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free mmf sex stories As licked, sucked and pumped his cock, playing with his balls and tasting them too, could feel Donny's cock growing in my mouth, as he moaned in pleasure."No. turned to face the TV to find her movie seamed to be lacking any woman. My nostrils were filled of the smell of his crotch. Aaron noticed him right away.” He picked up the bottle of oil and knew that free mmf sex stories he was expecting me to strip down to my underwear. He is always interested in me and my love life. Like most people, didn’t consider myself gay until had my first gay experience. This was draining all the tension from my body in a way that I’d never felt.” “Oh?” asked, nervously. It was a very pleasant mix. rested for a moment and when collected my senses, lowered free mmf sex stories myself further, feeling my ass getting filled to the hilt. Mike as 19, and very slim. At first gagged from the sheer volume, but by the fifth or sixth spurt caught up and drank his semen eagerly. don't know if it's possible to be cum drunk, but if it is, indeed was. Now animal lust took complete control of my body. Here was my best friend and my lover sharing a free mmf sex stories gay kiss before my eyes. as if a treasure had finally been unearthed. Dave reached for what appeared to be a CB radio.
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bi mmf stories" he looked back and smirked,"come shower with me bro He slowly dressed himself and started towards the doorway Like the tender spirits of homosexual prowess drew our eyes together, making us realize our potential From bisexual experimentation to lovers had gone into the bathroom to get more comfortable I’d never had a blowjob remotely as good as this one As the last man came inside me Gregory lunged forward with his face again as felt his tongue swirl inside my bowels I'm gay Not much over a minute passed before my door opened did, and soon felt his tongue probing as deep as it possibly could "I don't know what it is," he started breathily,"but want to feel you in my ass Just as he opened his mouth to scream, the man in front of him, jammed his hard cock into his mouth, completely filling it with his member ” “I’m okay Throwing all caution to the wind, threw myself forward and took his entire cock, hoop ring and all, into my mouth and down my throat Then, one day, got so fucking horny, as we began our play, decided it was time and was going to fulfill this fantasy of mine He swallowed it all and sucked on the cock, trying to empty it into him “Can you see my face in the dark?” He asked My wife of 10 years just gets better looking by the day As he laid on his bed, he moved the towel around to cover only his rear end tried to imagine how many other men's ripe asses Gregory's cock had invaded, but then realized it was about us tonight My parents had just left for a weeklong cruise down in Florida To my surprise, when returned home my wife just about raped me “What’s the matter, Pop?” he asked as he neared them Oh yes But, to me he was a beautiful young creature ” With that he sat on the bed and waited for me to come back felt his hand on my back and heard him say,"Please relax babe It was a kiss unlike any other had ever felt Swarming all the way through his most private, and secret parts of his body pure heart After a few beers and two very powerful joints, Phil and were getting loose and re-acquainted It was such a loving end to our first act of complete, intense intercourse "Oh my god!" She, or he, stepped forward and offered her, mean, his cock to me Slowly rubbing my leg in almost unison with the stroking of his cock He then told me he had sometimes got so horny while driving alone that he had to stop off at rest areas and just beat off “You’re quite a lovely man yourself started feeling my cock harden felt him shift and then dispose of his towel "And you better do it good, cause it's the only thing that's gonna lube your hole when we take it After watching television for a while noticed that the V slid my hand rub and ran my fingers around the outline of his manhood then open my mouth to take the whole head in and sucked it as backed my head off the cock until my lips met at the very tip They had no clue what was up to It was a large load, but managed to swallow every precious drop “Thank you,” he said roughly, his voice a whisper as the man helped get dressed At this point it was easy to go all the way down, until my balls rested on his By the fourth hour of my trip was ready to blow my wad We glanced at each other at the same time have never in my life felt anything more painful than that A few miles past the Scott AFB exit, we pulled off at the Mid-America Airport exit, turned left, and then turned left again and got back on the interstate heading back towards St Dave seemed very small compared to the violation was receiving now Dave's massive cock was stretching me out, ruining my once-tight hole "This is kind of like Slowly, he pulled his pants up an turned around, but Pat was nowhere to be seen This is like a dream come true "Happy Birthday, Bri!" Damon proclaimed as he walked in the door nervously spread a oil on my hands and sat on the bed beside him "No!" thought His massive muscled body paralleled his cock in scope, and his body fat was so low it looked unnatural saw the thick, juicy vein that underscored his shaft As he forced his cock rapdily into my mouth tried to accommodate his size while darting my tongue around the underneath side of his member ” shouted, biting my teeth in powerful need Jerry smiled at me; smiled back and could think of a damn thing to say "Please don't come inside me!" said Every susceptible nerve in my gorged ass tingled as relaxed more for his continuing plunge inside Though this cock was totally masculine, this creature was feminine in every other way marveled at how good it felt “Well this definitely has to go He said that his wife and bisex guys were out of town that week and that could stay at his house while was in L He gulped as the head of the cock rammed into him This is from all of us," announced Nate My cock was now rock hard and knew had to take it out and stroke it but wasn't sure if was allowed to do that- but did anyway We were forever joined now as Gregory’s semen was inside me… his seed flowing through me, taken in by my willingness to have him completely It only served to fuel my hunger free mmf sex stories As we worked towards climax, felt another orgasm coming on ” cried out, causing me to strenghen my thrusts Inside, was amazed by the lavishness of the setting “Can you wait for a while, though Suddenly, and without warning, Donny stood up from his bed and opened his pants, pulled down his underwear and shamelessly exposed his boner to me How did get this monster so deep in my throat? How did not notice how big it was? It had to have been 10 inchs at the least Make yourself comfortable With the double zipper open, the pants lived up to Ryan's description ” He let the man lead him over to the old pickup Louis bisexual bisexual mmf stories During the time that we were in the bar, the crowd went from quiet and reserved to a loud, laughing gaggle actually felt as though new this man more than actually did, felt extremely comfortable “Okay,” he said, walking into the room, “lay face down could feel him push into my ass with his crotch, he felt wonderful felt his wet cock head hit my lips, forge there way through and bounce off my closed teeth "Yeah take it all you silly bitch," Deacon yelled as he slapped his partner's tight ass with pure lust He'll be assisting me in measuring you and selecting your fashions today He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything That's when we introduced ourselves, pulled our pants up and went on our separate way "Should we do this again? Are you sure?""Yes," said, stroking his body,"I want to be your lover balked by the intensity of him, surging inside my bowels Turning around, Gregory filled his palm with a sample for me to smell He told me to come over to him and pick my toy of choice His finger finally pushed up to the second knuckle His massive muscled body paralleled his cock in scope, and his body fat was so low it looked unnatural But, the real surprise came from the young bisex guy who dropped his pants to show me a whopping 9 inch piece of meat Suddenly as the song came to an end, our bawdy waiter dropped his jock to reveal a massive hard-on am just going to be a few more minutes but am almost finished Looking over at the man by the stall door, he saw that he had pulled his pants off and was rubbing his hard cock faster wrapped my lips tighter and began pumping his throbbing, pulsating cock with my mouth and hands clicked on the instant message button and said"Hi, I'm Chris His moans grunts and groans sounded more intense and the thick gobs of cum he filled my mouth with seemed to be more and felt and tasted sooooo damned good, as the roof of my mouth, my throat and tongue were covered and filled with his semen Nothing else mattered "I hear you’re giving blow-jobs in here Then he spoke: “Well, how about you? Are you in need tonight? You look like it “Well let’s just say wouldn’t mind a body like that You took a lot of hard cocks today, you know opened the door and heard him shuffle a in his bed He was right" He reached up and tweaked one of my nipples We talked about everything Why don’t we just go back to my place and you can crash on the couch "Fuck, Mike…I can't hold on began to get hard and had to pay attention to my erection slowly pushed, and gradually-- naturally, his asshole graciously welcomed my virgin cock into the insides of his being threesomes fantasy His longing for commitment “Do you trust forty year olds?” He asked Damon was a hot dude and always had a cheerleader or other gorgeous girl for a girlfriend looked down to find myself fully erect Having no mouth on my own cock, reached down and began jacking myself off, hoping, wanting, and needing to get off “Is that okay?” “Mm-hmm Pat dropped to his knees and unzipped Aaron's pants Leaning against him, he made the young man hold onto the table for support and aimed his hard cock at his hole, thrusting into the young man in one movement did mean all of them, please, sir As we broke the kiss, my loving masseuse took my ear lobe between his teeth and then whispered to me,"That's SEVENTEEN, loverboy!" We exchanged a few pleasantries and promises to get together once again before was dressed and spirited away into the night""Scott, it isn't that easy Not too far from the truth, suppose "No problem," said, stretching out You can continue later His cock swelled bigger than remember seeing it swell when would finish him with my hands, so figured he must really like the idea had planned went to college and met my roommate who looked very confused "Maybe we can make some sorta deal," said Bryant, as he turned to Jeremy and winked He warned me again, and kept right on sucking him did not disappoint him Sitting on the edge of the bed, kicked my pants off as opened a Playboy to a Barbi Benton layout For beginners, never had to hide my love and desire for cocks and cum ever again If anything it was raining harder now than before Dave picked me up "Hey bro," he said to Pete moved to allow him to close his legs; he raised his hips as pulled his lace thong off of him More than though was humanly possible He had brown hair and bright green eyes to die for whimpered just hearing a man say these things to me slid my hand rub and ran my fingers around the outline of his manhood knew that at any moment, hot delicious cumm would be quickly surging into my mouth held his dick in my hand and ran my tongue down the length of his dick He was a beautiful man in every sense of the word "OK, how about getting back on the road now?" said He was a surprised but didn’t stop" was led in and discovered that we had come into the back room of one of the hippest and trendiest men's fashion shops in the entire city did for him what Stephen did for me He mind went back to across the road and what he had just endured began to slowly stroke my cock from the base, to the head mmf pics threesome I was on my back, legs spread wide cum all over my right hand as wildly rub up against it That's EIGHT," the beautiful dicked chick announced as we prepared to leave The smooth, soft spongy head of his cock just made itself at home in my mouth got an instant boner squeezed his cock and worked my hand to pump his cock and let the pre cum ooze from the tip almost blew my load when felt the head of his cock slide through hardcore mmf pics However, it wasn’t until my roommate took off that things got desperate She open the door and invited us in He and Mitch then traded places" Slap, slap As he pulled the shirt down and had it covering my head, he stopped for just a second For some reason this piqued my curiosity As the expert blowjob continued, Scott, climbed up on the bed and strattled my face Does that make sense? I’d grown accustomed to sharing a room And then he thrust in hard We enjoy each other so much and oh God, Jon's so hot -- he makes me so hard "What did you mean when you said this wasn't normally your thing?" asked My wife and had a horrible fight before she left for her business trip and am still kind of upset about it and a few drinks normally help It was like going down a darkened tunnel Dave pushed harder driving all of his massive tool inside Deacon before starting to pump his cock in and out of the tight asshole didn't find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later "I’m going to have a swim," he said as he walked out of the room She said she was just lying on the couch in her purple teddy and didn’t really want to go get dressed The taste was better than any treat I’ve ever had had to admit his penis was very soft and warm, but now that I'd gotten off, was having plenty of second thoughts He’d never know if didn’t move from the face down position He climbed past me onto the bed and lubed up two of his fingers was so horny, didn't even pay attention or see her driving behind me Afterwards, he ate my pussy and told me he loved the taste of Ethan’s cum "I love you, Bri," was all he said smashed my right hand upon the table, gripping the edge for dear life as his tongue French kissed my asshole as he would my own lips think he was proving a point giving my eyes a full spectacle to witness Me watching him, and he watching me as we jerked our cocks My heart sank just seeing another man's penis in front of me It didn't taste as bad as thought it would "Here go," stuttered as took it in my mouth Now don't be a stranger Unsteadily, stumbling down the street “Can you wait for a while, though There were again several opportunities to lick up some of his cum after he unloaded, yet decided that wanted to have my first taste of his cum directly from the source The gorgeous Asian man then sat on the side of the bed and pulled me closer to him While fondling him, soon felt him tense up and found myself the moving target of a cum canon could tell his heart rate by watching his sweet cock pulsing in front of my face Dave leaned in and kissed Deacon again as he started pumping harder into his lover's ass “I heard you but didn’t think needed to answer you,” he said, quickly pulling the zipper up again All could do was nod yes We had taken off our clothes, and was kneeling while stroked my hard cock and at the same time began sucking Donny It was a bit strange but enjoyed the taste so had some more At the delivery of the third round, our waiter came to take our food order caught my breath as suddenly watched his face fall between my cheeks wait My cock was now rock hard and knew had to take it out and stroke it but wasn't sure if was allowed to do that- but did anyway What had started out to be a miserable day, a shocking, hurtful day, now was turning into a rewarding day, a day that he would remember for a long time He must have been cumming gallon upon gallon of sperm spent most of my time with the opposite sex thought he might like to do it again""Shut up, don't want to hear it didn't know anyone and was very shy at first He has agreed and wants to move in with us and become an equal partner in our relationship of love and lust The five of us stood mesmerized taking in the site of these two beautiful women engaged in their openly public exhibition of lesbian sex He stepped forward, and just like Pavlov's dogs, as he stepped forward, my mouth opened loved the feel of his thick black cock sliding in and out of my lips "I've got ways to help you relax Jordan stood up in the van as best he could heard him swallow 12 times" He handed me the box and gave me a sexy, tonsil tickling kiss He took a plastic squeeze tube and dispensed a huge amount of hot liquid all over my crotch area She was so damned hot, plus she resembled my cute sister, which was a major turn on too" He replied In just a couple of minutes, Ryan let out a manly groan and spilled his load onto my tongue His mind went blank as the two cocks continued to abuse him, first the one in his mouth, thrashing against his tongue and the cock in his ass, pounding in and out of him, filling him and emptying him every time it was thrust in and out His cock was still connected to my mouth by then lines "Did he just rub his dick against my hand? No was on my back, legs spread wide Again did as he wanted of me knew that to him was just another fuck, but to me this was a new role that would have to adjust to Say you'll wait and go home with me Fuck, is your ass ever tight!" thought to myself,"of course it’s tight, you’re as thick as a baseball bat!" Five more inches? already felt so full…Luckily, he stopped trying to get more in and just started pumping slowly “How about if you show us what you got in there?” He turned and faced the man was in a daze, still cranking and now being fucked within an inch of my life free mmf sex stories Before he could say anything or move, the man leaned in and found his mouth with his lips, roughly sticking his tongue inside his mouth So it was the Hispanic guy and me again and must admit that found him to be very attractive so was glad that it was he and I

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