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bi couple pics figured that only had about another hour before Jerry arrived ” He let the man lead him over to the old pickup" he said stepping back into the shower “Yea, it has like all the actual scents of life in the wild It was strange My first “adult” encounter with another man knew but the dry mouth and nervousness that this was what had been waiting for He was already half done his beer so chugged mine to catch up It was strange had to tell him my thoughts then open my mouth to take the whole head in and sucked it as backed my head off the cock until my lips met at the very tip It sounded like a good idea and agreed found a film of a woman getting fucked from behind by a guy that quite enjoyed and sat down in the chair My first reaction was fear We made a blood oath not to come in each other's mouth, we had to warn the other guy or die managed to take the first few shots in my mouth and then his dick slipped out of my mouth He pushed it to the back of my throat until gagged, then he pulled back out and slid in again" complied, to which he responded,"Oh, yeah, nice job This is a true story sent to me by a friend He felt the hardness of the man’s splinter give way and felt a sudden hot feeling as his cock entered the man’s ass He started to lick my ass and circle my hole with his tongue free mmf bisexual sex videos Damn! 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Well, here we are No suggestion of shedding clothes cleaned up everyone’s dishes and went to the rec room to watch some TV Make yourself comfortable sat in the car and ate my burrito and opened a beer The balmy, soothing waters coated our flesh as relished the velvety feel of his skin mixing with the water Walking around with a dildo up your ass is probably the kinkiest thing have ever done What is going on? saw men with men, women with men, and women with women That night, was desperate enough to return the favor to get it This was a lot more hurried than the blowjob gave to the dildo sucked all the harder Finally, went for it all and stuffed my mouth all the way to the base! could feel the point where the head pushed pass the end of my mouth and actually entered my throat! would get a gag just as it went by, but then it would be o One night after losing our home game, walked up the field, and up to the school gym quickly finished showering and hurried back to find her She was right ware left her Gregory looked behind at me, dizzy with sheer lust His fingers began lightly rubbing the lotion into my ass Sweat slightly forms on my brow as dance and then just stop at the end of this particular song wound up offering a combination of licking up and down the shaft, sucking the top few inches and stroking it Vernon" He said under his breath Mike stroked my rock hard dick a and began to unwrap the condom She told me that she had followed and watched through the window Our sex life is something that never dreamed of Oh fuck!" he shouted Recently, found myself having had a few drinks and feeling very horny He said that his wife and bisex guys were out of town that week and that could stay at his house while was in L He looks just like me At this particular moment, my own sexual gratification and pending orgasm was put on hold Satisfied that my shopping was complete, set of for home" did it When asked what he was doing he said,"I brought this stuff along just in case anything like this would happen"It's okay, Scott When was starting to deal with the possibility of discovering my homosexuality, Damon just listened to me After two or three stokes, someone grabbed my hand and removed it from my dick" he stopped mmf bisexual exploring"Is this okay?" He asked as he began to pump his cock between my cheeks Nadine looked back and forth from her mother to her boyfriend with a knowing look tinged with jealousy They were always boring and long" Ryan fumbled with the twin zippers for a moment and then pulled the buttery leather pants the rest of the way up and secured the waist band didn't make it in time to take his dickhead into my mouth, but was right there when the first powerful spurt became airborne and landed on the tip of my tongue, followed by a gusher that blasted the back of my throat"Hey Dave had stopped to take a break because if didn’t, would cum any second and didn’t want that to happen because it looked like he could go on forever began to hallucinate from the pain and the drugs It's okay, Nate loves to swallow my loads, just as do his In my pursuit of hot cock and cum, was oblivious to the world around me Like his brother, he was stacked and packed Nate sat on the floor before me as sat at the edge of the corner booth would have felt terrible if let him think that My seed would forever be with him… carrying me with him each and every day My being gay is just as normal to Damon as being straight is to him John pushed with a gentle force and felt my ass stretch" said in my lowest primal voice cried out, repulsed by their action eagerly inhaled, drawing in the thick scents of evergreen and oak was trying to look perfectly normal worked on his cock for a good 10 or 15 minutes before he approached climax was still sneaking off, over to Donny's house to suck him off when found myself horny for cock and cum My seed would forever be with him… carrying me with him each and every day No women smelt like that; only a man could Around 11 p"You will put that on or will drag you naked across the parking lot," Dave said felt syrip being poured in a heavy flow all over my crack The air quickly filled with the musky smell of man-cum and he slowly calmed down from his orgasm Again felt exhilarated and with the new sensations of a new pair of hands on my cock, along with the exciting feeling of the hardness pumped in my hands, came faster and harder than ever before as we both climaxed nearly at the same moment, which just added to the excitement; feeling Donny's cock twitching and throbbing and shooting his huge load right there in my hand, as jerked and spasmed, as came for the very first time with someone's hand, other than my own wrapped tight around my dick, stroking and pumping me till was totally spent held out a slim hope that someone out there might be as horrified as was and do something to help me never really thought about dressing up, but have to admit, with Jerry watching me, became extremely excited and even began to enjoy it"I hope that you're feeling okay about things Just like in high school Phil said that they often sunbathed in the nude and that it felt really good There were again several opportunities to lick up some of his cum after he unloaded, yet decided that wanted to have my first taste of his cum directly from the source" With that he started undoing his belt and taking down his pants truly felt as if were a teenage virgin once more-- bent on finding the right match was merely hoping for a slight touch, or maybe a kiss with another man said"If you're really that grateful then start at the beginning where Beth is undressing, and do for me what did for you!" think Jim's hormones were still raging so strongly that he readily agreed It felt great to be watching gay porn and stroking an unknown cock as well as my own in a public location John pushed with a gentle force and felt my ass stretch It was a beautiful day and the sun felt great as stepped outside", was all could start to say, completely shocked and embarrassed We entered and settled into a couple of wingback chairs again felt the persistence of his hand behind my head When pulled back his cock went balls deep She was sitting across the room in the easy chair cleaned up everyone’s dishes and went to the rec room to watch some TV Bending over, pulled down my gstring stripper gang mmf Like a zombie, walked out into the café the deep hope inside his heart as he was intent on getting as deep as humanly possible No way would be going in to work today “Yes He brought both hands to my face and drew me close But every now and then I'll think of some guy and get really horny She had her back to me as she removed her thong panties With all the past two weeks of built up sexual tension he had held Deacon's head still and fucked his mouth while murmuring his cries of pleasure felt as though saying no might be taken as an insult Reaching under the small bed, he pulled out several fetish mags and a deck of cards After had his shirt unbuttoned, began to lick my way to his chest As Nate and lay on the floor reveling in the aftermath of our cum bath, my life-long, straight as an arrow, best friend in the entire world, Damon, emerged from the crowd After what seemed like an eternity, the cock inside his ass twitched and he felt it spew it’s hot come up into him, warming his ass and filling his canal As he stripped off his suit, saw that cock again His own mouth was open in pain but nothing was coming out but a silent scream ” A long pause followed as all he could do was stare in my eyes"What did you mean when you said this wasn't normally your thing?" asked wanted more of his cum Jimmy described seeing a long thick nipple that stuck way out Soon enough, heard Donny give me the warning, where previously would have taken him out of my mouth to finish him with my hands"Not so fast slut, you'll do what tell you to do and only that do so because know that our love is true and that you will always come back to me opened the door and walked in on my wife with her vibrator shoved way up and squealing from ecstasy This was no surprise But, the shocker was that when he came to take the food order, our waiter had stripped down to nothing but a jockstrap His arms resting upon my shaking thighs"" want to get fucked master" said wanted his entire body inside me And the only words that came from my sex partner was"That's TEN!" We cleaned one another off and our food was delivered immediately We had had one homosexual experience before when we were in high school Just behind were a series of several dressing rooms heard him stand up and zip down his pants “… mating with you As he pulled the shirt down and had it covering my head, he stopped for just a second It was clear to me that he was doing his best to keep me from hearing felt so dirty as glanced at all the hot ladies walking down the street"Sure Make me come in your mouth"We're here for what we discussed"Just get in here and feed me that ebony cock of yours!" The low-riding shorts came down easy, as did the silk boxers “You have quite a big package there,” the man said, reaching forward and grabbing his cock At this point we both started slamming our beers But the sight of me wearing a garter belt and stockings and being fucked by a guy wearing the same thing got me hot again right away Do you have a tee-shirt that could borrow?” went back into the bathroom and came out with a tee shirt that didn’t want anymore and said, “Here"I 'm going to fill your mouth with come slut" he said Suddenly, had more sympathy for women giving birth We went outside and stood in the rain It tasted so good He had a 6 pack, was semi tan, from playing out in the sun Aaron grabbed his hair and started bucking into Pat's mouth when he finally began to spurt into his mouth After reaching my feet, he worked on each toe separately It felt like his palms couldn't squeeze enough of my cheeks wanted my ass to"milk" his tongue in a way Mike lowered the window Further heightening my arousal That’s his car over there As was pumping in and out of her hot, wet cunt, she began moaning that she wanted to really watch me sucking off another man Her strokes got harder and faster mmf bisexual exploring Women who had sucked me off always made awful faces, gagged coughed, or just wouldn't swallow my cum turned on the television so we didn’t have to talk so much"But you need to cum After had his shirt unbuttoned, began to lick my way to his chest Then he came up and kissed me had lost count long ago

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