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bisexual ass licking pics As licked, sucked and pumped his cock, playing with his balls and tasting them too, could feel Donny's cock growing in my mouth, as he moaned in pleasure Pop was right And one more thing"Your with this hot guy and your questioning it? Are you an idiot!?" Alrite, suck it up Mikal He moved his face closer, our lips were almost touching My heart fluttered as a low moan came from me He got out of the tub, wanting to watch the two smashed my right hand upon the table, gripping the edge for dear life as his tongue French kissed my asshole as he would my own lips Straight guy needs help with the rent felt a strange, but wonderful feeling as watched him, along with a guilt feeling, as was always taught that even looking at or touching one's own penis, except to pee was a huge sin" bashfully retorted After a few fantastic minutes of this, we let one anther go and walked into the room Finally was going to be able to repay him for his amazing blow job didnt have the energy to run after him It didn't take long, and Donny pulled his mouth off and finished me with his hands kept on sucking him hard, even though he was trembling and had to grab the bookshelf to keep from falling down then felt the first gush of succulent sperm hit the back of my throat bisexual latin men My pants were in position, and my pulsating cock was comfortably exposed Dave slammed my face into the pillow and began ruthlessly fucking me again humped his hands like mad opened the door and heard him shuffle a in his bed My cock was coming down a bit, but there was no denying that it had reached maximum density But it wasn’t until a Thursday night that he came home from work to find me studying and looked at me with fatigue that things changed Although it was dark, noticed that he had a huge hard-on and imagined that must have interrupted his masturbating Back into the van, we pulled out of the shopping center and headed north on 159 Dave had then grabbed the shaft hard in his hand and started pumping it up and down before lowering his mouth and doing the same thing with his lips instead of his hands Jerry began to rotate the dildo and push it inside of me We were pretty good friends all through high school and this being our senior year we often went out to do stuff together and stay at each others house By now, it was easier and only a few more strokes found my entire cock inside Mike knew there were only two other people in the building and they were back in the booths"Yeah, that's it, work it Next she bent at the waist to pull off her bottoms My knees collided with the smooth stony bank of the river in the moonlight He licked the side of my mouth and my cheeks, licking up every drop of jism that had not been able to keep in my mouth so deep As was about ten strokes from an incredible explosion, heard yet another voice It was the biggest, longest, most outrageous orgasm had ever had reached around to his ass and found that he was actually wearing a thong don't know what came over me, had to do something have to cum" announced We were pretty good friends all through high school and this being our senior year we often went out to do stuff together and stay at each others house Feeling it throb against the roof of my mouth made my own cock jump up and down Going through the doorway notice that it's a hallway with a number of doorways on either side Beth had stepped out of her pants and stood up Put your hand around this and feel its power As knelt on the floor, jacking my own cock, claimed the prize that was pursuing and swallowed his load Before fastening them, Ryan informed me that,"these are party pant, Brian Every nerve in my body was completely sensitive to what was happening My cock was ready to give her a better pounding than that fake dick ever could As he bobbed up and down on it a few times, remembered the hot fun of the previous night But they fucked me good and hard Damon stood before the screen and immediately put $30 or $40 worth of dollar bills into the machine Jerry used his hand to rub the cum into the skin of my stomach He shivered as he felt his boxers being pulled down slowly and the tip of Pat's penis at his rectum italian bisex Before could change my mind, grabbed a condom and some lube and lubed up the cock finally broke the silence by telling him how turned on got driving down to pick him up Dave heard it and renewed his thrusts with more vigor love you After replacing his dick in his shorts, this young stud leaned forward and gave me a long, and very enjoyable kiss He said that his wife and bisex guys were out of town that week and that could stay at his house while was in L dropped the bottle and quickly wrapped my free hand around the top of his shaft like a baseball bat Dave seemed very small compared to the violation was receiving now This was my destiny Then to my disappointment his tongue was removed Inside, was amazed by the lavishness of the setting A It just kept getting better and better by the minute As turned to leave, Mitch stepped forth and said,"That's SIX""Number one would be for me to have your ass “We’ll get you back on your feet in no time She must have sensed that was getting pretty close and she began picking up her pace on my ass Overall, I'm somewhat dazed and confused by thoughts and ideas that have consume and float around me Jerry smiled at me; smiled back and could think of a damn thing to say mmf bisex free I noticed this guy was rubbing his had dick through his shorts with his thumb, keeping it nice and hard Moments into East St had to work hard to accommodate that massive slab of meat There was no way in the world I’d be able to cover all that rent My latest partner then removed my shoes and expertly dropped and removed my leather pants Damon stood before the screen and immediately put $30 or $40 worth of dollar bills into the machine He told me he loved it kept on sucking him hard, even though he was trembling and had to grab the bookshelf to keep from falling down"Is this okay?" He asked as he began to pump his cock between my cheeks “You just sit there for a while and let that water soothe you,” he heard the man say as he left the room, closing the door behind him did mean all of them, please, sir Fucking this ass The black man looked at his hard cock again He tasted so delicious Here lubed up my ass and slowly and painfully inserted the dildo And we replay that night every month A few times he would slide in deeper than was ready for and it was all could do to keep from gagging, but the feel of hot, pulsating, manmeat in my throat was enough to keep me sucking him and trying to take it deeper and deeper into the back of my mouth He looked at me with a surprised look on his face, walked to me and lightly kissed me on the mouth He told me not to worry, and that could change clothes in the sleeper cab While was trying to make him cum, he slid his hand up my leg and began to play with my cock, or what he could reach Geeeez I'm screwing you Barbi Now leave me alone, just gotta come right now while can still see her in my head!" But wanted to hear everything immediately got my answer pretty quickly So, like every other guy, raced off to join the gym, and set out to change my overall appearance His breathing quickened and his moans became louder But Sam's cock prevented it He reached out and cradled my head in his hands, and leaned forward and gave me a tender and loving kiss started feeling my cock harden could make out the thick head, the veins, his giant balls Why not?, knew that was why was really here after all… had read that you should go to the back of the theatre for the action but upon entering the opening the second of three doors noted could not see a thing except for outline of heads in the seats before me knew wasn't allowed to be out of my room after lights out but couldn't help it Holy shit is he fucking gorgeous! Now, as he swaggered over to me, my heart raced Fucking this ass His cock was getting harder and wetter as it slid over my tongue italian bisex However, to my disappointment, he didn't put my aching dick into his mouth had never thought about doing this with a guy Then came the final humiliation He closed his eyes as the cock in his mouth slid against his tongue ” he said kind of laughing etched forward in a deliberately slow motion This was my man… my lover looked around to see another fellow who came in as dozed Jerry sat up and began to lick and suck the same nipple After a few minutes and a cigarette later, we pulled up to a truck stop Such a smile that took away my fears and doubt Gregory laid me upon my back on his plush king sized bed White guys sucking and fucking other white guys Instead, heard catcalls and whistles; as if was a stripper coming out on stage “You better cumm inside me you gorgeous fucking stud… you better hoped at that point that it was a one time thing His frame fell atop my back, still holding onto my bountiful ass wanted to feel his cock enlarge and throb as it delivered my first drink of his hot white creamy load The full body massages continued every night that week Aaron blushed and looked down quickly yanked off the thong, smothering my face in his ass so could taste the asshole was about to fuck"Hey, See you at my place tomorrow? Bed may be more comfy He started pushing down on the back of my head and with great effort got about ten inches of it down My first live cam to cam chat with another man produced one of my most powerful orgasms could recall in recent memory He had planned on being right here at this moment letting his lover fuck his mouth as he sucked every drop of stored up cum from his prick Is that why you don’t like to go home to your wife?” asked as saw him licking it of from every where Tell me what you’re doing to it"Oh no you dont, told you dont rush things," he said, pulling his wonderful dick out of my ass and snickering alil bit had cum three times in about six hours time, and was feeling tired could tell it was good for him, too"So, hear you like the taste of cum?" The tone of his voice was almost jeering “Really? You think so?” asked, pleased that all of my workouts had begun to show At once he was fishing Dave's huge cock out of his pants and his lips had locked around that shaft the moment it was out in the open Without looking up, he opened his mouth and let the black cock slide across his tongue “Here,” he started, “I’ll give you a quick one He was producing seminal fluid almost immediately Anyway, it was my lust for Josh that really got me to take action After a few minutes and a cigarette later, we pulled up to a truck stop italian bisex"No, not yet," he said He allowed me to spread his legs the further up went If this was as remarkable as it felt now, would never go back to my unhappy straight lifestyle Because know Nate so intimately, sensed his approaching orgasm, and concentrated even harder in pleasuring my svelte lover My boss is a really nice guy but he hates his wife As turned to leave, Mitch stepped forth and said,"That's SIX Josh is pretty tall, smooth like Chris, and has a really sexy shape to his body The various holes sending the message that there was nothing under those jeans except a cock that needed to be sucked You can go a harder if it’s not too much work for you We were up high enough that nobody could see passed the railing of the balcony, but not too high that we couldn’t see the people on the beach relaxed and pushed back on his pole until felt the head slip past my sphincter So started smaller Jon pulls back from my lips and slowly moves down my chest, exploring every inch of my chest and my nipples with his tongue and soft kisses John was picking up his pace, driving harder with each thrust Donny showed me his collection of Playboys" She led us into a room just behind the tastefully decorated waiting area"What have we got to lose?" Pat smiled as he slapped money down on the table and led Aaron outside to the back The fucking was incredible and continued for several minutes couldn't swallow it all turned towards the back, and as my eyes adjusted, noticed one open seat on the end of the back row Young bisex man masturbates and makes love to a man Having sex with another man? Out of the question During the night, and more and more the drunker we got, we became more and more adventurous in our flirting grabbed his penis and slowly stroked him a few times My seven inches were no problem for him" said,"feels good Gratefully, was given a repeat, and after a few minutes knew wouldn't be able to wait till going home, and slowly undid my own jeans, pulled them and my undies down to my knees, and began stroking myself as watched Donny again, as we both laid back on his bed, side by side ” got up and walked into the bedroom, all the way wondering if this was his giant come on ploy as we drove home told john that my wife has a thing for watching two guys He tried to stop the men but they overwhelmed him"I'm hitting the sauna!" announced Mike Pat had removed his jacket and he could see rather muscular arms inside the shirt's sleeves My last client was a real asshole"Underwear is not allowed in this store," Ryan informed"How was it?" he asked “You’re right Pop As stared into his dark, mysterious eyes, they seemed to lighten alittle bit and gleam at me as he smiled fuck me, please" begged, knowing he liked to be begged and wiggling my ass in his face Gregory's hands gently began to slip under my towel italian bisex In no time the first inch or two of my cock had slid inside his hole C He got out of the tub, wanting to watch the two The last thing they were talking about was how cats were superior to dogs when Pat boldly placed his hand on Aaron's thigh By my second stoke he was well on his way to being fully hard Jerry used his hand to rub the cum into the skin of my stomach A bit later went upstairs and sat in a chair next to him Hold me…” chanted Gregory as almost blacked out from the pleasure The guys paid for the piercing services Our flesh found it’s instinctive tempo as his ass muscles delicately caressed my entire stalk Men know what exact flutters and strokes cause their sperm to flow freely from their organ mmf bisexual fuck pictures""What?" asked don't know which of us was able to come first, nor do recall at what point we understood we were both able to ejaculate Silence took its hold as all we could do was stare at one another gagged, almost choking as his cock filled my mouth and pushed down my throat" Hmm, usually she would get up and get me a plate They pulled out of the rest area and he soon found himself being led into a small but neat house across the road said did and she started to tell me that it had been her fantasy to watch me with another man wait a second noticed that it was very wet and lubricated lowered my body and tilted my head up for him to see as pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop He had a big dick and it was still limp, about 5", was imagining it hard We found a quite Mexican bar about three blocks from the hotel told Jerry to fuck my ass He pinned me against the door and was kissing me! tried to struggle and get away, but it was no use was going to get to taste two new cocks My parents had just left for a weeklong cruise down in Florida By my second stoke he was well on his way to being fully hard" Aaron felt his pants falling down to his knees and Pat's warm hands at his hips And don't want any trouble with the law you know never expected such an event to unfold At that moment my heart just sank headed to the living room and popped in the porno and began to stroke my cock But two weeks wasn't that long in the scheme of things and he would be back before the longing grew too great “Do have good hands?” he asked ” cried out, causing me to strenghen my thrusts “Wrap your hand around my cock and rub it ” “Doesn’t sound too good Mitch crawled back over and resumed his task where he had left off a few minutes ago That wasn’t entirely true, but, before it had only been one of Carrie’s slim vibrators Here was, in a well-lit room, with other people that could walk in or out and any given moment and don't care stopped walking so that he would get closer and reached back and grabbed a handful of his crotch, giving him a squeeze Now come with me Dave reached down between his legs and tugged his own cock milking in hard as his lover pumped his ass with his tool" bashfully retorted Dave had then gone a step further by unbuttoning the docker's and sliding his hand down below Deacon's swollen nuts Why was he asking? got my answer in short order Mitch then emerged from the back room italian bisex Back then we lived in a rural area and went to a very small district school took him back into my mouth and began to swallow and clean him off relaxed myself Opening as wide as could so could get air, continued down until my lips touched his balls feel his tongue lapping against mine and his hands they run through my hair and down my back" Pat slid out and back in a couple more times before Aaron felt the pain subside and an indescribable feeling welling up in his loins Steve started fucking me faster and harder, tearing my ass apart with the force of his strokes Since his prick hadn't been in my ass long enough to let me get used to it, it still hurt when he put in again think was screaming This was a most bizarre and sexually charged half hour that any man could ever experience grabbed my knees and pulled them to my chest, knew what he wanted and was only too willing to give him anything We had just left the party at our buddy's house It was a good thing that he was a bonafide bottom, don't think Steve or could have handled that thing in our ass!! Steve tried to take as much of Mike's cock in his mouth as he could Not a single blemish could be seen on his smooth, yellow skin promptly shoved his lance into my mouth and tried to keep my bobbing head at the same pace as his pumping hand Behind him followed a very young fellow He developed a powerful rhythm, fucking my ass, pulling my hair and slapping my ass hard Looking it over, was taken by how well-made it was, with veins and a skin-like texture As the circle jerk continued above us, Nate leaned over and whispered,"That's TWENTY!" Soon, one cock found it's point of pleasure and a burst of spunk landed on my head We were greeted by a beautiful, but some what hard-edged woman who appeared to be in her late 30's or early 40's Tell me what you’re doing to it Three or four minutes passed before the side door came open and Nate stood at the opening He mind went back to across the road and what he had just endured Don't even think of cumming just yet", was all could start to say, completely shocked and embarrassed"Mikal, and whats yours?," asked trying to be cool, while my eyes darted from to part of his lovely body, before settling back on his eyes Let me start from the beginning “He has ass He could only see her left breast; it was the size of a really big orange, looking a bit heavy All he could do was lay back and enjoy it as the black man was pumping his body up and down faster and faster on his hard cock, impaling himself every time to the fullest Dave had then grabbed the shaft hard in his hand and started pumping it up and down before lowering his mouth and doing the same thing with his lips instead of his hands"Oh Brian wasn't feeling gay; just wanted to feel my erect penis in a warm, wet place He looked up and down the alley, but he was gone was lost in the moment Once it covered me, he returned to his nightstand and produced some KY jelly Moments later my focus on these two ravishing beauties was broken by the sound of male pleasure coming from our left italian bisex My cock now started to strain in my pants as slipped into one of the empty rooms started licking and sucking on Mike's big, heavy nuts until felt them draw up as he neared his orgasm We had a nice daisy chain going when Mike said he wanted to feel my cock buried in his ass" willingly obliged the hunky salesman The shower was small, had one post in the middle, with 7 faucets coming off of it In fact, kind of liked it! His cock softened and slipped from my lips We were pretty good friends all through high school and this being our senior year we often went out to do stuff together and stay at each others house We lived in a very large Midwest county, filled with very large farms, but very small communities was physically spent and energized at the same time" Both young adults now, Jim and have been best friends since we were 27 years old Picking my tee-shirt up off the floor he wiped his still huge cock off and then dropped the shirt beside me And he faithfully did had always wanted to make it with a transsexual He was getting a frustrated it looked like so he began to pump harder My heart beat faster and realized that too was getting very horny"I know you like this piece of meat," he started, rubbing his own balls as he stroked his thick shaft,"but how do you feel about this part of me?" With that, he turned and ran a hand over his bare ass And in that dream suddenly found light pressure against my lips as my faceless lover lightly pressed his dick toward my mouth

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