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pics sex threeway All of a sudden, the familiar body language of my lover alarmed me to the approaching flood of jism And here was fucking him… pounding him… making him mine Gregory felt it, and buckled immediately "I'm cumming “I’d love to have you two fuck me but I’m on kind of a tight schedule and have to get going Please select the one you find most appealing Looking over at the man by the stall door, he saw that he had pulled his pants off and was rubbing his hard cock faster As she leaned forward Jimmy described how her teat swung down, how it swayed heavily John turned to me and said that the picture of my wife didn’t do her justice She quivered as bottomed out moved off the couch so john could lye back shivered in surreal prospect, realizing that was about to allow a stunningly handsome man to have full blown sex with me… Me, a lifelong straight man who never once gave in to his natural desires Absolutely smooth, the only vein was on the underside" he replied, this time strengthening his hold by spreading my cheeks wide apart “Not much,” he said, “But it’s okay This did nothing for my hard on so turned around and stuck my ass into the air, waiting for him to insert his huge dick into my pucker hole "I was worried," he said,"worried that you might be unhappy with what we did last night Oh god! it felt sooooooo fucking good It was saltier, and a bit on the tart side, but all in all, still a meal fit for a king It was a cool day; a bunch of bisex guys had huddled together in an outdoor alcove during recess to get out of the wind When he finally left them, he promised he would return sat, open mouthed, staring at his lustrous dark eyes as then looked again at his amazing cock ” “Oh?” asked, nervously ” “I s’pose so The mere possibility that my inner most desires could be fulfilled left me shivering that entire day In a matter of minutes, we had come to Interstate 64 and started motoring east towards Mt We stood there and stroked each others' cocks and started making out We'd share stories about seeing up Margie's skirt at school, or rubbing against Suzie during a game of"Pile On" A 7 inch cock was pulsating in his lap The head was straining to be freed, but had other intentions at the moment broke off our kiss as looked him in the eye let him move his tongue inside, to mine So technically, took your cherry "What's your name?" he asked We glanced at each other at the same time The next several spurts delivered more cum than have ever seen!! There must have been a shot glass full of cum all over his stomach, cock and balls Somewhere between 18 and 22 years old, would've guessed It was just a bit past 9:00 in the morning Saliva drooled from my lower lip while his fingers lovingly caressed my face looked up at his muscular body and knew that wanted his cock as much as wanted the very first dick of the day He walked into my room wearing a fantastic outfit "Forget the fingers," said,"Just go ahead and get it inside me was so into this! eventually moved my hand from his ass, to the front of his pants really never thought would find myself attracted to another guy He nodded his head slowly as his mouth swayed towards mine Once again, it felt very good melted right there just feeling another man’s powerful touch Each time reached the head of his cock, licked around with my tongue She moved to the floor beside john to help with raging hard on The head was straining to be freed, but had other intentions at the moment""The first? You think there are going to be more?""I have a feeling there will be…a sexy ass like that will have more cocks giving my eyes a full spectacle to witness My eyes were glued to the sight His hand grasped mine as another powerful volley of intoxicating sperm filled my mouth "Are we falling in Lo looked up at him as was sucking his dick It was now extending to almost a foot and was as thick as a beer can! Being impaled with that could certainly be the end of me He pulled them up over my thighs and around my waist ” didn’t say a word have never done this but came close on two occasions, both times with the same guy, my roommate from college, Phil motioned the handsome Latino over to me Seconds later, the familiar grunt and moan signaled that his load had been dispatched and would soon be filling my mouth Both of us had finally grown good-sized cocks" With that, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a pair of incredible braless tits take a deep breath and let it slowly glide out of me from the very depths of my soul “Oh yeah, fuck, that feels good got an instant boner After he had finished, felt his dick begin to get smaller, if you can even call it that That's ironic! Who knows how long that has been there relaxed myself parted my lips and let his meat slide into my mouth He moved his thumb over the tip of my cock and felt my own juices that had been flowing and making my cock slippery I've been wanting to quit this job for a while now" Oh god, thought Damn hated train rides As zipped up my pants, collapsed on the chair " Pat smiled and turned Aaron around free mmf pictures sex He walked over to the bed, leaned over, and gave me a kiss like only intimate lovers can share It took me a while but soon learned to find my way around pretty easily could feel him push into my ass with his crotch, he felt wonderful That was great with me, because thoroughly enjoyed having him in my mouth After some time, he began to buck his hips and attempted to fuck my face bisexual mmf pics xxx I was actually frozen in bed was completely overcome with lust as my appetite for cock became uncontrollable “Bet it doesn’t feel as good as you got me feeling,” he said softly, “You’ve got really great hands It was incredibly slippery and wet looked and saw a cock, which looked even bigger than Dave's!"You know not just any bitch will do," Sam said to Dave repositioned my body on the king-sized bed so that was on the side of him enjoy all of what he had and the thought of Jerry using these things on me was hot! chose the dildo The smooth, soft spongy head of his cock just made itself at home in my mouth was merely hoping for a slight touch, or maybe a kiss with another man And because of this, want us to seal ourselves to one another in a very special way He seemed very content and simply smiled back at me Each thrust, forward and back, sent me into complete fulfillment not once But was wrong, we both turned on our water and then his towel came off Both men had fucked him and had come and he wanted this all to end My knees collided with the smooth stony bank of the river in the moonlight "I mean, you look really horny and so am so…" This was my moment had to say something"so I'll suck your dick if you return the favor We were mostly interesting in the dirty pictures, but it was natural to peek at each other He was getting a frustrated it looked like so he began to pump harder "Pat," he introduced himself""That sounds good, go ahead It opened slightly and saw a gentleman, perhaps in his late 40's or early 50's He looked down and saw his cock was standing straight out in front of him, water slowly dripping of it, pooling on the floor Behind him followed a very young fellow It said,"for a good blow job meet me in park behind the dumpsters at 9:PM He lifted my jaw, and our eyes met again By the time that Mike had been there for two weeks, decided that there was very could do Jerry smiled at me; smiled back and could think of a damn thing to say Up until now, though, Nate nor had ever had sex with Mike or Scott He was fully erect and he gently rubbed the head of his cock with his hand" he said, skillfully pounding against my trembling ass His lips slowly move down the back of my neck, stopping every so often to drag his tongue across my spine He next felt a hand on his zipper, pulling it down and opening his pants The process was reversed as she put on a silky bra, then stepped into her panties My latest partner then removed my shoes and expertly dropped and removed my leather pants After a couple of minutes, he motioned for me to get into position His upper body arched up as he clutched my face as it bobbed up and down But it was there that began to feel the long forgotten feelings of my past pushed down further, met with a shock of pain as finally got past the huge head There was a small group of us who got stoned together on rare occasions It was about then that could smell the alcohol "Jesus," thought to myself My first live cam to cam chat with another man produced one of my most powerful orgasms could recall in recent memory All my life, have half heartedly tried to get my ex girlfriends to touch my ass, lick it, or even probe it with their gentle tongue My being gay is just as normal to Damon as being straight is to him We made a blood oath not to come in each other's mouth, we had to warn the other guy or die He called to me, and asked if would get us a (guess) few drinks felt a sharp pain and jumped started stroking it to the rhythm of my ass getting fucked--"Don't move!" jumped a bit, startled, as opened my eyes to see a stranger with a knife standing just a few feet in front of me We heard a door slam and the moment was gone forever Even if didn’t want him, might not have any option More pre-cum burst from his cock and rested on my tongue Dave closed his eyes and remembered just how this had started “You’ve got nice tight buns,” the man started" started to slide down toward his hard cock, but he stopped me did notice earlier that Damon was especially interested when the two lovely lesbians performed for us As cum continued to spurt forth, brought his beautiful cock all the way in and deep throated him as the orgasmic buzz began to subside gagged a little, but soon, his beautiful cock found itself resting inside my throat He flipped me over onto my stomach "It'll get better, promise had to keep catching my breath as sprawled out on my stomach, was that nervous The man followed him and pinned him against the wall from behind A bit later went upstairs and sat in a chair next to him "These clothes are unsanitary," she announced Each time reached the head of his cock, licked around with my tongue While was still shocked about the force he had used with me, barely registered that he was getting off his knees and preparing to mount me" Ryan leaned forward and whispered to me,"That's SEVEN “Thank you She moved to the floor beside john to help with raging hard on As each minute passed and the noon hour approached, the place continued to fill It was like that for hours While we made some small talk, showed him around the room Steve kept moaning about how good my ass felt wrapped around his cock got on top of him to begin the sixty-nine He had another surprise for me free mmf pictures sex “Yea, it has like all the actual scents of life in the wild could see the pulses of excitement swell in his organ as both of my hands lifted to stroke it's delicate skin He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders "I'm cumming" he screamed as his jizz poured between my lips And most importantly of all, the bulge in his tight black jeans told me had to get this guy at my house! couldn't stop staring at him, and while my hazel green eyes swooned over his amazing body, didn't realize his prick was getting closer and closer to my hand that rested on the pole Both uttered scathing obscenities, each more disgusting than the last While was lubing the dildo, he bent over and took my whole cock into his mouth and down his throat Neither of us is gay, we are both bi-sexual and there were no outward signs that could tell, that we were together don't know for sure, but don't think Jim even lasted as long as did will admit my grades weren't what they could've been dropped his hand and asked him if he wanted a drink bisexual mmf pictures sex This day has been unbelievable We were each handed a couple of towels and headed back to a locker room Dave knew what he wanted and was intent on pleasing his lover as much as he had been pleased The trouble didn’t come at first The county government made sure our couple school buildings were always painted and repaired, but they never found the money to fix that sign He took longer this time, describing Beth's left breast as he saw it from the three-quarter view he'd had as she raised and lowered her arms over her head My lips were nearly chapped from the activity, but none of that deterred me During my examination, two nude women wheeled out a bed from the same back room He saw in his eyes, nothing but lust and he looked away quickly With a snap of his finger he bid the youngest men there, probably about 19, to begin sucking my cock Deacon had managed to regain some composure and they did finally make it to the airport terminal and his gate just before they closed boarding His hands wandered across my back-- to my ample, round ass""Really?" asked Pat planted a soft kiss on the back of Aaron's neck and pulled his hair as he came inside his ass Quickly took my hand from it and brought it to my face, smelling the scent of him- it was not a lubricant but his own man-juices! It was, to say the least, intoxicating! again wrapped my hand around him, slowly moving it up and down made my pardons for blocking the view of the others as made my way to the seat" Dave pushed me against the wall and looked straight at the man “You have quite a big package there,” the man said, reaching forward and grabbing his cock quickly glanced back, and saw his jaw puffed out, inhaling as much ass flesh as he could stuff into his mouth Crawling beneath his musky flesh, his cock soon brushed against my face began rubbing her, clearly feeling her up big time The taste was better than any treat I’ve ever had "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!OOOOOOHHHHHMMMMMYYYY" screamed before lost my voice in a wave of extasy and pleasure as bolted shot after shot of warm cum into my mysterious man mouth I'd never had a cock of such stature, but was determined to have all of it or choke trying""Oh, Nate He had such strong hands, would've turned around and started making out with him right then and there turned my head and we began kissing I'd been thinking of him for awhile and thought up a plan to get him naked continued to sit and leaned back against the wall to relax for a few moments " Just once," he said,"I'd like to be the dominant one, I'd like to have someone to use and tell what to do, and I'd definitely like something different!" At that point, were both pretty buzzed His frame fell atop my back, still holding onto my bountiful ass And every time, my dick would get harder and harder, wanting to do more, but not getting the chance to did not disappoint him didn’t want this to ever end Every time pushed into my wife felt johns cock slide out till just his head remained inside The mere thought of kissing another man entered my mind's eye Without stopping me, he announced that we should sixty-nine It was scalding hot wherever it touched me and the rest of it turned my saliva in to steam as it radiated out from his cock live and work in Long Beach hoped at that point that it was a one time thing ” He started to thrust faster and the young man leaned forward more, giving him access to his ass hole completely lowered my body and tilted my head up for him to see as pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop "That's THREE!" cried Nate He was fantastic! He wasn’t a muscled hunk, but his body was firm and besides the hair under his arm, hairless The shower was small, had one post in the middle, with 7 faucets coming off of it suddenly found myself a cock crazed animal “Bet it doesn’t feel as good as you got me feeling,” he said softly, “You’ve got really great hands Gregory simply went spastic… like a untamed beast The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends started moving my ass up and down the shaft as though was being fucked from behind""That's what it's all about in here" told him that since he was wearing only briefs, he didn't have much to gamble with He saw in his eyes, nothing but lust and he looked away quickly His touch was driving me wild and pulled my knees up further And every time, my dick would get harder and harder, wanting to do more, but not getting the chance to bisexual sex site" His words were like a light switch being turned on could not believe it was at long last over, Or so thought With his other hand, he was caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, was in sexual ecstasy It just kept getting better and better by the minute moaned in agreement, and in realization that he was right Jimmy had two older sisters, both were serious foxes sucked as hard and fast as could but could not deep throat them And I’ve got lots of work between now and then" quickly undressed and handed my clothes out the door to Damon Our eyes met as began bobbing up and down tight With that Aaron finished his drink and turned to face Pat On the verge of his first orgasm into my mouth, my best friend leaned forward, smiled, and said,"Brace yourself, lover, for number TWENTY-ONE!" A Weekend at My Best Bisex Friends told my wife wanted to plan a fishing trip with my best friend from High school Without hesitation, he began fucking my ruined ass encircle the head of his cock with my tongue, which cause john to twitch stalled before giving him an answer squirmed a she started to pinch my nipples felt like was going to cum right then and think he sensed this because he grasped the shaft of my cock and squeezed But he was just about the last person I’d be happy with as a roommate We're completely naked and we kiss so deeply and our tongues lap madly off one another's as we moan and groan and roll around in bed in this deep and forbidden ecstasy As if were in a trance, my eyes became fixed to his penis and hands could see that john keep himself in great shape, with a six-pack stomach As the other items were wrapped and the bill paid, Ryan and Mitch stepped forward It's too gorgeous not to She was definitely enjoying getting her pussy eaten by the gorgeous red head was unable to look back at him, but knew that he was over me This was unlike any other woman I’ve pounded before… all of them were a waste Nate, Scott and Mike tag-teamed me and stripped me down to complete nakedness" Aaron felt it and it pushed him over the edge as well moved back to his genitals, with one finger, pulled the lace over his cock and for the first time, saw the object of my fantasies for months My heart was racing However, our raging hard-ons that were suspiciously half poking against the material of our pants didn't help matters much We had what we needed, but luxuries were far apart and few in between We discovered masturbation separately He slid over beside me and grabbed the dong I’m a very happily married man in my early thirty’s Finally was going to be able to repay him for his amazing blow job could not believe it was at long last over, Or so thought Slowly he started flexing his toe, lightly stroking the top of my foot “Listen, hate to ask this, but the fact is…I feel miserable “Can you see my face in the dark?” He asked “See, Pop loves a hard cock up his ass My wife was home and told her that was bringing home a friend from the bar "But you have nice clothes," he said Standing up out of his seat, he stepped back to the sleeping cab We were both Seniors in high school We all looked over to see two men, obviously professional, who had met up for a luncheon date flinched as felt his thick dick head on my lips Like his brother, he was stacked and packed took my right hand, and scooped up a handful of water as splashed it over his ass and back My cock now started to strain in my pants as slipped into one of the empty rooms He tasted incredibly delicious couldn't believe what was going on- us four strangers sucking and kissing in a video booth without any of us having said a word “Okay As neared the point of no return, he suddenly switched speeds, changed postions, and strattled me in a sixty-nine position on the massage table But, just as the door came to, it opened again went home that night and the image of that guys sucking the other man's dick kept repeating itself over and over in my mind His dick was hard as a fence post; he began pumping himself with his eyes closed while still saying"Holy Shit!" Again begged to know what the hell was going on just laid there, not knowing if he knew was awake would pick him up on the way down He felt the man spit on his ass and rub it into his skin was drunk, relaxed and absolutely hornier than hell took off my pants, then we switched places slowly started stroking my cock to get it fully hard He swung again A part-time job at a bookstore and financial aid doesn’t go all that far Beth was barely a year older than Jim while Lynn was just a shade over two years his senior What saw, excited me so much, thought my cock was going to explode was just about to give up when a large semi trailer pulled over to the side a few yards a head of me Gay guy celebrates 21st birthday in style It happened We stood there and stroked each others' cocks and started making out What was wrong with me? had no interest being with a man in the past six years "Looks nice on you," he said free mmf pictures sex pushed myself down onto the head, gently and felt this massive member parting my virgin hole went to my girlfriend's house to get some relief It still hurt like hell but was starting to feel a pleasure along with it The stranger muttered a simple, 'thanks' and disappeared was getting a bit nervous, both from the crank and he innuendoes he was making never felt closer to the man loved than at this very moment "I can feel how it would keep you up all day and night Little by relaxed my throat and took more of him Suck me,” he said, lying back against the tub again We hadn't done that in a while m "I was bored," he said, kind of chuckling He'd just been turned on to something new, something he'd never thought he'd find himself doing It was a hot time that further pushed my bisexual ways and needs and since then have told a woman friend who was very turned on by the whole thing and is very interested to go with me sometime to try it all again Skin against skin, mouth upon mouth "Keeps me up just fine but it makes me horny as hell too Surprisingly enough, Jerry took my shoulders and stood me up just when was ready to dance my tongue into his shorts Despite drinking just a faster don't think we were planning to commit a sexual act Nothing at the time could possibly compare to the feel of his cock sliding between my lips and down my throat free mmf sex stories The shirt fit tight and accentuated my torso, showing off my tight stomach and broad shoulders Bent upward, almost in a position for praying and at 24, feel so young and yet so old at the same time But switched hands and used one lubed finger to massage his anus Then he stopped and stared into my eyes "So beautiful “You’ve got nice tight buns,” the man started It was only a few minutes before realized that couldn’t hold on any longer know spied on her on numerous occasions and saw many lovely hot sights

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