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mmf bisex gallery Yet wanted more. He slid down slightly and helped me to angle my hard cock at his hole. was watching TV and he said he was going on the Internet to look at some porn.” He paused, then looked over at me. When slid back, he reached down and touched the mmf bisex gallery top of my head, stopping me right in front of his fly. Dave kept fucking me even after he came. Finally stopped and collapsed, completely exhausted. But something was truly different. It won’t hurt you,” as the man’s cock was thrust into his hand.."As a matter of fact, it is" replied mmf bisex gallery my straight buddy Damon. We shared a light lunch as he asked me to go swimming with him in his indoor pool. So how about share it with you and we call it even?" Sam turned to face me, his large body glistening with water. However in my present aroused state couldn't help but to mmf bisex gallery re-kennel my erection. This is a true story sent to me by a friend. My sister, Nicole was the only one home. can only imagine. watched, entranced, as he loosened his hole with one and then two fingers. Get in here in the back!" Without hesitation, the door slid open and the young, mmf bisex gallery chocolate colored Adonis stepped in. Then, when reached the head, squeezed and rotated my hand.. Then after about three months of this we began making suggestions to meet each other.
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mmf bisex gallery started stroking it to the rhythm of my ass getting fucked--"Don't move!" jumped a bit, startled, as opened my eyes to see a stranger with a knife standing just a few feet in front of me Soon felt something cold and wet being squirted onto my ass hole Slowly bobbing up and down While was trying to make him cum, he slid his hand up my leg and began to play with my cock, or what he could reach He set me down And can't believe I'm here, with him"Dont do that" he said, seeing that was beating myself off His hands splayed outward, clutching my white cheeks-- gripping them as each fingernail dug deep into the flesh of my ass"Oh fuck yeah," Deacon moaned It's hard to get a girlfriend when you only see a very few girls at school, Sunday school, or church social events where adults are always hovering around ” “That sounds like some work-out “Can we go to bed?” He asked, my only answer was to turn back to him; and once again, began kissing him When our lips finally parted, Steve reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans He came in spurts, some of which ran down the side of my mouth heard him moan in satisfaction and he let me take over from then on Gregory felt it, and buckled immediately The scene was so hot for both of us that her orgasm was quick in coming His name is Jonathan"What the hell are you doing?""I Aaron sat at the bar nursing his glass of scotch, rubbing his forehead softly couldn't tell, however, if he was drunk Gentleness consumed me as lightly grazed my lips to his, tasting my own salty essence on his lips Her hands reached back and pulled me on to her so that could not move It was indeed a sexy site began to stroke it He said,"I don't know! The reason was in there in the first place was because was thinking about what happened between you and ten years ago We shook hands and he pulled me close to him, his mouth finding my lips for a hot, long kiss grasped his frame as orgasm traumatized his body A red-haired girl in her early twenties knelt in front of the booth, her head buried between the legs of her companion It didn't take long, and Donny pulled his mouth off and finished me with his hands could have said no By the fourth hour of my trip was ready to blow my wad backed him up against the wall, chewing his tan neck with fervor had to admit his penis was very soft and warm, but now that I'd gotten off, was having plenty of second thoughts" said to myself He grabbed my hand and lead me to an almost empty movie that was playing Without a word, he climbed into his bed"But you have nice clothes," he said Apparently, the bar was a favorite of the local area Could this really be happening to me? How lucky am to be fucking such masculine splendor? buckled, collapsing atop his back with my fingernails digging into Gregory’s glistening shoulders His moans turned into muffled squeals as felt the first wave of sperm saturate my ass This one comes with love from Mike and me In his somewhat drunken state of mind, it actually did sound like a new idea Exhilarated, loved the feel and taste and continued doing what had just been done to me trying my best to do things to the hardness in my mouth, that he would enjoy feeling didn’t think it sounded convincing reached out to accept the shirt in order to put it on, but Ryan insisted that he dress me himself He sucked my balls a little, now holding the condom in one hand Dave slammed my face into the pillow and began ruthlessly fucking me again But the assuredness of my gentle smile has gone and sigh as reach over to my nightstand to turn the radio off It was two nights in a row…and things were never going to be the same again He let out a groan and said,"I'm going to cum," but by the time he got to the word"cum" felt his first shot burst into my mouth, hitting the roof of my mouth, the back of my throat and my tongue And nearly simultaneously, this stranger poured his ejaculate into my hungry mouth""Shut up, don't want to hear it God this was hot sweaty male on male sex just as it should be he thought We were forever joined now as Gregory’s semen was inside me… his seed flowing through me, taken in by my willingness to have him completely held my arms outward and upward and he slipped the shirt onto my arms mmf bisex gallery My wife of 10 years just gets better looking by the day" he instructed Coming to my senses, opened my mouth and welcomed the object of my sexual desire inside Each time tried they got a rougher She had herd the cab door close and came to the door to let me in We enjoy each other so much and oh God, Jon's so hot -- he makes me so hard He took the brown vial back from me and took a big sniff could feel my heart pumping Pants came down; we had a contest to see who could get the closest to reaching his own dick He was telling me of his flight and how excited he was to finally be doing this" added turned my head and we began kissing Then as was getting undressed, he walked past me in a towel heading towards the shower They were like poster girls for country living His efforts grew, as did his persistent thrusts Sitting down, noticed had sat beside an older man whom seemed to be looking at me from the corner of his eye and then looking back to the screen as the large breasted blond took two cocks into her mouth" he looked back and smirked,"come shower with me bro ” “Great ” “No problem also told her that my folks would be unhappy if was to share an apartment with a woman Afterwards, he ate my pussy and told me he loved the taste of Ethan’s cum truly home"I will play for that When he returned, he had a bottle of oil with him He looked down at me with those sharp green eyes knew that to him was just another fuck, but to me this was a new role that would have to adjust to We always had good food to eat, a nice life, clean air, and pleasant surroundings It was to be my last year of school before went to college That night, was desperate enough to return the favor to get it For some reason during the drive these memories began to overflow in my mind It was now a past 10 am, which means my parents had left roughly an hour ago Still, tried to finesse my way out of it Then he moved his finger to my mouth and greedily sucked them clean It’s just a bar on the corner of 127 Street and Lincoln Ave As the days progressed, found myself more and more drawn into my insatiable curiosities about a man’s body Soon, as second finger entered me, followed by a third Deacon grabbed Dave's face and pulled him in for a kiss as he felt Dave's hand wrap around his shaft and start to jerk him off “Is that better?” “Yes,” said softly swear his organ must have been nine inches in length, and at least three inches broad in diameter one day We had both sucked each other off and clearly we enjoyed it I’ve never been high before and I’ve always wanted to see if it really is all the say it is Steve pulled his shorts down to reveal his long, thick, semi-hard cock was quickly whisked out of the van and nearly carried into one of the arcades by my four hosts This place was strictly for sex! loved this place Oh my God My head rested safely against his chest, listening to his manly heartbeat Gregory’s tan and glossy flesh quivered as my tongue soothingly slipped itself inside his balmy ass Misty eyed, Gregory looked down at me with his entire stalk vanished inside my mouth “How was that?” He asked as he stood, stretching his hands Then he licked up the shaft of my erection and stopped long enough to lick my pre cum My first live cam to cam chat with another man produced one of my most powerful orgasms could recall in recent memory Deacon and he had made sweet love before he had to leave and Dave had even gone down on Deacon as they drove to the airport together Unclothed, he had a stocky build, was covered in cheap jailhouse tattoos and hard a very large bugle in his crotch slid under my wife’s crotch boys pics straight Within seconds, had the head of that giant piece of meat in my mouth as strained to take more and more of him entered and turned to shut and lock the door ” The man started to pump his body up and down on his hard cock, filling his canal with its thickness" He breathlessly replied I lay there for a few moments and when opened my eyes my wife and john were locked in there own kiss had taken it to the repair shop and they said it would take a week They were standing apart, one at the sink and the other leaning against one of the stall doors Do you have a tee-shirt that could borrow?” went back into the bathroom and came out with a tee shirt that didn’t want anymore and said, “Here He said she looked like a model and told me how lucky was He was telling me of his flight and how excited he was to finally be doing this The kiss abruptly ended as he stood back waited for him to tell me to strip and wondered how would get around that I’m okay"Whoa," he said with a laugh,"that's not what meant started moving my ass up and down the shaft as though was being fucked from behind But when looked into his eyes, he seemed disappointed, like was rejecting him She slowly began pushing and pull that love toy and began to buck and squeal Louis"So Mom, did you enjoy Ethan last night?" was a shocked and think must have inhaled sharply just thought it might help you relax" was a nervous until Mike walked into the room, kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts, revealing a cock even bigger than Steve's! Mike came over and knelt behind Steve And I’ve got lots of work between now and then Finally Jimmy opened his eyes, man they were all but glazed wonder to this day if she ever saw anything else At that time, all could think of was reaching for that cock and sucking it down my throat knew he like that from his letters"Fuck! now my only towel is wet!" he screamed as it hit the floor The sight of all this was enough to cause my wife to start screaming and plunging her fake cock deep into her cunt as her orgasm over tuck her This man shaves his legs! was so incredibly happy! He never let on that he enjoyed shaving and wearing panties relaxed and pushed back on his pole until felt the head slip past my sphincter started moving my ass up and down the shaft as though was being fucked from behind “Oh yeah, that it “You ok, mister?” He just nodded, not being able to say anything Mike was a nice guy “You have a nice cock, Scott” he said reached up with my free hand (actually, was massaging my erection again) and began to lightly caress the erection straining at the lace of his panties Aaron said nothing"I mean, you look really horny and so am so…" This was my moment had to say something"so I'll suck your dick if you return the favor"That, my love, was Numbers EIGHTEEN and NINETEEN He seemed to be of Latin descent It occurred to me then that was about to be fucked by that monster-sized appendage of his My smile grew bigger And don't want any trouble with the law you know At that point, his finger was sliding in and out of my ass, and, just wanted more We had a balcony, which was semi-private but saw nobody from the adjoining room Without a word, he climbed into his bed ” “Oh, it won’t be any trouble He slowly nodded in one of those intense moments lovers share as the realization of what their about to do hits them Deacon for his part had done the same and soon they were stroking each other through their pants only to realize that they had better get home or they would run the chance of some one walking by and catch them fucking in the backseat of the car This seamed to peek his interest, could tell by the budge in his jeans “I’ll get the weed He brought both hands to my face and drew me close" OH MY GOD!! 10 o'clock in the morning and I've had more sex than any one man could possibly handle He had such strong hands, would've turned around and started making out with him right then and there We brushed hands a few times and were beginning to get turned on We took off from our airports at basically the same time mmf bisex gallery can fuck you to death with this thing Being horny as hell boys without girlfriends, it wasn't unusual after our conversations that late evening would find us both with raging erections and our stash of hidden Playboy's strewn about “I bet your ass is a virgin, isn’t it?” Again he tried to ignore the man and moved over to the towels to dry his hands threesomes hardcore As soon as he closed the tube he lowered his hand to his lover's asshole and started rubbing the lube all around Deacon's anus Our barefeet were lightly touching His massive muscled body paralleled his cock in scope, and his body fat was so low it looked unnatural It was a quick one That’s it don't know for sure, but don't think Jim even lasted as long as did smelled of salt and coconuts He then sat back and told me to kneel in front of him and start sucking again Dave laughed and pulled me towards the shower room You're good at this We've got a birthday celebration to end them all" said in my lowest primal voice He went over to the paperback books and began looking at the selection of gay novels The next morning she asked me,"What got into you? You fucked me all night and shot your cum eight times still wonder into the multiplex looking for"Him" In a matter of minutes, he poured his hot jism down my throat He stepped away, took his hand in mine and said, “I almost didn’t get on the plane”" Feeling a awkward, positioned myself between Mike's legs and looked down at my condom covered hard on"You're great What were we doing on 42nd street? This was one of the busiest places in Manhatten, how were we going to get privacy here?"Over here," He said, running into a multiplex like a mad man Little ins and outs led to more than half of my cock being buried in his warm hole no longer felt any pain, just pure pleasure Let us help you grabbed his penis and began to pump him slowly went up behind him, kissed his neck as slowly put my 7" dick into his tight hole stopped to watch the coupling before realizing how much of an idiot must have looked like Tighter than a pussy looked down at my lover and we stared lovingly into each other's eyes Leaving my own cock alone sat up and, licking my lips, leaned forward and started my first blow-job Suddenly, and without warning, Donny stood up from his bed and opened his pants, pulled down his underwear and shamelessly exposed his boner to me Still don't" He said Recently, while looking through an adult video and toy catalog, decided to explore my fantasies in a safe, private way This one comes with love from Mike and me It was me I'm cummmmmmminnnnnnggggg!" That skinny young lad shot a load in my mouth like none other I'd ever had Jerry began to rotate the dildo and push it inside of me pure body Do you think we could switch places tonight didn't want to go so they let me stay home Finally, smiled up at me and began to roll it on my cock"Dude, just blow your load inside of me, and I'll give you anything you want Pointing them like weapons they both released their bladders and soaked me in hot rivers of piss was getting his cock incredibly slippery with his own jizz Our farm was over 500 acres, Jim's family had noire than 800 His hungry zeal for ass Now could fully consume his sperm filled organ We were each handed a couple of towels and headed back to a locker room She was definitely enjoying getting her pussy eaten by the gorgeous red head At the same time, the menthol laced air was invigorating to the sinuses" Hmm, usually she would get up and get me a plate where it belonged My lips lazily dragged themselves atop his glossy bulb, letting out a suction pop as several thick lines of precumm joined my lips to his cock mmf bisex gallery felt his wet cock head hit my lips, forge there way through and bounce off my closed teeth The heavenly sound of lip suction echoed throughout the steamy room as he then crushed his mouth to mine It took forever for him to cum could've melted at that moment After watching television for a while noticed that the V hold onto the glass in both my hands, and my chin rests on the rim of the glass, as continue to stare at myself in the mirror He was showing me that he owned me and that he would always take what he wanted He sat on the bed and opened the velvet pouch he was carrying He seemed to be of Latin descent Before could change my mind, grabbed a condom and some lube and lubed up the cock What was wrong with me? had no interest being with a man in the past six years We heard a door slam and the moment was gone forever “Well, okay, but don’t know how good I’ll be at it He would not let up and then felt the opening relax a bit, allowing him to dilate my anus They stared at us silently My entire body shuddered as his tongue glazed a wet path up and down the entire length of my crack was honestly expecting a more average looking man, but this was well beyond my deepest hopes was lost in the moment See a woman in a halter-top with just the slight curve of her breast sticking out, milky white flesh showing, and couldn't talk started noticing him getting more and more tense He never put me down, and he never was repulsed when shared my feelings with him Mike had disappeared"What is it? What's going on?" hissed As was watching a white guy going down on a hung black stud, felt a hand on my bare shoulder As he slowly walked over to the restroom, stretching, he entered to find two men inside “You like it too see relaxed and pushed back on his pole until felt the head slip past my sphincter “Are you alright to drive?” the man asked You made me gay Jim's graphic narrative, combined with someone else's hand being on my dick, pushed me over the edge; lost it"I have never done anything like this," told him The man led him out of the restroom and stopped him That hunky, glossy body hurling itself at me with unbridled hope interracial gay sex pictures He had had a long day, driving for over eight hours and his body was telling him that he needed a rest began to wonder what he was going to do So most of the time, when all of us are leaving he is still there “working late Since it was a rather large city, knew that a lot of choice men would be there seeking the same as As good as what I’ve been doing for you is, the full body variety is much, much better Jim made a sound as if he'd been punched in the gut bet you never thought you could do that, did you?” shook my head in awareness, taken by hearing him softly speak those words It didn't take long for both men to rush towards their orgasms now and within a few more up and down hand strokes Deacon's cum was spurting from his shaft onto Dave's stomach as Dave aimed the shaft right at him That’s good Phil began pumping my mouth faster and faster We motored eastward on Interstate 70 back towards the downtown area Afterwards, he ate my pussy and told me he loved the taste of Ethan’s cum It’s also some of my best,” said as he was passing me the blunt Her ass was suddenly before his eyes"Isn't this for a bride?" asked"Sure," he said, nearly falling off of his stool"Man this feels great," said It's our first night enjoying each other's company and we're strolling back to his place, for a nightcap and maybe something more Suddenly, the last hesitation was gone The balmy, soothing waters coated our flesh as relished the velvety feel of his skin mixing with the water As he took a step, he stumbled and fell against the black man His breathing quickened and his moans became louder Then felt Steve's thick fingers working some lube into my asshole What a turn on felt large hands grab my thighs - they were big enough to close their grips around them! tried to open my eyes, but the steam made it hard to see"Will you be gentle with me?" Dave laughed and shook his head there were just a handful of cars in the expansive parking lot could make out the thick head, the veins, his giant balls With my mouth still stuffed with cock, our needful gazes met again “You like?” asked Gregory in a more assuring voice finally had the chance to touch his Herculean chest He developed a powerful rhythm, fucking my ass, pulling my hair and slapping my ass hard The perfect setting for seduction and beauty His mind went blank as the two cocks continued to abuse him, first the one in his mouth, thrashing against his tongue and the cock in his ass, pounding in and out of him, filling him and emptying him every time it was thrust in and out

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