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bisexual mmf anime" She shoved my finger back into her pussy and quickly found the nubby again. Living in a college town, partying all the time was the norm.‘I’m sorry, Blain, I’m sorry for…’ mumbled."Ok you two lovebirds, get out of the store or I'm calling the cops for indecent exposure. He knew bisexual mmf anime how to kiss; he never broke the kiss off, but gently picked me up and laid me down on the couch, as his hands continue to massage my body without any sexual contact. This story begins at my 25th Class Reunion. must have licked half his body by now; as must he mine.and then, as our bisexual mmf anime mutual moans, groans, shouts and sighs filled the air around us, we found each other: deep, full, complete in our sharing of ourselves with each other. Ayron's hand flew out quickly, as he said in a husky voice that I'd not heard in a long time, 'Case, stay where you are, please don't move…. Fuck that. She'd bisexual mmf anime cut it very close, as it was almost 9:00 currently. Wrestling my hand free, looked up at Dave, a look of fear and confusion on my face. He was also well over 6 feet tall, muscled head to toe. could feel her lower body rising and sinking, as we continued to kiss. When she bisexual mmf anime opened it there stood Stacy with a bright smile. He leaned in sticking the penis down into my mouth. Jan greeted me with a kiss and said did sleep well, said just like a baby and asked where was Nick, she said at the store and will be home soon. The pain slowly disappeared, and bisexual mmf anime felt a hunger for these massive pieces of man-meat. The following morning at the breakfast table, greeted Scott rather timorously. Veronique walked over, still only covered in the powdery sand, and sat down next to me.
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bisexual mmf anime Let Jimmy show you his talent We were alone on the hills, surrounded by a plethora of trees, hidden under the shadows of the canopy But her pussy wasn't letting me any further in Between your moans and sighs of pleasure, you slyly shifted position so that you were in an even more relaxed and pronounced reclining position"Hey Davey, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Carl continued mischievously Her eyes were shining and her pupils were dilated never slept that night had once talked a drunken girlfriend into rimming my ass Then to a new record we danced one sensuous Fox Trot! When we parted she looked down to the wet spot on my left leg"Taste good??" had my head turned to the side trying to spit out as much as could, but the disgusting taste of my shit wouldn't leave my mouth We went to the Airport to pick them up Then John got up, moved in between my legs, his cock now hard again Amy was looking out of the window, a severe storm was gathering and the air-conditioning was unable to cope with the heaviness of the atmosphere Neither having a care in the world, we stripped down to nothing and were quickly in the pool, diving and darting and laughing all the time"No, you can not wear things like that in the hospital, anyway Amy we are in the woman's department of the geriatrics ward and don't think any of them will be looking for thrills from you cum all over his cock for me want to watch you be a slut and lick your cunt juice off him" She grabbed his cock with her other hand and licked the slit with the precum oozing out Roni is what her grandfather used to call her Miller she is a friend of my mother!" There was so much more to say but there were no words to say it!"Im glad to meet you Mrs She Mash Potatoed like a pro and an imitate gleam came to her eyes when she realized was every bit as good as she! We swung through several dances before realized that she was hotter than a fire cracker!"Excuse me while make a request of the band?""I'll come along He looked up at me and kissed me gently on my lips, responded and tried to grab his hand and put it to my breast, but he just wanted to give me a reassurance kiss to let me know it will be ok She squirmed with pleasure as he cupped them in his hands and expertly had them as prominent as she had ever known opened my eyes but pretended was still asleep With the exception of her top, we were all fully clothed, making a dry-hump sandwich Their door was open, and heard them in their bathroom, Lisa was taking a shower, and John think shaving"Mother says it is good for me to talk to you verses those young boys over there She looked at me and said, “Well were going to have to do something about that Ok” Phoning in sick the next morning and Mr Do you?” Stacy smiled and Jim stood holding Rebecca trying to steady her legs By the time planted my lips on hers she reached for my cock and pulled it to her pussy We had decided that would deliver the baby, a boy we were told, and although was nervous as any man could be was doing it! His head was all the way out Please forgive me for what have done! am so ashamed Would there be a catch to this whole thing?"What would you like to start with?" she asked coyly called my friends and found out their drinking schedule for the night, told them I'd catch up to them later, then followed Daniel out the door Looking at Sheila as he positioned himself between her legs he asked," may I?" She looked at me and nodded, it was my turn to watch, sat on the floor right next to them and watched Sean enter that pink cunt was just licking, slowly my legs opened and my fingers moved into my cunt as watched them ” He smiled and said, “Oh yesssss Sis, you know me well My address is…’ He continued" Two nights later as the limousine arrived in front of the villa was more nervous than on any other date of my life ' From Amy as if to say that she hoped it was a clean one A final gesture from Amy's innocence as she reached and turned the main light out as Mark carried her past it Zane carried me and Tom carried Lisa"Threw a belt," replied disgustedly opened the envelope and started to shut the door And what a stunning view Amy stayed and watched as they stabilised this girl and taking the mask of for the first time realised that Mr Down the lawn sat a gazebo, dimly lit Late, and calm, Mrs it was not a cry of pain but rather of fulfillment, ultimate satisfaction The groans from Ayron's throat were becoming deeper and his arousal mounting with every movement we made stuttered, not knowing how to respond"He could be an average fuck and she wouldn't be any the wiser tried to touch her breast, but she pushed my hands away She bucked and moaned, catching on that noise was good It had a view of the departing sun, which glinted off the settings for dinner ‘I have to go soon bisexual mmf anime If they only knew that Ann was the only thing on my mind! couldn't wait for Saturday and my next dance lesson Plus we were still barreling down the highway at 80 miles per hour At first though she was going to suck me off but she forced her way under until my cock was wedged in her cleavage Well have to say that was not a good way to start your first day bumping into me We spent another hour talking, then parted ways This was the same Amy that had given him oral sex in the lift, the same Amy that had flaunted her body to get what she wanted on the first day at work He repeated this several times, my ass only slowly acclimating to his huge tool, the pain subsiding minutely with each violation She started bucking her hips in tune with me Queen tried every trick he knew as doctors around him were slowing down their enthusiasm realising this was one young guy that wasn't going to be around on July the fifth never knew such foul things lay inside me"Well," nervously, Mark replied He was now lying on top of me –pushing his cock into my ass –rubbing his bell end against it It was then that Sandra leaned across laughingly towards Ayron and grasped his very obvious erection and said ‘doesn’t anyone caress and suckle this big beauty anymore?’ was so startled by the fact that Ayron was standing right there beside Sandra and I, knowing that he'd just witnessed me reaching my first orgasm with a woman ‘You were up late last night, you didn’t have a woman in there did yer?’ Scott asked rhetorically She is 19 and it is time The elastic quality of my shorts allowed for even further expansion of my erection, an action directly related to your seductive stroking After a 15 minutes and in total bliss, Jan lean over and said, “Hun, keep your eyes shut and enjoy ” Another sulky 'Aww' was almost breathless as her fingers trailed down across my stomach Just a few showed some hairy bush! But, Ann didn't have a hairy bush! She only had a small tuft of blond hair on her belly In the in the meantime, Scott seemed to be drifting about the corridors –silly bastard –he knocked on my door As they began to fuck, pushed Darcy's upperbody down to meet Jake's and lubed her backdoor with my still lathered up fingers manoeuvred his dick into my mouth; his bell end was trying arduously to move stealthily out of the foreskin As hesitated, my mouth just inches from Carl's dick, he took full control Zane mentioned to Tom about what Lisa and did before they met It was no longer just her fingertips, but she was gently massaging them between her fingers And, then just smiled My cock pulsated have a respectable seven-inch cock, more than most girls can throat, but his cock was a marvel of manhood Ayron's penis was proudly on display, pushing up hard against his firm stomach muscles"No way!" answered ” As sucked, my tongue would lick the underside of his cock and he was moaning, could feel that he was going to cum, and it seem like he was going to pull it out, but wouldn’t let loose of his cock, grab him around his ass, and let him know wanted his cum ” Stacy smiled and agreed ' was initially a stunned by his comment, but didn't move quivered and my stomach twisted Sean was standing over me as sat on the floor with my legs spread Her clit was so hard that Rebecca turned off the blow dryer and bent over placing her head between Stacy’s legs Layne was very understanding on the phone and thanking him for the florist shop wanted to know where this was all leading Slowly Sandra unzipped his jeans and watched her hand slip inside my husband's boxers letting your hands and hips guide me, was able to keep you at that peak of pleasure for minutes on end The day that changed many things was a phone call about 8 years into our relationship""Don't worry too much, just make it though tonight"Could you give me a ride to the next town?" hate the idea of hitchhiking, especially with all the freaks around these days, but was shit out of options Under pressure he was coping well patching them up and awaiting the next inevitable casualty Rob sat on the side of the bed and finally spoke again as he unbuttoned his shirt was moaning even louder, aching for Sandra to suckle my clitoris with her mouth, that started to beg for her to eat me, almost demand it Good to her word, Sandra was ringing my doorbell 15 mins later"What song is that?" asked He let the tip of his dick push it's way in no more than an inch, then brought it back He took hold of my hand and led me into the shower with him told him he might as well join the party since he already knew what we were doing"I want your cum all over my face guys"Welcome to Casa Carl," he joked as he rubbed his pecker through the jock's material When it filled up, turned the Jacuzzi on; lying in the water and let the jets massage the back of my neck Two weeks later he and his family entered the restaurant that worked at, made sure that would be the waitress that waited on them bisexual mmf anime My cum shot up through the narrow passage and into her mouth She agreed to come over and smiled to myself as hung up the phone mmf pictures post This scared the hell out of me even more, knew it was coming but couldn't do anything about it even if needed to could feel progress being made going into her pussy, slow though it was took all of this in instantly, for not even a second after Veronique opened the door she flew into my arms and planted her lips on mine could feel Sean’s dick while was fucking April’s pussy! April was really enjoying it She is also the one had a very special relationship, over the years Sure there was a lot of sex, but we also did many things together as a family We had to also shop for our dear friend Lisa who we didn't do anything with for a month because she found a guy His time in anticipation of another tantalizing, even erotic, dinner carried my only suit in the bag At last, felt Dave's balls against my tender ass, his endless cock buried to the hilt in my backdoor Queen Nothing was wrong with these two people, when it came to their bodies His own orgasm almost upon him too ” stuttered ok, but felt my security blanket was leaving me ” He smiled and said, “Oh yesssss Sis, you know me well Dressed in clean jeans and a dress shirt walked out of the bath room to the sensational smell of dinner cooking and some easy music “Let’s wait until we’re alone though didn't come, but felt it all over She turned and whispered in my ear"Lightly, just caress my skin with your touch! A lady's delicate skin is only out done by her emotional sensitivity!" Exercising my new found knowledge washed every inch of her beautiful body After about ten strokes she really was bouncing She straddled me and slowly squirted some oil in her hand and started to massage my neck, shoulders and the sides of my ribs, every now and then she would touch the bulge of my boobs from the side and give a gentle squeeze What time would you like dinner?" asked Baines It was like a stabbing pain at every inch of my ass then pulsated throughout my entire body"My name is Sean, Sean Blaire," said while handing her the second beer Queen “Yes Hun, Ill be right there Down the lawn sat a gazebo, dimly lit"Get back here, boy," Carl ordered,"And bury your head in my lap We are here for you, but will stay out of your way," replied the very proper French butler Jan greeted me with a kiss and said did sleep well, said just like a baby and asked where was Nick, she said at the store and will be home soon My clitoris was swollen and aching again and could feel my wetness increasing again Your daily self-examinations determined that your restored virginity was indeed finished and that your longed-for deflowering by me would be complete in every delectable detail…a gift you could give to me only and yet share in so entirely, so joyously Rebecca grabbed the towel from Stacy and began to dry Stacy off the same way she had been dried off We enter into a pantry and then into their kitchen The only one you haven’t heard about is Victoria; she is the one saved for last With laughter all around now Amy quickly joined in; there was only one person who hadn't seen the funny side of it and that was this man Miller, Ann Miller! Ann our daughter? She is her namesake! Do you understand? Named our daughter after her! Do you understand?""No don't!""Honey, if it wasn't for this beautiful woman we would never have met! Our Ann would never have been born! And, the dress the dress at the wedding? It came from her! It was her way to teach them that dancing is the passion of life!""I don't understand!""Honey, this is the woman that taught me to dance! If didn't know how to dance our relationship would have ended when grabbed your ass and you walked off the floor! Would you really have gone out with me if we hadn't danced again that night? If we hadn't danced the Lumbada that night?""Well so you say but circumstances can be made to fit most any situation Miller was doing this as a teacher! She took my hand and nudged my finger deeper, deeper into her soft hot flesh We decided that the master bedroom would be for when we had fuck buddies over-- because it had great sex appeal and we didn’t want to fight over it made a sigh of relief when the guys were all through We rented movies, had a shit load of beer We had to also shop for our dear friend Lisa who we didn't do anything with for a month because she found a guy There was already an opened bottle of champagne in a bucket there, so we got in the tub, and we both sipped slowly as we lightly stroked each other Queen Dinner was smelling great! When passed the parlor on the way to the bath room Mrs"You give head like a girl Queen to phone the house in twenty minutes as Amy will be alone and to tell her what she has just told her guess you could say he couldn't believe that his fantasy was coming true Zane was touching Lisa's pussy and rubbing her while Tom was kissing me and feeling me up During my idle time noticed the hooks on the ceiling The master bedroom had mirrored doors on the closet and a large wall mounted mirror above where the bed was As that first in the second series of your orgasms mellowed, you felt my face start to pull away from your pussy We both worked on each other’s vaginas and clits until we both reach a peak at the same time and our bodies were jerking and screaming with pleasure that each of us gave to each other relaxed back with a huge sigh and am sure a contented smile on my face Just when they were, no one thought anything of it knowing that in every respect you are now"a woman" Pushing my hands down the condom rolled over its's circumcised head and then slipped out of my fingers bisexual mmf anime assured her could never do that to them He was worried as to what Amy had said, but Mrs Miller but I'll need to be home by seven if that's ok Only two buttons left to be unfastened on your blouse and standing there in the late afternoon sunshine, the sunlight highlighting your auburn hair, shaded by some anonymous trucker's trailer, you sexily finished unbuttoning your blouse…casting it to land softly on the front seat back will be so pleased if you can make it It opened to a very well designed interior and the stunning frame of Theo –dressed solely in boxer shorts April asked if we were just gonna stand there It seemed like my cock was at full erection all week Rob walked around to the front of the bed and begin rubbing the tip of his penis up and down my crack We’ve been married a over three years now Now, with full freedom and access to your naked pussy, continued and expanded my manual lovemaking to you That will be a separate story" she held out her hand to me All the time my eyes never left the mirror"What's up buddy?" the driver enquired, staring down from his massive rig Now had seen some pictures of them, and seen the family resemblance when they were younger, but walking towards us seem like the duplicate twins of Nick and Jan But Daniel, the assistant manager, was necessary because the Penthouse required a special key for the elevator Passing the warm air over her cunt and nipples seemed to drive Stacy mad wondered why Amy just wanted to be alone anywhere with him and even the thirty floors in the lift were no worries for her knowing she was close to the man who could perform miracles Panic set in instantly ‘On this number joined Sandra on the ground in front of Ayron and we both began to undress him Sean came in and leaned down and kissed me forcefully and then stood up and slid his cock across my lips told you, the worst is in the first night, get through this and the money's yours nodded to her, moaned loudly, and she let out a loud moan herself Rebecca moved it around and began shooting the air from behind think Mrs"Well," nervously, Mark replied The guys grew up and moved out to California Swallowing hard now and uneasy by Amy's closeness he looked down at her nameplate, perfectly positioned to attract attention to her ample swell of her bosom Out here my cell phone was useless, so hunkered down and waited for another vehicle to pass Two weeks later he and his family entered the restaurant that worked at, made sure that would be the waitress that waited on them""You had sex with me tonight to test me out?" asked"Mother says it is good for me to talk to you verses those young boys over there"I'll return shortly," shouted Veronique over her shoulder as she ran the beer to her mother When woke up was lying on my front and stripped naked on a bed Her gasps were getting longer and louder She then starts right back into rhythm again and scream, “Oh God please don’t let this ever stop” my body starts to tremble and shake Your hips continued to buck upwards against my hand and your abdominal muscles quivered as the sparks of your climax continued to flash throughout your lovely body;"Please Honey, don't stop - don't stop: I'm still cummmming!!", you begged - and more than willing complied finger-fucking you to yet another orgasm (or was it the same one being drawn on and on by my continuing attention to your drenched pussy?) was a stunned, but answer “Yes Ok” Rebecca closed her eyes and was feeling Stacy rubbing her G-Spot and she started to jerk and Stacy let her do so for a few seconds and then pulled out" Breaking the ice again Mr Several times a wave knocked her into me, and my hands found themselves filled with a breast, or once her crotch joined Sandra on the ground in front of Ayron and we both began to undress him"Do what you desire, in all things As she paid me and we said our good bye's was again trying to hide the big wet spot and the massive bulge in my pants As was doing this, Lisa was whispering to me, part of her body on my back Just a few showed some hairy bush! But, Ann didn't have a hairy bush! She only had a small tuft of blond hair on her belly Free, Amy was suddenly astride Mark's chest, she could feel the hairs on his body tickling her excited shaved libido lips Can’t think why There stood Ayron Faster and faster her head bobbed up and down on my cock! tried to hold it but couldn't wait any longer Blain tiptoed into his own bed and stared up at the ceiling –doubtlessly reflecting on what was for me, the best night of my life bisexual mmf anime It turned out to be Lisa interracial gay chat"Mrs The doctors who had given up quickly rushed around the girl again and panic was setting in everywhere bisexual man fucking Please indulge an old woman and grant me this privilege With all of us dripping wet, Jake laid down on his back, and Darcy straddled him Stacy sat on the bed and watched as Rebecca crawled slowly over to Jim One of them had a blanket in his car so he got it out and spread it on the ground Worst of all, the edge of my ass was hanging off the end of the bed She was really going at it Queen so hard for performing what he had just done"Yea, don't you think one good turn deserves another?" Carl croaked wryly Zane mentioned to Tom about what Lisa and did before they met Why don’t the two of you think about it this weekend?” She stood up and cleared her throat She was fully tanned all over He pulled out a bottle of lotion and came back to the bed with it where he put his knees on each side of my head so that his penis was laying down on my forehead assured her could never do that to them"Hey! What are you doing?!" Ignoring my question, he stopped the rubbing for a moment and reached back to his cock where he lifted up the tip of it to the edge of my lips Deciding it was for the best Mark went one way and Amy the other" Think Mr's Layne must have felt lovely, her daughter in love with the world once more and Mark definitely getting her approval Think she had pushed her luck just that bit too far this time and the irate gentleman came marching over to her table knew she was aroused as was"Oh Honey, can see that We reached Ordo’s at around quarter past seven Tentatively, squeezed his large nuts, feeling the hot boiling jizz gurgling inside his sack ‘Hi, Theo, it’s Ben’ said ‘Ah, Ben; so you’ve sorted it with… Blain?’ He replied He was worried as to what Amy had said, but Mrs Theo’s gutless actions had turned Blain into a shivering wreck and me into a pessimist Queen to phone the house in twenty minutes as Amy will be alone and to tell her what she has just told her When Stacy’s breathing died down she kissed Rebecca’s lips tenderly and she whispered, “I love you was nothing but a rag doll, suspended between two horny boners as they had their way with my poor body As soon as he came he pulled out and John took his place inside my pussy ‘It’s me, Sandra Lockhardt, from high school’ My god, it had been 10 years since the last time had heard that name Jake and had rolled Darcy's blouse up, and unfastened her bra, so that we could get to her gorgeous breasts had once talked a drunken girlfriend into rimming my ass Just seconds before you know that waves of climax would wash over you, you reached down and ever so gently cupped and then squeezed my balls" said to Zane as laughed But my mouth on her pussy and clit was my focus found myself doing the same thing, for now knew that wanted to find out what it would be like to make love to a woman She quickly opened the button on Ayron's jeans Jake and had rolled Darcy's blouse up, and unfastened her bra, so that we could get to her gorgeous breasts Just my description of what would be doing to you caused the heat to really start to build between those precious pussy lips and you could feel that moisture start to seep into all the folds and crevices of your vagina and then, as each moment passed, build to the point where you felt the crotch of your panties becoming progressively more soaked Nick stood up and said he was going to take a shower and let you two ladies get to know each other also wondered, no hoped, that Scott might be gay –just my unclean mind fantasising as usual It took Blain a while to respond That took some convincing however and the nickname of Oral Amy had to quickly be rethought out by the other Candy Stripers Then she laid me back on the blanket, and immediately kissed a quick path to my cock, swallowing it all first time With a rush of sensation was engulfed by my second orgasm of the day It was so nasty! can't think of a time where I've tasted something so foul After getting completely naked, Rob got off the bed and walked over to the drawer That's my favorite view of a woman still had yet to relieve the passion that had built up inside of me, and Jake had been revived watching me eat out Darcy “What are we getting ourselves into?” Jim chuckled and said, “Who knows? What do know is that it’s going to be a blast ”"OK His two index fingers sliding into the crevice of her buttocks and finding her anal opening Slowly his finger found my vagina and he stroked my vagina and clit in rhythm, my body started to move with his finger and my thrust became faster and faster, until was screaming, “don’t stopppp, please don’t stopppppp” Just until the pain subsided, but my efforts to let him know this failed as all he heard was a muffled cry"Fuck yes!" Dave growled, as he unloaded a massive load deep in my ass bisexual mmf anime"I'm yours now Mr As just the head sat in her, it pulsated, reminding me of where was tightened my hold of Blain’s body all those spots where my tongue had been or was yet to be!! And then, even as my lips were paying the utmost of attention to your pussy, my middle finger founds its own way into your slickened vagina Mine was higher thank god for that Whispering she said, “Help him Hun After getting completely naked, Rob got off the bed and walked over to the drawer and jerking Tom off But think you can do better ” Jim looked at Rebecca and they heard the bathroom door open Fully erect now, it had to be ten-inches long, not much thicker than my shaft but with a bulbous, angry head teetering viciously on the end of his tool was almost holding my breath now in anticipation of her next move I'd never seen a dick that was so wide It was He was honest with me about everything, told me that even though he was attracted to me that he would never leave his wife, that he loved her very much and that would be just a dream come true to be in bed with an 18 year old attractive woman such as We heard Sean's key in the door and all we did was slide my skirt up so he could see my shaven cunt hang out while ate Shelia's cunt"No, Veronique All those feelings vanished as the door to the villa opened, and there stood Veronique in a very short black dress, draped loosely over her breasts, falling across her taut young ass, and ending in a series of strings dangling at the bottom letting your hands and hips guide me, was able to keep you at that peak of pleasure for minutes on end It turned out to be Tom, a tall Cowboy who had been at the Reunion could feel it coming She was stunning"Don't like lifts either Mr How could people find pleasure in this? It was an unbearable pain accompanied by a feeling of having to take a shit like never before My dick was staring up at me so simply jerked at it for thirty seconds to alleviate it Swallowing, wasn't repulsed by the salty sweetness of his jizz and bravely took the knob of his monster in my mouth found out later that dancing and her boy friend she met at dance class in college made up much of the conversation opened the envelope and started to shut the door She lay next to me and started to kiss my face, eyes, lips, neck very tenderly, then lick my earlobes, our boobs were rubbing against each other and we started to grind our pussies against each other" It's even sickening to think about it now A night to remember, remember?" said picked up my coat and briefcase and made my way to the teachers’ car park All those feelings vanished as the door to the villa opened, and there stood Veronique in a very short black dress, draped loosely over her breasts, falling across her taut young ass, and ending in a series of strings dangling at the bottom was really amazing never seen April suck off another man She is also the one had a very special relationship, over the years She leaned forward and pulled both Ayron and down with her, but we both remained on all fours above her Rebecca moaned with her hand on Stacy’s head Gwen held me from behind and rubbed my nipples, Allison kissed and fondled my balls while Wanda stroked my cock carried Blain to the door and prayed that it was open ‘Right, I’ve got everyone’s reply slip have not?’ The students were listening but none were bothered enough to answer" Those words floated out into the Caribbean air and just hung there still question to this day if they went to bed with each other over the years, but they both say that they haven’t and only enjoy each other company with another person involved Smack! He spanked my face hard with his stiff dick,"Suck it bitch, what are you waiting for?" licked the tip of his dick, getting my first taste of cock, a generous dribble of pre-cum coating my tongue ” He smiled and said, “Oh yesssss Sis, you know me well"Hope the lift don't suddenly open Amy""Why do you call her Roni, since she seems not to like it so much?" asked His balls were extremely hairy, and hung very low Rebecca scooted back and got onto her knees None other than Mr Queen said We shall remain scarce for the evening, so if you need anything, just ring that bell there, or pick up a phone He's in on a black jacket with embroidered lapels and sleeves, A white ruffled blouse and tight black pants"Mm mmmmm" moaned out"it feels so good to get fucked by two men who know how to do it! Sean your cock fills my tight ass so well and Brian your cock is stretching my cunt so good" wanted them to cum fast because wanted to move into the bed soon, so started to talk like a slut for them both"Hello," said

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