed his eyes as the cock in his mouth slid against his tongue His hand grasped mine as another powerful volley of intoxicating sperm filled my mouth ” got up and walked into the bedroom, all the way wondering if this was his giant come on ploy One night after losing our home game, walked up the field, and up to the school gym There was no way in the world I’d be able to cover all that rent Every time we ended up between cars, my mysterious man would grab me and pull me into his now famous passionate kiss "Shut up bitch! Shut the fuck up!" He fucked me until screamed, begging him to stop Under that banner, before was born, it used to read AN ALMOST PERFECT PLACE "Please It had been a few years since had been on this old highway, so the sights weren't familiar to me “Well this definitely has to go choose to believe the latter closed my eyes and imagined was about to give a blowjob to a real man as opened my lips and stuck my tongue out, searching for the head “Oh, no place fancy But thank God we gotten somewhat accepting of occasional boy-boy contact Dave's hands had traveled down Deacon's body until they came to rest on the large bulge tenting his pants to the point of nearly bursting the zipper open As was getting ready to head into the locker room, the Janitor said he was locking the doors and when exit, exit through the side door, it will lock behind me "I meant that usually give, not receive Jerry got off of me and licked the cum from my stomach and my cock could feel his cock quickly returning to it's full hardness as it soon filled me up as much as the dildo had done earlier "What do you mean, Sweetheart?" inquired Another man lifted his face up and thrust his hard cock into his mouth, roughly starting to thrust it in and out of his mouth He slid back up to face me He did so at a slow pace as his eyes fell to the arched globes of my backside opened my eyes to appreciate his vigorous chest, drawn in to his round, defined pecks He got his coat on and we left ” The young man nodded and turned to his father ” With that, felt him shift slightly and then kiss my shoulder “That felt great,” he said, smiling down at him He'd never thought about a man before the way he was now The county government made sure our couple school buildings were always painted and repaired, but they never found the money to fix that sign Our tongues brushed, our lips parted and soon we were locked in a beautiful French kiss His moans grunts and groans sounded more intense and the thick gobs of cum he filled my mouth with seemed to be more and felt and tasted sooooo damned good, as the roof of my mouth, my throat and tongue were covered and filled with his semen", was all could start to say, completely shocked and embarrassed" With that, exploded in the longest, hardest and most incredible orgasm had ever had Aaron nodded in a manner similar to the way a dog greets his owner and Pat took him into his mouth Dave leaned in and kissed Deacon again as he started pumping harder into his lover's ass bisex free mmf pics Before could do anything else, he moved himself forward and pushed his head into my open, waiting mouth "Dont do that" he said, seeing that was beating myself off slowly started stroking my cock to get it fully hard At that point, my foot grazed his He was cute, bleached-blonde, slim, and talked with a slight lisp "Brian, I'm gonna cum!" he shouted "Oh God" blurted out On the third desperate attempt, Sam slapped me across the face so hard that saw stars let him see deep in my mouth so he could see all the cum had not yet swallowed Pat dropped to his knees and unzipped Aaron's pants To feel him tremble and shudder, and then to realize its because of you he's reaching an orgasm My left hand reached back, taking his hand in mine What really wanted was my ass to milk Gregory's life giving bouillon from his beautiful, stout cock While fondling him, soon felt him tense up and found myself the moving target of a cum canon had not seen nor touched another man for at least ten years! And the thought was making me horny and crazy! pulled into the parking lot and noticed that, for 2 in the afternoon it was very busy The head was straining to be freed, but had other intentions at the moment There were a few women in the bar and we danced with them a few times felt the first signs of orgasm, and slowed my pace to shake off the tickle We've all taken off work and we're gonna have a huge day today We got along pretty well and there were never any disputes about money, space, messes or the typical things that trouble roommates Am going to get out of this alive? Pete kept pushing inside me, stretching me out farther and farther think you've sucked cock before While sucked his cock in the blue light of the video room, saw another cock poke through the glory hole “Do you want to be inside my ass, Brian?” He silently asked was watching my homemade tape later and jerking off, when one of the guys moved just enough to have the cam film the doorway That didn’t take long that didn’t take long because when smoke pot, always get a hard Then swirled my tongue around the head slowly It was the sound of his hand against the sheet – at least thought it was That night learned for sure that jerking off is good, but there were definitely things that felt better While was still shocked about the force he had used with me, barely registered that he was getting off his knees and preparing to mount me Also, like most guys, consider myself completely heterosexual and would never have the nerve to actually pursue my curiosities Oh no, he thought as he looked around at the group of men As the time passed, he finally started to show signs of the approaching launch "And you better do it good, cause it's the only thing that's gonna lube your hole when we take it ” He watched his cock disappear inside the man’s ass until all he could see was the man’s ass and his crotch hair, intermingled instinctively began to lick the head of his cock, tasting the first bit of salty pre-cum wait a second came in my pants and felt the hot wetness smearing across the waist line of my underwear figured that had better swallow so swallowed as much as could After putting lotion on my back, he began slowly putting it on my legs, carefully avoiding my ass His cock was a good eight inches long and five around The same bisex guy stuck his head in the door and said,"the dude told me outside to tell you that's THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, AND FIFTEEN! Whatever the fuck that means Upon learning that was, he stated that all my drinks and lunch were on the house slipped his pants down and started to lick a trail down his stomach, stopping at his navel to lick and gently bite his skin At once Dave rounded the couch and grabbed a small tub of lube and squeezed out a drop the size of a dime into his hand The taste of his cum was unlike the sweet pre-cum Downstairs in the restaurant, we had a great meal Both times were equally great After what felt like hours, finally felt his warm breath against my hard prick ” With that, he returned to the other room The setting was so incredibly enthralling He ignored my pleas and pushed his cock head against my virgin hole It went all over his hair and chest and the floor bisexual group mmf It started spewing his sweet cum into my mouth and down my throat He pulled them up over my thighs and around my waist "This is Jordan, Brian," announced Nate Then he spoke: “Well, how about you? Are you in need tonight? You look like it Just like in high school His name is Jonathan couldn’t believe how hot his dick felt on my tongue I'll just drink very slowly and will only buy a six pack They pulled his clothes completely off him and pushed him down to the cold tile floor ” Mike sat down, sighed really liked the feel of that and began to smile at the feeling He was wearing dark colored, panties! looked back into his eyes, and sank to my knees worked on his chubby, filled with the desire to taste his semen ” said and he left My reply was clinching my ass muscles around his delightful cock It was a good thing that he was a bonafide bottom, don't think Steve or could have handled that thing in our ass!! Steve tried to take as much of Mike's cock in his mouth as he could He said, “That looks really comfortable There were a few women in the bar and we danced with them a few times He buckled as motioned him on his back He tossed me my clothes and told me to get dressed because it was time to move on We'd share stories about seeing up Margie's skirt at school, or rubbing against Suzie during a game of"Pile On" "Do it, baby, make that sexy young cock shoot inside my ass "Time to relax!" was the announcement as we piled back into the van didn’t expect him to be home "Aren't you taking your phone?" my wife asked "I have to get to Dallas on time and am behind schedule Louis The room was beautiful A beautiful man was giving my cock an incredible round of servicing undressed and took off my (cotton) thong am the junior vice president but only because am not old enough to be the full VP To my shock three beers were there on the coffee table nodded my head and heard a drawer open And breathe deeply Little by relaxed my throat and took more of him mmf pictures sex""Would it be okay if laid beside you? If you say no, it's okay, believe me They stopped behind the line of four hunks, and prepared the bed for use Paid my money- opting to get the gay addition to the ticket also moved back to his genitals, with one finger, pulled the lace over his cock and for the first time, saw the object of my fantasies for months then switched and started to suck on the Hispanic guy's nipples- biting and pulling at them My fingertips traced the thick veins that wrapped around his heavy shaft, adorning it like a cherished ornament pretended not to notice As Scott dismounted, Mike stopped sucking and re-positioned himself above my face and offered me HIS 6 inch, thick meat tried to get my cock as deep into him as possible… wanted nothing more than to brand him with my sperm Passion, lust, desire, yearning, and longing to feel one another's souls propelled our public love making session He buckled as motioned him on his back He must have fucked me for half an hour It was a odd, yet felt so safe in his arms A few minutes later noticed him come out and could see he had a raging hardon under those shorts He started to get undressed and stopped when he reached his underwear awoke the next morning to an empty bed Stephen's cock aims down when fully erect while most guys like myself aim up As soon as the car was in park Deacon had lifted up and pulled his pants and underwear down below his knees and lay back the seat so that Dave would have unfettered access to his nether regions" whispered "We're giving you a '21 Gun Salute' to celebrate your 21st birthday" had stripped naked, and was rummaging through my pack for dry clothes when looked up - and saw Dave watching me through the rearview mirror marveled at how good it felt We had a great time He seemed very content and simply smiled back at me slid under my wife’s crotch The trouble didn’t come at first Our lips locked in an erotic kiss and felt his hands start to explore my body Gregory groaned in animalistic agreement We were not only great sex partners, we truly loved one another with all our hearts He was the most handsome guy had ever seen, and every day looked so forward to seeing his tone and chestnut hued skin naked every day felt my curiosity begin to kick-in as made my way to the door The man smiled and sat back down again Who would have thought that a simple stop would lead to so much more? His grin stayed on his face for a long time as he drove along, remembering the feeling of the many cocks that had fucked him that day His mind was racing trying to come up with a solution for the position he was in Turning my head towards him asked,"is it all the way in?" Laughing he said,"no, five inches to go" Once again, did as he said Quickly took my hand from it and brought it to my face, smelling the scent of him- it was not a lubricant but his own man-juices! It was, to say the least, intoxicating! again wrapped my hand around him, slowly moving it up and down""Okay As was driving from the rest stop remembered that stupid graffiti" He sat up, kissed my lips and said:"I might be in love with you ” So slowly we started off for my house "Nope, Brian, you don't get to cum yet All my life, have half heartedly tried to get my ex girlfriends to touch my ass, lick it, or even probe it with their gentle tongue Then he stopped and stared into my eyes “You can fuck me anytime you want Dave loved Deacon's wet inviting mouth to an infinite degree Hold me…” chanted Gregory as almost blacked out from the pleasure Gregory reluctantly stepped over to the oil chalices, picking up a large green one At this, he jammed himself into my manhole with nothing but strength and force could feel the hunger stirring in his veins as his teeth sank into my flesh looked at him and nodded, which was his cue that he was welcome First sucked on it and then rubbed it all over me Nuzzling my neck, Gregory's tongue glazed my neck and shoulder as he pressed his hardness upon my ass lifted the right leg and then the left and stepped into the ultra soft calf skin slacks The same bisex guy stuck his head in the door and said,"the dude told me outside to tell you that's THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, AND FIFTEEN! Whatever the fuck that means bisexual group mmf While was paying attention to his hard nipples, began to undo his belt and pants By 11:59 we're finally at his place and after some more chitchat, we're sitting on the couch was so horny that started seeing everything in a sexual manner ” Not wanting to waste any more time, lit it and took a huge drag But, the real surprise came from the young bisex guy who dropped his pants to show me a whopping 9 inch piece of meat A shallow deed that paled in comparision to the unquestionable glory of ass fucking a man After leaving the bar decided that would stop at a nearby porn store to pick up some much needed new porn The following day was a strange one glanced up at the clock must've spurted about 20 rounds of cum into his mouth before finally settled down She waited a wile with out saying a word, still playing with my still hard cock His hungry zeal for ass He wore white cotton pants and a white undershirt He seemed very content and simply smiled back at me "Does my cutie want his man to fuck his nice As the circle jerk continued above us, Nate leaned over and whispered,"That's TWENTY!" Soon, one cock found it's point of pleasure and a burst of spunk landed on my head For some reason during the drive these memories began to overflow in my mind He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face""Oh, Nate bi bondage mmf I didn't know anyone and was very shy at first felt 2 fingers slide into me up to the knuckles Boy, it’s a good thing it was Saturday All of our first timers get a full body massage by Gregory After a few minutes, the young man pulled his still hard cock out of his father’s ass and turned towards him To my surprise got ever harder watching two men go at it, and my wife seemed to realize it We got a small table because we were going to get dinner with our drinks mmf pictures threesome had had girlfriends that had fucked me with dildos before so knew what to expect- but when he eased that monster cock of his up inside me knew would have to try the real thing again sometime My eyes were glued to the sight “Oh man, what a beautiful ass you have there He finally finished and pulled his spent cock out of the young man’s ass We kissed again Soon, each of them had their cocks out of their pants You'll love that feature "Oh, baby," he groaned as bottomed out with a thrust that felt like pure bliss found myself alone in the sauna and decided it was time to find my friends "We're here for what we discussed The following day was a strange one was surprised to find myself feeling uncomfortable because my throbbing erection was pressed so hard against my jeans As cum continued to spurt forth, brought his beautiful cock all the way in and deep throated him as the orgasmic buzz began to subside Confused, turned to see him motion me onto the floor of the shower stall Finally realized "Your friend outside told me to tell you to take your clothes off so you don't ruin them His Dad had added a brother's land went he gave farming up for a factory job near Chicago, and a regular paycheck That felt fantastic and got even harder than was wanted him in my mouth Just as thought couldn't take any more, began to enjoy it We quickly packed his things and he kissed all his bisex guys and wife good-buy She methodically waited till two guys on TV started getting heavy Passion, lust, desire, yearning, and longing to feel one another's souls propelled our public love making session Within minutes, again reached the point of orgasm would never forget that day Often, when fantasize about sex, it involves another man didn't know whether to pretend was asleep or face the music when he came into the bedroom And as finish cumming, breathe deeply and slowly, and gently fall asleep, just dreaming of him squeezed his balls and Phil exploded in my mouth My only assumption was that they were in another part of the building either sucking some cock or getting their own dicks sucked smiled a and sat up, leaning toward him We stood there and stroked each others' cocks and started making out have never in my life felt anything more painful than that Then as was getting undressed, he walked past me in a towel heading towards the shower "Who's the bitch now?" he teased as he fucked Deacon's tight ass with all his might got to the point that exploded onto my stomach" Slap, slap This, orgasm, and the one shot the day before were the most intense orgasms could remember having before then It didn't take long for me to shoot a huge wad of cum that shot out of me so hard some of it hit my face It wasn't long before started imagining what it would be like if this cock were to penetrate me, a guy in his late thirties walked in studied his penis a bit slowly reached over and, as became more light-headed, gently grasped his manhood with my hand My face was now precisely in front of another man's penis She started to massage my bum and ask me if like her naughty movie admit was nervous as hell to be touching another man for the first time We started talking trash about what we'd like to do this girl or that one never really thought about dressing up, but have to admit, with Jerry watching me, became extremely excited and even began to enjoy it The most captivating blue eyes Glancing over my shoulders, he could see the nervous virgin gaze in my eyes "Does my cutie want his man to fuck his nice But Sam's cock prevented it" did it As we prepared to step out of the back door of the store, everyone exchanged hand-shakes, hugs and some kisses bisexual group mmf Pat dropped to his knees and unzipped Aaron's pants" At this, fair-haired Jordan climbed into the van and joined me on the back bench" With that, exploded in the longest, hardest and most incredible orgasm had ever had Just as he opened his mouth to scream, the man in front of him, jammed his hard cock into his mouth, completely filling it with his member Oh yes I’d just have to set down some ground rules Damon was my best friend from junior high and high school It turned out that he lived only a few blocks from me heard him stand up and zip down his pants My hands clutched at his hips, almost lifting his ass from the water… My loud grunts bellowed out as violently pounded my gay lover It only took a few minutes for Jerry to come thought my neck might get tired, but the adrenaline from all the sexual excitement kept me sucking on this gorgeous cock For someone who loves cock as much as do, this place is a fantasy land Josh and Chris Instead of answering directly, he lightly brushed his fingers over my ass His eye balls rolled back in his head as he was swept away in the loving current of my first blow job He dragged me over to his bed and pushed me down on my back ” “Sure oozed off the bed so Jim could sit in my place "First we are going to have a fun But the assuredness of my gentle smile has gone and sigh as reach over to my nightstand to turn the radio off watched the chat rooms and checked all of the profiles until found what was looking for, a hot, hung guy that lived close by “Would you like me to suck it for you?” “Oh yes,” he said as he watched the black man stand up and start to undo his pants put a strand of dark hair behind my right ear and nodded, turning to face the door he was leaned against""You like sucking cock, don't you? I'll bet you like eating cum, too arrived home late form work the other night Well it was a long game, double over-time, and was tired as hell and need refreshing, so decided was going to take a shower tried to imagine how many other men's ripe asses Gregory's cock had invaded, but then realized it was about us tonight just knew would saturate him with at least a gallon of pent up seed

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