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bisexual kissing ass"We'll talk later," he said quickly,"first, you're gonna suck me off! Watching you with those guys has got me real horny!""I can see that, honey! Come here and let me take care of that for you!" Frank groaned deeply as his wife drew his engorged weapon into her mouth and began to suck. Alice was bisexual kissing ass waiting at a door next to the kitchen."How are you today?""Oh, you know, Harry," she replied, her face, as usual, tear stained, her eyes a puffy red. Moving downwards left a trail of kisses along her body until felt the pubic hair against my cheek. My nipples were already hard and he quickly bisexual kissing ass took one into his mouth and sucked on it, flicking his tongue across it. And the girl on the bed had her middle finger inserted through that buttonhole into her own buttonhole. was about to ring the doorbell as heard the car. place my hand in his lap and wrap my fingers around his bisexual kissing ass hot shaft while he plays with my large tits.""Well the goods news is Mr.” At that, spread her legs open and got on his knees between them.I squirm from your grasp, giggling all the way, and as you try to reach out for me, you accidentally rip my blouse. There were few locals in the bisexual kissing ass bar tonight, and after a brief, meaningless chat with the barmaid, he had taken his paper and drink to a single table and begun to fill in solutions.
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bisexual kissing ass more attention have you spray whipped cream on the chocolate and top each spot with a cherry Just as Celia's orgasm seemed to abate, Tony groaned deeply and pulled out of her soaked snatch He could get there directly from the garage, and from that vantage point he would be able to see into the kitchen, unobserved had only been gone a matter of minutes, but when returned the scene in the lounge had changed With a gasp and a jerk of his hips both women were rewarded with a long stream of cum that shot from the end of James' cock and hit his wife squarely in the face reached over and pulled the camera closer Fuck her deep and hard!" she cried"Yes, James The buzzing of the vibe in her pulsing cunt and Steve's tongue licking up his own cumm from her tits was too much for the redhead Not to be left out, Johnny also moved in and grasped her right breast, mimicking my movements with his hand glance around and see my husband, that crooked smile still playing over his lips Jesus, he thought, not Pam again! His wife's friend Pam was going through a nasty separation from her husband, and although Harry liked her, she seemed to be spending a huge amount of time at his house these days; his own wife, Hanna's shoulder constantly wet from her crying on it am the happiest slut alive! The lover in my mouth comes first Thank goodness had just come otherwise would be lasting long Once downstairs, Jim made fresh coffee and we sat around discussing the session We can't see the screen with you standing there!" Janice gave myself and my two friends a petulant, sulky look and stomped off to the kitchen As the trio relaxed and tried to get their breath back, Pam hugged both her new lovers"Damn Dog, does her pussy always get that wet?" marcos asked When she saw the cum, her eyes grew wide and she started thrusting her hips forward Your left hand goes from my shoulder to my hair, pulling on it as you drive your cock harder and faster OHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS what a birthday she shrieked as she vigorously started to fuck my face as Chris penetrated her ass with his tongue" Although they may not have completely believed that I'd actually be there with the cash, they both beamed at me, hugged me as headed for the door, and pranced away to shower off - together, of course put down the towels, mumbling God only knows what, and backed out of the room, my seven inches as hard as steel ass licking pics free It was the second Christmas they had spent together--Amy and Jack, Megan and Mark" Now it was Steve's turn to blush ahhhhhhhh She rolled the condom onto my hard cock and spread gel onto it She fell forward gasping for breath and the sweat on our bodies bonded us together Her man continues the action by getting behind her while she is on her hands and knees at my pussy and slides his cock into her But after six months working as a bellboy in two different Iowa hotels, I'd only had sex with one girl" Gladys looked around, puzzled After a few seconds, she let her lips slide up the length of his cock until just the head of it was in her mouth before taking it deep into her mouth again Finally her pulls my titties back towards him and forces his cock in deeply" 15 minutes later we were on our way Oh my God From his still sitting position, Chris could clearly see the moisture that had formed around Celia's pussy Both Jack and Megan let out moans of agreement"You are bigger than expected!" The touch of her soft hand brought him to full attention; the touch of his long finger between her legs sent a sudden shiver through her body He had worked for Caroline for several years and, despite the fact that it looked like they would all be going to prison in the very near future, he still didn't want to upset her He was driving me crazy and he knew it As soon as Tony had finished wiping his still hard cock on Celia's face, he offered his position to his associate From the top of his thighs, before she reached his tight balls and eager shaft, she teased him by moving to his arms and then working down his body, pulling hard on his chest hairs ooooooooaaaaaaayes that's it don't stop as she was coming sucking and sucking as exploded streams of cum in her mouth on her face she was lapping it up as Chris exploded with his first shot in her pussy then pulled out and shot streams of warm white sperm on her back As the heat of the afternoon slowly subsided, so did the pace of the party Lin was stunned into silence “ opened my legs wider, almost flat against the bed, but it was not enough for Dan"All the way up into your ass""OOOHHHHHH BABY," said,"I can feel his hot cum shooting in my ass""OHHHHHH it feels so hot, am going to CUMMMMMMM too""Yesssssss, yessssss do it baby, CUM IN MY ASS,JUST LIKE HE IS CUMMING IN YOURS," screamed Angela as she came again and again moved my hands reluctantly away from her breasts and began running them over her naked flesh moving downwards with a feather like touch His cock was hitting the back of my throat on each stroke now man licking ass""Whaa leaned back grinding my pussy into Dan's face, forcing his tongue in deeper My second lover is not as gentle as my first, but don't really care Dipping her head, she took one of those rosebud nipples in her mouth, warming it, before flicking the peak with her tongue You take it out and offer it to me for a bite, which take, and so do you His body is well muscled and toned and his strength clearly evident as he reaches into the tub and bodily lifts me out Do you surf?""Ah, no She felt as if her whole body was full -Sebastian not moving but very hard inside her, the force behind pushing her up and down his shaft like a red-hot poker ramming harder and faster We decide to go to dinner and the movies for your birthday His longboard lazily making patterns on the wave as Steve controlled his path"Give us a hand, girls!" he gasped They had finally found the perfect position and" Steve rubbed his cock at the entrance to the hot blonde's cunt pride myself on having a nice ass but his was even better The same Christopher that Tony had groomed to one day take over his own position in their crew Amanda held his stare er yes As he pulled back couldn't wait for the next stroke Steve was at the wheel with Amanda in the front wide awake and Katie in the back seat dozing You get up and take off your own pants and boxers, and tell me to wait a minute while you go get something for us to play with was enjoying it already and he had not done a thing It was getting dark when Anisha kissed us both a last time and limped out the door, leaving us to recover She studied them closer now They were both two very attractive girls obviously loved each other very much and both had a healthy sexual relationship Josh was the best lover she had ever had, even though there had only been four"Sit back guys and watch my slutty wife give me a nice foot-job!" sat in the middle of the sofa with my friends on each side watching with fascination It was a simple kiss on the lips Stretching me, opening me, filling me up"Mmm, this is going to be good" Jim opened the door and led the way down a set of steps As the garment was haphazardly bunched up around her waist, he could see the distinctive damp patch on Maggie's white panties was covered in Dan's cum and started to wipe some of it off me, licking it from my fingers, making sure Kevin was filming it Looking down, she had a perfect view of her tiny button pussy and knew she would be very tight for him reached down with my hand and cupped his balls Before he was completely erect, however, Maggie opened her mouth and slid her glossy red lips over the glans We immediately took a long shower together, washing each other all over and paying particular attention to all those parts that would come into play later that night Their expressions barely changed as they watched and listened to the cavorting flesh in front of them" An enormous smile crossed her face think that you should have to work for them first! What do you think, guys?" Although Janice has never really been publicly promiscuous, her reputation was well rumoured within our close circle of friends and Frank and Joey were slowly beginning to realise what had in mind His movements were quick and hard, and they were giving all three of the people involved a great deal of pleasure My nipples were already hard and he quickly took one into his mouth and sucked on it, flicking his tongue across it She couldn't wait just stood there, my dick jumping almost instantly to a raging hard state Jim chuckled and grabbed her breast in his hand and began to squeeze her nipple all the while watching her reactions Higher and higher she explored her friend's thigh, her touch feather light, until her fingers encountered the tightly stretched material of her panties Patty had cum covering her tits, her nipples still hard and swollen and her lipstick smeared in the air that her body was at almost a right angle to the floor"Oh god yes" snarled Amanda as Katie began to really pump her cunt with one, two and then three fingers" He could feel the pressure building up in his heavy balls as she took him deep into her throat and he knew that he was about to blow his load He could still hardly believe that she was enjoying it so much, but, even if he still had doubts, they were instantly dispelled as he saw his young wife throw her head back and shriek in orgasm as a powerful climax crashed through her naked body He was a bigger then what would have thought but not too big for me Dan tongue fucking me and me knowing that my pussy was being filmed made me cum quick Slipping quietly along the side of the house, he made his way towards the garage, knowing that he could enter the house from this direction I'm gonna cum My best friend, Johnny and myself had both bought big Triumph bikes and treated them as if they were our bisex guy! We were always tinkering with the engines and trying to sound like we knew what we were doing on my clit Julie was still cumming, her body shaking, and her head thrashing back and forth He was going to get even bisexual kissing ass Turner's office and walked off to the ladies Then did the other one Once Stacy and Jim came Jim stood up and walked over to the bed and collapsed slide myself onto your cock, the tightness of my pussy driving you crazy last, but with Jane's grunts of encouragement and the guttural voices from his friends and his Pushing Andy back against the couch, once again mounted him, leaving Chris once again with the back door; hoped he couldn't tell liked the size of Andy's dick better Then did the other one mean, my dick was sticking straight out like a weather vane arrow Really good! Mark and his brother Jimmy stared on with a fixed expression of awe as they watched their boss fellate Ray Frank groaned deeply as her expert tongue swirled over his throbbing glans and then cried out loud as her head sank down and her lips closed forming a tight seal" over and over Pulling his spasming cock from her ass, he slipped straight into her pussy and pounded her hard He is as naked as the day he was born and grins at me lewdly"We all knew you were blowing the principal, but none of us knew how good you were at it!""No! don't want to see any more of your disgusting pictures Amy stroked his cock for a few moments while Megan and Mark moved to get a better view, then took his cock into her mouth, swallowing it whole It was the perfect end to a day and we still had tomorrow and Sunday! Bisexual Husband walks in on wife and best friend Amanda awoke and joined them by the pool, introducing herself to Tom, the brother of Sebastian who had made the bet It isn't as if won't be able to come again anytime want to Jim finally moved and lay behind Alice with his head on her shoulder and his hand across her to touch me we were as one and it was a good feeling want to suck your titties It was a wonderful time in Britain; although we were all acutely aware of American guys our own age, and younger, fighting for their country in Vietnam This was almost too much for Steve - he knew that despite the earlier carnal delights he still had plenty more cum and Amanda was about to cope a load He is keen to see what sort of campaign we can come up with but the only catch is he needs it by Tuesday and tonight is Friday Rosa than reached her orgasm in a close second place behind his wife On an impulse, John peered through the window to see if Lin and her students were still working It took all of them by surprise Damn! He'd left them in the den Nothing like a nice hard cock in your ass Just as Sheila got into her position felt Mike push his cock head into my asshole, and stop Amy moaned and closed her eyes"You should see it She whispered" want suck you Well, it wasn't ten minutes before that bell was dinging again, and Janet gave me another note,"The guests in 314 would like some mixer and coke"C'mon Matt, he is all ready for you, put your hard cock into his ass while hold him open for you All over my belly and chin She was resting on my ass as she massaged my back and as she moved up and down could tell her shaved pussy was already wet She was having a hard time keeping my cock in her mouth She made her way past some more people, and looked up to notice a face that she hadn't seen in ages"That's a hundred black! Pay the man!", said hiked up her skirt as she spread her legs started licking her thighs and much to my amazement she wasn't wearing panties her thick black bush now glistening with juice as she was getting wet It was a long 4 weeks waiting for our weekend with Matt, the bi guy we had met online mmmmmm like it harder!" Kathy held my cock in her mouth with one hand and reached into Anisha's delta with the other Slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace, James thrust his cock into June's hot pussy She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties Her ass cheeks and thighs were so wet with our juices that my hands couldn't really grip her flesh, just slide around on her Each sat opposite Steve and proceeded to ensure that he got a great view of their tits when they leant forward to pass food between them No Kevin had the camera right next to my head, filming as Dan's cock started to slide into my mouth It was too much for Amanda Without being bid, she moved off of her and crawled onto her back, propping herself up on her hands and feet, raising her cunt into the air We eat our meal, and decide to forego dessert, because insist that it will come later Despite her lesbian tendencies, Katie still enjoyed the occasional man Looks like you have brains behind that pretty exterior", said Steve making Amanda go crimson and nipples stand even more erect His birthday arrived and as kissed him goodbye in the morning, wished him a happy birthday bisexual kissing ass"Please, call me Steve, we are all friends around here Standing above Rene, who was on her knees, my balls were just hanging above her head and Rosa reached down and began stroking my cock to full strength" She smiled, and was touched that they had gone to so much trouble to make her feel special Andy stood over by the kitchenette, a beer in hand and Chris was still lingering by the door He did not touch himself, but from the bead of moisture she saw at the end of his staff, she knew he wanted to gasped out loud as entered her He drew in a sharp breath again He wanted her nice and loose for his large cock My lover kneels over me"Suppose we'd better go get em out, John," he said casually to his co-worker James moved closer to see as June's tongue flicked lazily up and down his wife's slit Thank you Man that was it Thank you so much darling!" As Janice moved quickly towards me to thank me properly, dodged out of her way Is Hanna here?" Harry pointed her in the direction of the kitchen and returned to the lounge to continue reading his paper The game was drawing to a close now and the result seemed settled"Mmm, this is going to be good" Jim opened the door and led the way down a set of steps sex stories forced bi There was no adverse reaction from the younger woman, Pam just sat there, her legs slightly apart and returned her friends stare as if transfixed My ass was really opening up to Angela now Although he felt sick to the stomach, he knew that he was lucky Jim figured she must’ve fallen back asleep They were keen to see the finale As she felt Pam react, she again placed her tongue onto her clitoris and began to lick the hard bud feverishly She unzipped her black miniskirt and placed it on the hook so as not to crease it either" As said this Josh reached up and bit my nipple a more forcefully then normal Me, sat down on the couch, one knee up to my chin and looked first at Andy, then at Chris"I have an important assignment for you if you are interested?" Steve Turner said looking at Amanda"Be quiet guys, okay took my other hand and slid it up and down his shaft and was still on all fours with her pert bottom stuck up high in the air looked at them both knowing wanted a lot more"I was getting it from so many directions could hardly concentrate""I completely forgot about sucking your cock, Baby We were a concerned because the others didn't seem keen to go and there was bound to be trouble down there with the scooter riding"Mods" positioned herself between the two friends and had been slowly masturbating them both as they He groaned deeply as her fingers closed around his shaft and she began to slowly jerk his foreskin up and down its length need to cum Then she climbed back up on the bed and got on her knees in front of me"I had to come home for a few hours and wanted to see you Tom was getting close too""Why is that?" asked Katie getting a braver and putting her hand back into Amanda's lap your mouth! No other part of your body must touch him and you have only five minutes to complete your task He threw me a minute thong to wear The one thing that annoys me about guys is how unwilling they are to have a threesome- with two guys and a girl decide that want to feel your cock deep inside my cunt My bellman's uniform was maroon, and being a fairly naïve high-school guy my face must have been about the same color" he said with a leer Do you surf?""Ah, no" An evil grin crossed his face"So, that's it, really, doc motioned Chris over and raising myself off of Andy a bit, beckoned his penis towards my asshole Pretty soon she started moaning like she was singing the scales (higher and higher with each new moan) figured she was about to cum and moved my ass at warp speed You see, Maggie is rather kept thrusting my hips forward to get her deeper inside me All my friends were part of a motorcycle gang He watched closely as the massive quality of jism oozed from between her lips and began to drip over her chin and down onto her upturned breasts slid my arm behind her neck and and pulled her to me"Hi, George, help me with this will you" He replied, as he handed me the tray I'm glad to see you are up with things moved down so that could get a better angle He was not wearing any underwear and his 8-inch cock was already starting to get hard want him to feel what it is like to be really fucked in the ass" Angela reached around behind me to hold my ass cheeks open for Matt Her whole body was twitching uncontrollably and within a few seconds, Hanna was rewarded with a warm gush of orgasmic juice"Well if take mine off we will be even" replied Steve not waiting for a reply and removing his boardshorts This was the beginning of a very nice evening, she thought to herself Maggie cried out slide myself onto your cock, the tightness of my pussy driving you crazy Meanwhile, Tom was still using more lube on Julie's ass bisexual kissing ass Debbie was delighted:"Go Mandy; go, girl!" They sat in line on the bench opposite, brazenly kissing and playing with each other's tits and cunts Amanda was on her knees behind Steve bathing his balls and ass in her saliva The dress was tight and low cut showing off her creamy brown back and plump C cup breasts and always-hard nipples circled her puckered rosebud with my tongue and then pushed my tongue inside That much he was sure of moved my fingers up and started to feel around his asshole Jack and Mark frowned, disappointed that it hadn't been more passionate And the girl on the bed had her middle finger inserted through that buttonhole into her own buttonhole Joey and watched, fascinated, as Frank gripped the base and Janice began to lick up and down the sides of the shaft Their blood engorged clits penetrated each other's cunts like miniature dicks until they rode each other faster and faster, needing that tension released When am completely clean, John flips my tired body over onto my back His eyes stood out on stalks as he looked at my wife Her clit was red and puffy He turned to his wife with a smile and quickly pulled out his hard, throbbing tool They readily agree, but first they want to watch us for a while Before they were married she had quite a reputation with the men was as far as wanted and started to withdraw until only the head was in him yes We decide to head home to continue your birthday celebration, but insist that we stop at the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread But Lin had insisted and he had no desire to deny her anything While Sebastian and Amanda slept together after a light lunch, and the black security guard serviced the eager young orifices of Anouscha in her bed-room, Debbie and Baptista returned from the village pub with two new friends, both strapping young local farmers The doorman noticed her Deviant as am, shoved myself down on his cock with all the force could and simultaneously shoved my tongue deep into his mouth, causing him to cum all at once, his juices spewing into me, my lingering orgasm welcoming the new streams of cum His cock began to respond the treatment it was receiving from the two girls and before long is was hard again

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