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gay bi sex Of course still had the dildo up my ass. According to plan, he eventually poured forth his load, and captured every drop."Does my cutie want his man to fuck his nice. As he did my legs, was getting turned on and my dick started getting hard. For beginners, gay bi sex never had to hide my love and desire for cocks and cum ever again." He handed me the box and gave me a sexy, tonsil tickling kiss. He didn't need to tell me what he wanted. did as was told, stroking his serpent with one hand while my other rubbed his over-sized balls.” “Oh?” gay bi sex asked, nervously. wanted to feel his cock enlarge and throb as it delivered my first drink of his hot white creamy load. Soon it was wet with saliva and precum.” The bartender swiftly got a business card, and wrote something on it, and handed it to me. He looks just like me. He gay bi sex walked over to the bed, leaned over, and gave me a kiss like only intimate lovers can share. In my left front pocket is a wallet, and in my right front pocket sit my keys. We'd undress before bedtime, or skinny dip at Bennett's pond. He mind went back to across the road and what he had gay bi sex just endured. After some time, he began to buck his hips and attempted to fuck my face. Among the four young studs, selected an incredibly handsome Asian fellow. Since had no girlfriend at the time, my mind was drifting through many of my primitive fantasies." looked each one of them over as they gay bi sex stood before our table. It was a kiss unlike any other had ever felt. sucked Donny first. The splendor of my throbbing cock now set in. Slowly he started flexing his toe, lightly stroking the top of my foot. As if they had a will of their own, my feet stopped.
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mmf bisex free | No women smelt like that; only a man could “Think about my ass, Brian…” He groaned The massages continued that week – twice more""Okay Deacon had decided enough was enough and as he got off on the airport ramp he had pulled into the first parking area they had come to and parked way off in the back in a unlit area in the rear turned on the television so we didn’t have to talk so much As he began to rub the thick syrup over my scrotum could smell coconut You are a cute one, Brian To this very day, still love to suck cock and swallow their loads and fell cum on my face After what seemed like an eternity his shaft swelled and shortly there after he groaned and thrust upwards as pulse after pulse of cum rolled out and down around my hand, burning me with his seed""Let's do it again soon felt 2 fingers slide into me up to the knuckles Aaron blushed and looked down As if they had a will of their own, my feet stopped" You could have heard a pen drop pulled him over to the couch, where sat down and took his meat into my hot mouth worked to suppress the pain She was sitting across the room in the easy chair just thought it might help you relax soon found myself beyond the point of no return and began to cum, shooting onto my stomach and the desk""I'm not unhappy," said heard him swallow 12 times That’s good He then twisted his finger around and around Then reached over and squeezed his cock My gay lover The man pulled his pants open and pulled his hard cock out of them, slowly rubbing his hand up and down his length The sounds of the lapping waters, our panting and cries, along with the boiling warmth of Gregory’s delicious asshole was all too much Fuck me,” the man said as he started to raise himself up the length of his hard cock The room was beautiful “Are you alright to drive?” the man asked The man reached down and held his head as he started to thrust slowly in and out of his open mouth suppose as was working for my rewards, Nikki had come downstairs to talk to me Hoping the moment would pass Rain and darkness Feeling it throb against the roof of my mouth made my own cock jump up and down After a couple of strokes he placed another finger at the opening of my ass He felt the cock in his hand disappear and a warm mouth surround his own member, licking and sucking on it, trying to make it hard and erect They had no clue what was up to was left in another terrible state After was finished, Jerry told me to walk around the room so he could get a full view of my body laid on the bed and he sat beside me, starting to work my shoulders and back The school introduced me to my first"boyfriend" named Donny, as a helper to make sure knew which bus to ride home after school He was well tanned and had a blue bandana tied around his neck Satisfied that my shopping was complete, set of for home slipped a finger in Mike's ass and began massaging his prostate gland He told me to get it wet with my mouth and that he wanted to watch me suck that cock as sucked his Opening them again, he turned his head and found another black, hard cock, level with his mouth"Underwear is not allowed in this store," Ryan informed That meant that he had already cum in me at least once and yet he was still fucking for all that he was worth He was as thick as my forearm Would it? As the two men stepped away from him, he looked up and found that there were other men in the room, watching the three of them At that point, his finger was sliding in and out of my ass, and, just wanted more It was my destiny to empty Gregory’s spicy testicles of succulent sperm We started talking trash about what we'd like to do this girl or that one gay bi sex asked him to get off of me and tried to wiggle my ass so his cock would come out looked up at his muscular body and knew that wanted his cock as much as wanted the very first dick of the day"Yes, let me suck it, please" begged, opening my mouth, and kind of searching for his prick with my tongue Aaron had always prided himself in being open to new things did not come and yet was satiated and exhausted Of course still had the dildo up my ass He gently inserted his fingertip into my ass and said," You know, we could help each other out, you want to be dominated and want to do the dominating," he said Now animal lust took complete control of my body began to wonder what he was going to do While it rained and we couldn't be outside They pulled out of the rest area and he soon found himself being led into a small but neat house across the road | hot threesomes sex | “Scott? Are you awake?” didn’t respond “That felt great,” he said, smiling down at him When got to eye level with his genital area, found that his panties were lace and they looked black in the darkness then surrounded my lips securely around it and pulled my head back as before felt the slimy substance smearing across my lips and his cock head"Oh, my, what a gift!" was all could say am now a complete homosexual man He was a beautiful man in every sense of the word gave her a few seconds to adjust before starting into a steady rhythm After a few minutes, he felt it twitch and then a hot load of bitter sweet come crossed his tongue on its way down his throat All inhibitions were gone She ordered me to finish john while she would watch" replied, slightly lifting my left thigh to further accent my curvy backside Late one night we were both super-horny “Please The van stopped in front of an exotic piercing studio Nobody else could cover Our tongues worked over each other frantically Plus, the few females in our county all lived at least several miles away, most much farther""Number one would be for me to have your ass We got a good rhythm going, as started to stroke in and out of his incredibly tight ass"You're great Sam looked at me sternly,"Alright bitch, you listen up However, was very grateful that had the pleasure to met him and get fucked by him Myself, I’m only 5’7” but still manage to turn a lot of ladies eyes So started smaller “Is it that obvious that we hate each other?” “Not really, just pay a lot attention We looked at each other, but weren't touching As he forced his cock rapdily into my mouth tried to accommodate his size while darting my tongue around the underneath side of his member “Mmmm…" screamed The head was straining to be freed, but had other intentions at the moment ” With that, he slid down from our kiss and tongued/kissed his way down my body This was exciting and scary at the same time We'll pick them out, and pay for them, and you enjoy them," announced Scott His upper body arched up as he clutched my face as it bobbed up and down Just dole out quarters for the video booths and ring up pornographic books and videos His cum splashed into the brick wall against which he was pressed and felt an orgasm more powerful than any he'd had before take over him I’d probably laugh about it years down the road (although who with, had no idea) Up and down my hard shaft But, the real surprise came from the young bisex guy who dropped his pants to show me a whopping 9 inch piece of meat Deacon had wanted just this, he had thought of nothing else as he had lain in bed every night in Texas He slid back up to face me Like you enjoy it the way know you do Is this the birthday boy?" she asked pointing to me"Happy birthday, lover boy"Fuck, Mike…I can't hold on" He held his face alongside mine for a few seconds His mind went blank as the two cocks continued to abuse him, first the one in his mouth, thrashing against his tongue and the cock in his ass, pounding in and out of him, filling him and emptying him every time it was thrust in and out" opened my mouth, finding the courage to tell him"no way" when he lunged forward with amazing speed, his massive right hand closing around my throat decided to buy a realistic dildo A red-haired girl in her early twenties knelt in front of the booth, her head buried between the legs of her companion Overwhelmed by the feeling of cock, collapsed ” What his wife doesn’t know is that he just wants to spend as time he can at home My entire body acted out of impulse-- my ankles, pressed against his soft, yet rigid ass, wrapping around his God-like body It would really turn me on to have a woman there too! Well, time now to go jerk off and think about it again | mmf bisex gallery | Needed it His only response was clutching my ass for a wider spread Both Sam and Pete's eyes seemed to glow red and their teeth looked large and pointed like a dog's “What’s the matter, Pop?” he asked as he neared them We had taken off our clothes, and was kneeling while stroked my hard cock and at the same time began sucking Donny Jerry sat up and began to lick and suck the same nipple in and out Twenty minutes or so later we exited the highway and into an older section of the burbs that had never before visited Is that why you don’t like to go home to your wife?” asked as saw him licking it of from every where His only response was clutching my ass for a wider spread “Well let’s just say wouldn’t mind a body like that"see ya then bro No way would be going in to work today As continued to survey the buffet of cock before my eyes, the two lovely lasses engaged one another in an awesome kiss decided to give Gregory something in return for the wonderful feast on my ass At this point it was easy to go all the way down, until my balls rested on his" yelled as could feel the cum oozing out of my cock He groaned a and started towards him knew he was about to cum wasn't even close to being a scrawny guy and could usually take care of myself, but what if a group decided they didn't like me and ganged up on me His hands made the slow but urgent progression around my his and then pulled me up so My ass was high in the air but my chest was laying on the ground Later that morning woke up alone sucked it so hard, was so into it, especially when heard him moan Swarming all the way through his most private, and secret parts of his body It’s not in my nature to simply tell somebody that their masturbation is making me uncomfortable"My name is Pete," he said as he stood up He would not let up and then felt the opening relax a bit, allowing him to dilate my anus was so horny that started seeing everything in a sexual manner was trying to discern what had made the noise when felt his wet hand paste more syrup against the center of my ass Alright Mr Then he pulled it back out and pushed inside again My moans set him off He spread his legs a few feet apart to give me total access"Come on, what's up?" Jimmy slid his pants down It was much better My latest partner then removed my shoes and expertly dropped and removed my leather pants"Time for your next gift cried the day he left for home asked him jokingly if he would have ever taken the guy up on his offer was lost in the moment was lost in the moment Then as watched as the one guy placed the head of his dick on the others tight bunghole, my wife placed her stiff toy on my virgin hole One man, in a brown uniform of a UPS delivery man sat alone at a table and jerked himself off while watching two other beautiful lesbians locked in a hot 69 My first “adult” encounter with another man knew but the dry mouth and nervousness that this was what had been waiting for slept for just a few minutes, because was soon asked to turn over and lay on my back And then it got tough""Damon?" asked as looked at him was pleading for him to take the dildo out and fuck me with his cock No suggestion of shedding clothes From then on, was hooked There was Ethan, stark-naked, that giant sausage in his hand, and perfectly-toned body still dripping from his swim Then one day a friend of mine told me he had just started a part time job, working at an adult bookstore began to get hard and had to pay attention to my erection Casting me a sly smile, the charming bartender asked me what was looking for tonight, and simply replied; “A nice hunk As Scott went to clean up, Nate emerged from the shower and announced,"That's TWO, birthday boy!" sucked Mike for all was worth told Jerry to fuck my ass gay bi sex Before could find a seat to sit down on, felt my mysterious man, fondling my body parts and opening my pants was too embarrassed to follow through with my immense desire to pull out my own prick and follow suit, masturbating with my new friend He gulped as the head of the cock rammed into him He straddled me, weight on his knees, and continued with the massage Slowly rubbing my leg in almost unison with the stroking of his cock Same pulled his cock out of my mouth just as was about to lose consciousness, as Pete kept working his cock inside me, Same began slapping my face with his rod The fucking was incredible and continued for several minutes My breath felt so hot as exhaled with excitement that it felt like was burning my lips and nose All he could hear was the hissing of the man behind him as he rammed his hard cock in and out of his ass nervously tried to find an inborn, uninhibited pace for our mating rite" You all right man?" said run both of my hands through my hair to the back of my head, and then slowly down over my bearded face, and breathe deeply as continue to stare at myself in the mirror Or maybe would have He kissed me again, slipping his tongue to my lips A gay 18 year old spends the entire day pleasing himself Up and down my hard shaft hope you didn't think abandoned you That wasn’t entirely true, but, before it had only been one of Carrie’s slim vibrators Accidental Bisexual Encounter So pure walked from store to store looking for anything that might use on myself when got home The men in the movie started to fuck, and watching the one stretch the others asshole was enough to put me over the edge We drove back onto the Poplar Street Bridge and was headed back to Illinois Like most bi men know, we play with all sorts of toys"Ohhhh, yeah," was all could moan out as he teased my nipples and thrust his cock deep into my ass, pushing my own cock back and forth on the desktop am so turned on He felt the cock in his hand disappear and a warm mouth surround his own member, licking and sucking on it, trying to make it hard and erect"Got me a live one boys!" Dave said He mimicked my earlier performance spread out as he crawled upon the bed, coming down atop of me comfortably Seconds later, the familiar grunt and moan signaled that his load had been dispatched and would soon be filling my mouth Soon About fifteen minutes later, Jerry whispered into my ear The first thing noticed was a video screen on the wall, which put money into and then started going through the different choices slowly reached over and, as became more light-headed, gently grasped his manhood with my hand He began puling off his clothes, asking me if was shy or would be embarrassed by him doing so “Do you trust forty year olds?” He asked"I think I'll have some Stolichnaya Pulling his tongue from reaming his lover he had managed to plunge his head to the base of Deacon's cock just prior to Deacon unleashing a huge load of cum We hadn't done that in a while My head fell to the table as let out a loud cry of ecstasy decided to visit one of the local gay bathhouses in the city where lived fought back the gag reflex with each thrust and pushed my tongue tightly up to the bottom-side of his cock “Not much,” he said, “But it’s okay""Would it be okay if laid beside you? If you say no, it's okay, believe me"Here, let me help you get out of these," he said opened the door and was greeted by Damon My left hand reached back, taking his hand in mine was suddenly overcome with a feeling of excitement swallowed it anyway One man, in a brown uniform of a UPS delivery man sat alone at a table and jerked himself off while watching two other beautiful lesbians locked in a hot 69 | italian bisex | My sole purpose for my next breath was to entice a hot load of spunk out of this hot man's throbbing boner Never missing a stride john emptied a huge load deep into my ass" he said stepping back into the shower This was a gay bath house and though was tired, was also on a mission to get as much cock in this day as possibly could Then swirled my tongue around the head slowly When first married, tried to keep this passion and need for men and hard cocks and sweet cum, of mine a secret, till one day when my wife found out This was rush hour and it was very very crowed, and almost lost him twice in my pursuit love you Unsteadily, stumbling down the street His underwear was pulled down and his cock was exposed The men in the movie started to fuck, and watching the one stretch the others asshole was enough to put me over the edge found my confidence as the gurgling sounds of my fucking him was heard That meant that he had already cum in me at least once and yet he was still fucking for all that he was worth It sounded like a symphony between him, my wife and my self wanted his entire body inside me My being gay is just as normal to Damon as being straight is to him The black man looked at his hard cock again And the look in my eyes said it all After about five minutes we were really stoned Before knew it a gorgeous hunk of a man sat down be side me and started to strike up a conversation He introduced himself as john and ordered a beer My jaws were beginning to ache"Of course will Gregory groaned in animalistic agreement apparently didn't move away far enough because a big splat of Donny's cum hit right on my cheek, ran down and dripped onto my chest My mind was racing He began to pour the syrup over him in hughe globs" He managed to utter It’s just a bar on the corner of 127 Street and Lincoln Ave Then he sat up and gave me the dildo It was wonderful to be blowing john and fucking my wife at the same time He'd left a few minutes earlier to go to the bathroom next to his bedroom Joking around Jim said"Are you sure you can't get your cousin to come for a visit?" She used to be the local 'easy' girl Soon, as second finger entered me, followed by a third After we had a few drinks on the balcony and took in the view (of the ocean) Right way broke off and started sucking the black guys long spongy cock completely inclosed about 3 inches before let my lips envelope his shaft with as much squeeze as could apply to my lips could hear the buzzing in the back ground and asked if she was watching her secret movie? She just moaned and new she was This was unlike any other woman I’ve pounded before… all of them were a waste Mitch crawled back over and resumed his task where he had left off a few minutes ago It was bigger than remembered and he had no tan lines live and work in Long Beach"This isn't normally my thing," he said,"but I'd like you to experience this My breath felt so hot as exhaled with excitement that it felt like was burning my lips and nose don't know how long she had been there, but according to the tape she stayed there and frigged off as made sure all three of my prized pricks were ready to cum at once He endured the second raping of his body and then a third slowly reached over and, as became more light-headed, gently grasped his manhood with my hand wanted this day to go on forever He'd been drinking Over the course of time from the first call, we had decided to make it a 4 day weekend ” “Well, everybody graduating from school goes through that “Deeper, Brian… make it happen The day has been long and bleak, it's only positive occurring earlier when got drunk and had such a wild time on the dance floor We got him out and realized it was getting late and we had better retire for the evening you're so gentle Here was surrounded by images of naked people screwing, sucking, licking asses and cumming all over each other What a great throat soother this stuff is! Mitch continued working on me and orgasm again approached gay bi sex ” rubbed a harder, working the tension in his shoulders out the best could Then he moved his finger to my mouth and greedily sucked them clean It's deep and fluid, as our lust jumps from our lips and overflows into each other's bodies and combines into a wonderfully erotic mood There were bikinis, and thongs, sun tan oil and all sorts of goings on From then on, was hooked"You smoke?" Pat nodded as he pulled one out and lit it" Our feet were stroking a more He took his hands off my hips while still thrusting me and soon felt his fingers teasing my nipples, flicking and rubbing them “Is it that obvious that we hate each other?” “Not really, just pay a lot attention Jerry went to the liquor cabinet and fixed what? Why, another drink, of course Since he lived in prime fly fishing land, we decided to visit a place 2 * hours South East of his home The rest of the night, jerked my self off, thinking about Phil's cock" tightened my lips around his now smaller cock and pulled my head back, squeezing out the last of his cum with my lips into my waiting mouth Just when thought had the whole head in, it kept pushing me open wider until it became too painful, so backed out My cock slipped in to the hilt with one stroke “Hey mister?” he asked eyes bulging up in wonderful anguish You took a lot of hard cocks today, you know A pure, muscle bound man"Stick out your tongue" he commanded His shaft was a thinner than mine but, at full hardness, he was a full ten inches long, with a sexy upward curve to it He looked to be 15 or 16 years old Needed it" His words were like a light switch being turned on noticed that all the other men were watching me as slowly began to pull on my engorged cock Suddenly as the song came to an end, our bawdy waiter dropped his jock to reveal a massive hard-on After wiping up myself and the floor, found could, but just barely He made it a point to run his tongue across my lips in order to taste the semen that had just filled my mouth It wasn't long before started imagining what it would be like if this cock were to penetrate me My wife quickly dropped to his hard 8-inch cock and began giving john the blowjob of a lifetime He reached over and fondled my full, swollen ball sac and touched my engorged shaft"No His name is Jonathan Every hair on his body aside from the spiked blond hair on his head and his blond eyebrows was absent A human being attracted him tracked him down and he was very happy that called You can go a harder if it’s not too much work for you"Are you okay?" He asked can fuck you to death with this thing kept stroking his cock and soon started thinking what it would taste like My wife works full-time too was lost in the moment John arose from the couch and stood to my side nodded This couldn't really be happening A part-time job at a bookstore and financial aid doesn’t go all that far “Are you okay?” He asked me"Maybe we can make some sorta deal," said Bryant, as he turned to Jeremy and winked"Brian, I'm gonna cum!" he shouted They were like poster girls for country living didn't really know if he felt the same way toward me as did to him but had to take the chance" he said, skillfully pounding against my trembling ass climbed onto my knees in front of him and expected him to get on all fours As he was unzipping his pants, he felt a body near him ?" asked as he cut off my words with a needy kiss wasn't really sure why that excited me that much till a bit later in our explorations What was really happening was that a circle of men was enclosing around us He brought both hands to my face and drew me close"Could we talk?" He asked gay bi sex With one hand, pulled his ass cheek aside and buried my mouth into his crack, frenching his hole was hard as a rock and ready to go again Of course the string of the panties on my anus helped allot to keep me hard as well At this point it was easy to go all the way down, until my balls rested on his What a turn! Even with three hunky guys standing before my naked ass the booth was not terribly cramped This was my man… my lover sucked his balls for awhile until he managed to say" Oh Chris oh oh please make me cum baby please ooooh" With that moved to his dick just in time to get a mouthful of sweet cum Like the tender spirits of homosexual prowess drew our eyes together, making us realize our potential To actually know you are tasting another man's beloved organ “You’re right Pop “Are you alright to drive?” the man asked"Yea, yea, am fine, just tired as hell “This is some strong shit,” he said before taking another drag He was part of the most incredible fantasy had ever experienced It was perhaps the most intense orgasm had ever felt Aaron was so drunk he didn't find it much of an issue until Pat moved it up to his crotch It's too gorgeous not to Each time tried they got a rougher He was a full nine inches in length, and a nearly 3 inches in diameter"Chris please get fuck me, I've never had another guy and really want you, It feels so good" He said as got undressed In the doorway stood a handsome fellow who appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, about my age or a bit younger knew that he was getting close to cuming in my mouth “Your cock is delicious The back of my throat tickled as his smooth head would hit the top of my mouth and gradually be coursed into taking a detour down my throat |

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