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mmf action He rubbed the lotion up and down the crack in my ass making me incredibly horny. I’m not one for cuming and then fucking again right away. A smile welcomed me in as we shared the mmf action first of many kisses of the day. As the night moved on produced a joint. Of course the string of the panties on my anus helped allot to keep me hard as well. My parents had mmf action just left for a weeklong cruise down in Florida. silently prayed for his approval as a lusty sigh came from his mighty chest. He stayed that way for several minutes, his cock still inside me.C. mmf action It pulsed and throbbed with the beat of his heart. It didn't taste as bad as thought it would. The man pulled his pants open and pulled his hard cock out of them, slowly rubbing his hand mmf action up and down his length. He was slowly rubbing his growing cock with his hand and he smiled down at him. was physically spent and energized at the same time. sat in the car and mmf action ate my burrito and opened a beer. He straddled me, weight on his knees, and continued with the massage. As he wiped himself clean, stammered,"I really better get home now," and racing home, went to mmf action my bedroom and jerked myself off as remembered the sight had just witnessed; and covered my own self with all my built up and pent up jism. We came to an agreement on the pay and mmf action thought what a great way to make a few extra day." The man laughed back. let him. her mouth was curled into a wicked smile and her hands were jammed into her mmf action panties. “That felt great,” he said, smiling down at him. want it all inside me.. He welcomed Mike with a hug and a kiss on the lips.
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ass licking lesbiens We talked openly about this and then gradually moved to other subjects just like best friends do And my love for Brian was reaching a whole new dimension It tasted so good and warm that decided that if this ever happens again was definitely going to suck him off and swallow all of his cum felt 2 fingers slide into me up to the knuckles My lips formed a seal around his meat so that not a single drop would be lost"Mmmm… He was at the far end of the room, and as far as could tell, was an identical twin to Sam was having the time of my life That did it! Jim started to fuck my hands, within seconds he was coming like crazy suddenly found myself a cock crazed animal We talked for a few minutes about nothing of consequence didn’t mind his jerk off action that night, he’d earned it as far as was concerned His head fell back and felt his hot cum splash against the walls of my insides After my self-pleasuring was soooo successful, got out and toweled off She’s a petite goddess standing all of 5’4” with an ample c-cup True to my wildest expectation, the young stud was packing about 9 inches of brown love tool nibbled on his ear, lightly stuck my tongue in his ear and then went back to his neck slowly began sliding his dick into my mouth When awoke around 10:00 was in a pool of my own sweat and the syrup Stephen used on me My left hand reached back, taking his hand in mine The site was totally unbelievable"You gonna scream, you gonna beg and you gonna cry Geeeez I'm screwing you Barbi She’s a petite goddess standing all of 5’4” with an ample c-cup With his other hand, he was caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, was in sexual ecstasy began humping my wife again in small slow stokes, john remained still So full was my mouth that some just had to dribble out the corners of my mouth and down my chin, as much as tried keeping it in my mouth and swallowed as fast as could While fondling him, soon felt him tense up and found myself the moving target of a cum canon Still don't It was worse Dave had opened the fly on Deacon's dockers and slid his hand inside finding the long, thick shaft of Deacon already hardening and the tip had been glistening with precum"Time to relax!" was the announcement as we piled back into the van bi couple pics figured that only had about another hour before Jerry arrived then stuck a lubed finger in my ass to try to get it ready “And you’re gonna cumm inside me, aren’t you? Aren’t you, Brian?” He demanded decided to buy a realistic dildo Must have been ten guys fucked you either in the mouth or in your ass He had thick lips, a Roman looking nose, and deep brown eyes Gregory teased the slit in his head, trying to draw out he first drop of pre-cum She told me just to get rid of him Please let me cum this time As if they had a will of their own, my feet stopped"You are the first one have picked up in a long time He nodded in acknowledgement to them and walked over to the urinal John asked me about my sex life and started to blush like a school guy Phil suggested that unpack and meet him by the pool Soft, gentle words of support were said as Gregory understood my dilemma Paid my money- opting to get the gay addition to the ticket also It has been a year now and we still keep in touch It didn't taste as bad as thought it would together A few times during the meal, he ran his foot up my leg Oh, yeah Little ins and outs led to more than half of my cock being buried in his warm hole When Donny told me that his cum would be there soon, removed my mouth as pumped him to completion Suddenly Mitch stopped and inched away from my throbbing meat Standing behind him was his roommate and lover, Scott did what he said, and stopping beating my meat as he began to fuck me senseless spun around and saw Dave sitting down, jerking his massive cock as he watched me After a few minutes, the young man pulled his still hard cock out of his father’s ass and turned towards him He took the brown vial back from me and took a big sniff doubt that even if they had become aware of an audience that they would have changed anything and being here with you proves it"Since am giving you a free ride, you will have to gamble with me, so can at least have a chance to win some compensation His longing for commitment Each time tried to crawl out of the corner, they threw me roughly back down But, the shocker was that when he came to take the food order, our waiter had stripped down to nothing but a jockstrap started off slowly until he told me to get him hard and deep threesomes thumbs started bobbing up and down at a fast pace, imagining was working my partner up to cum a huge load Damn he was so sexy But still had not cum yet"Looks nice on you," he said There were two bedrooms and one bathroom Before could do anything else, he moved himself forward and pushed his head into my open, waiting mouth With that, stood to meet him He was wearing dark colored, panties! looked back into his eyes, and sank to my knees headed to the living room and popped in the porno and began to stroke my cock What do you think?” “Ok, I’ll try,” he said looking at the young man relaxed and pushed back on his pole until felt the head slip past my sphincter was too embarrassed to follow through with my immense desire to pull out my own prick and follow suit, masturbating with my new friend Nadine looked back and forth from her mother to her boyfriend with a knowing look tinged with jealousy Each time received or sent an e-mail about the trip there would be a fantasy story Passion, lust, desire, yearning, and longing to feel one another's souls propelled our public love making session"I'm cumming ” “Don’t worry about that,” he said, “whatever you can do will be appreciated looked at him with a shocked look on my face, and my cock began to go soft Moments later we were back in the van and motoring our way back towards Illinois"Shhh, keep the blindfold on," he said Gregory clutched my button down, ripping it off me as we both smiled-- finally feeling one another chest to chest He finally pulled away and managed to produce a condom from his nightstand then learned that the lisp was caused by a huge stud that had been inserted into his pierced tongue Then reached over and squeezed his cock slowly let his softening cock slip from my mouth Why is he going into a movie theater?"Stop asking so many damned questions!" scolded myself He let out a deep moan and instantly felt his hot load spill into my throat After we had a few drinks on the balcony and took in the view (of the ocean) ” He didn’t answer but just looked at the man’s face and saw a smile on it That's when Steve leaned over and took my limp cock into his hot mouth all for you We stood in front of the bed, and just before our appreciative audience of Nate, Mike, Scott, and Damon We were still best friends, but now that we were both married with bisex guy and lived 5 * hours from each other, we just didn't see each other but twice a year (and even then, surrounded by family)"Hey Dave A pure, muscle bound man had sucked five gorgeously different cocks and was carrying five loads of semen in my stomach"Completely" responded mmf action Sitting in the booth, with her long tanned legs spread widely apart and sticking into the cafe's walkway, was an equally beautifully brunette It was erect and must have been at least 10" He was already half done his beer so chugged mine to catch up Never missing a stride john emptied a huge load deep into my ass There was just something about Pat that aroused him and frightened him at the same time He must have four or five huge spurts of steamy cum into my mouth Only Ryan returned, and upon seeing me he repeated,"Brian, asked you to remove all your clothes “See, Pop loves a hard cock up his ass suppose it’s making me a tense “You have my… my ass He was extremely built in the arms and was standing at about six feet two inches He swallowed it all and sucked on the cock, trying to empty it into him My smile faded as we shared a long, moist kiss My cock was coming down a bit, but there was no denying that it had reached maximum density Finally, one night, he mentioned it: “Hey, Scott, don’t want to get too personal, but is everything okay with you?” “Sure, s’pose so Despite drinking just a faster don't think we were planning to commit a sexual act Aaron was so drunk he didn't find it much of an issue until Pat moved it up to his crotch Hurriedly, put on dry clothes and got back to the passenger seat The only contact that he made with me was still hands on shoulders and back, but was surprised at the position he had taken “I bet your ass is a virgin, isn’t it?” He didn’t answer Relaxing strokes down his back, kneading the polished globes of ass We jump out and paid the cab feel like a person again" Gregory whispered"Last ones?" he said showing interest,"Cool, yea, need a shower too The young man gasped as he felt the hard cock slide up his canal until it filled him completely The reply was unanimously affirmative from my friends don’t know how much he got inside, but felt filled Like most people, didn’t consider myself gay until had my first gay experience Not a single drop of his Latino Heat was going to be wasted He stepped away, took his hand in mine and said, “I almost didn’t get on the plane” have a slightly big build, and a gut on me that was now determined to get rid of “If it would make you uncomfortable…then it’s okay As was being whisked out of the van, glanced at my watch to see that it was approaching 11:00 p His cum splashed into the brick wall against which he was pressed and felt an orgasm more powerful than any he'd had before take over him was no longer leaning against the back wall, but was sitting forward, each cock just a few inches from my face They were always boring and long He is all want in this life Again did as he wanted of me"Just where you belong mmf action felt him shift and then dispose of his towel"Or?" asked"You can come over here, suck me off and I'll drop the towel" replied, kissing him with assurance slid one hand down and around to the back of his calves and notice that they too were smooth He sucked me dry and licked me clean It had been a long time since had pot The fury of both hand and mouth enticed this fellow to shoot his load down my throat Phil said that they often sunbathed in the nude and that it felt really good Both Sam and Pete's eyes seemed to glow red and their teeth looked large and pointed like a dog's The same bisex guy stuck his head in the door and said,"the dude told me outside to tell you that's THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, AND FIFTEEN! Whatever the fuck that means “Thanks It has been 4 years since our last such get together And like clockwork, it was followed by a huge gush of semen Soon, the doorway opened as finally could see who this Gregory was After each of us filled the other with our loads, he dismounted the table, turned around and gave me a hot, delicious, cum-flavored kiss had forgotten about my wife Rather, he just headed straight here and he was now on his third double of scotch" replied, arching my back further His hands made the slow but urgent progression around my his and then pulled me up so My ass was high in the air but my chest was laying on the ground Never this close When he returned, he had a bottle of oil with him You know them, they're the ones who charge you $4 for a box of cereal that's half air In a single move, the nameless Asian removed my new shirt Nodding, quickly made my way to where he instructed me"So Mom, did you enjoy Ethan last night?" was a shocked and think must have inhaled sharply Almost by surprise, felt my own orgasm come on quickly and without warning leaned back into the chair and allowed myself to be treated to a fantastic blowjob The dire hope in my mind made me weak… had become complete It felt great to be watching gay porn and stroking an unknown cock as well as my own in a public location As started to awaken from my dream sleep quickly became aware that it was not a dream at all Soon the girls changed positions Leaning against him, he made the young man hold onto the table for support and aimed his hard cock at his hole, thrusting into the young man in one movement"So, uh," Aaron began,"What are you drinking?" Pat narrowed his eyes He'd left a few minutes earlier to go to the bathroom next to his bedroom knew he wanted to fuck me differently now We had been so busy conversing and enjoying one another's company that we did not see the guy walk up One night after losing our home game, walked up the field, and up to the school gym mmf action Walking back in, Gregory met me in an adjacent living room as we both locked lips once more was on my back, legs spread wide love your cock"Awesome Yet another beautiful layer to our growing romance"You made me love that cock, made me take it! Ride my ass! Ride me like a bitch and make me come! Please!" Same pushed the young man aside and grabbed my cock with his huge hand silently prayed for his approval as a lusty sigh came from his mighty chest “Wouldn’t you like to feel this up your ass?” he asked, as he continued rubbing his hard cock had never thought about doing this with a guy squirmed a she started to pinch my nipples He felt the rough stubble against his own and found himself strangely aroused Now leave me alone, just gotta come right now while can still see her in my head!" But wanted to hear everything immediately Nate sat on the floor before me as sat at the edge of the corner booth “That felt great,” he said, smiling down at him Before could complete the clean up job of milking the last drops, the other older guy was nearing completion hear a man can get his dick sucked in here" sighed as his mouth lapped away at my shoulder"My parents left it to me then stuck a lubed finger in my ass to try to get it ready was really starting to enjoy the feeling of my backside being violated He began to moan as it slipped in For example, mornings after a sleepover, we'd catch each other with 'morning erections' mmf bisex free was stunned at that moment The man reached out and started to undo the buttons on his shirt, slowly at first and then almost ripping them open in his haste to get at his body It’s just a bar on the corner of 127 Street and Lincoln Ave “You have my… my ass The guys paid for the piercing services “This is always what wear when toke up,” said as he looked up at me Surprisingly enough, Jerry took my shoulders and stood me up just when was ready to dance my tongue into his shorts “I’m in love with you too ” The black man got off the edge of the tub and onto his knees Take some if you like drew a pair of fives, and was sure that would lose and have to take off my last covering lifted my hips as he slipped off my jeans and boxers in one pull His lips slowly move down the back of my neck, stopping every so often to drag his tongue across my spine It was almost alien, and certainly disgusting Loud popping noises and wet gurgles of cock sucking echoed throughout his bedroom as fierce shudders sent his flesh into utter euphoria Dave laughed and pulled me towards the shower room Leaving my own cock alone sat up and, licking my lips, leaned forward and started my first blow-job Each thrust, forward and back, sent me into complete fulfillment Much to my surprise we had walked into a gay bar / café Gregory laid me upon my back on his plush king sized bed As looked over at Phil, saw that his cock was dangling outside of the leg of his shorts Soon our shyness waned It was as if a invisible force kept our eyes welded together His finger mean while found my wrinkled opening and traced lazy circles around it “Mmmm… My mouth suckled from his right peck, slowly taking in his nipple that was welcomed into my starving mouth My heart sunk as began to look down"What does ONE mean?""You'll see," he said as he emerged from the bathroom; the shower running and getting warm He watched the man’s cheeks shake as the cock pounded in and out of him, coming suddenly After quickly cleaning up, and feeling much more relaxed, hardly felt the intense, but brief, pain from the piercing tool Stephen's cock aims down when fully erect while most guys like myself aim up “Can you wait for a while, though put the glass down and realize once again that I'm lost and alone Grinning he stood up and began to pull down his briefs He watched the man’s cheeks shake as the cock pounded in and out of him, coming suddenly More than though was humanly possible Dave threw his cards down in mock disgust, saying that he had nothing That night learned for sure that jerking off is good, but there were definitely things that felt better mmf action Stephen had to quite smoking and drinking “Look guys, don’t want any trouble inhaled, wrapping my arms around his muscular back, basking in the deluge of pure homosexual love She had herd the cab door close and came to the door to let me in licked the markers bought and slowly inserted on into my anus"Its really happening Is that why you don’t like to go home to your wife?” asked as saw him licking it of from every where By 11:59 we're finally at his place and after some more chitchat, we're sitting on the couch We just never desired to repeat those acts Letting one hand slip down, gently rubbed his anus, like Carrie had done to me, before, and to Ethan last night was really starting to enjoy the feeling of my backside being violated He stepped away, took his hand in mine and said, “I almost didn’t get on the plane” As we finished our glorious lunch, the sexually stimulating atmosphere had finally taken its effect on my three gay friends “You like?” asked Gregory in a more assuring voice want to feel this man's cock, want to touch it, squeeze it, rub it, and wanted to feel it in my mouth! He looked around and checked the room and then unzipped his fly It has been a year now and we still keep in touch didn't know what was doing, but liked it sooooo much He put on more lotion and began rubbing more aggressively, getting closer and closer to the crack in my ass brushed past a burly man at the bathroom of the truck stop As a result, got a hard A few times over the years I'd gotten a girl be alone with me, but not very much to further my education The site was totally unbelievable worked my way closer to her, somewhat in front of her He said, “don’t worry, I’m just as nervous as you” He lifted my jaw, and our eyes met again We laughed and we joked returned the favor, running two of my finger through his crack and onto his hole He reached over and fondled my full, swollen ball sac and touched my engorged shaft was now truly a man A smile welcomed me in as we shared the first of many kisses of the day She could feel john getting close and called me up from her clit" he admitted He gently grabbed my arm and lifted me to my feet"No!" thought It was a bit strange but enjoyed the taste so had some more She withdrew from under us so that she could get a better view “You just sit there for a while and let that water soothe you,” he heard the man say as he left the room, closing the door behind him As started to awaken from my dream sleep quickly became aware that it was not a dream at all And the look in my eyes said it all mmf action That's EIGHT," the beautiful dicked chick announced as we prepared to leave There was no foreplay, no teasing or desire to extend our session Steve and rolled Mike over on his back and started licking his thick cock It was strange “Here, let me help you,” he heard the voice again and felt two hands helping him to his feet heard Gregory sigh with his lust for me He put his head against the back of the tub and settled down into the water My first man, and he was blessing me with abundant amounts of his vigorous semen Make me cum in your mouth rubbed his cock and balls inside his thong for a few minutes memorized every muscle my Herculean lover had… long, lengthy caresses across his shoulders" added My pants were in position, and my pulsating cock was comfortably exposed waited for him to tell me to strip and wondered how would get around that We were right by the river and, being a week day, there were no other campers around didn't find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later We were both hard ” The second man now had moved beside him It was then saw the most handsome, loving smile grace his chiseled face"Luckily for you, brought this in here yesterday ” He started to thrust faster and the young man leaned forward more, giving him access to his ass hole completely He was carrying a black velvet bag and some more lingerie “Deeper, Brian… make it happen"You ain't got nothing worth seeing"Ohhhh, yeah," he said as he continued thrusting like a madman, shooting blast after blast into my mouth He slid down slightly and helped me to angle my hard cock at his hole In a few seconds, was standing naked in front of him with my hard cock bobbing up and down in time to my pounding heart When got home decided to watch the porn but promised myself Ii would only cum once during the entire day “Help me,” he pleaded, looking directly into the man’s eyes His hips went out of control, could barely hold onto his penis He was thick and cut, the head was wet with his juices"Senor, that was SIXTEEN!" and he exited the sauna ” He watched the man starting to get up off the tub There, saw the feast in all its glory"We will stay here for a few hours love you, too Mike was a nice guy switched again to his neck and began to unbutton his shirt No one saw us but it was enough of a scar that we didn't try again mmf action All inhibitions were gone “Hey mister?” he asked

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