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stripper gang mmf The taste was better than any treat I’ve ever had. So full was my mouth that some just had to dribble out the corners of my mouth and down my chin, as much as tried keeping it in my mouth and swallowed as fast as could. relaxed at the sight of his wedding stripper gang mmf ring, and continued to scope out the babes. Jerry came out, and once again, wrapped his arms around me. Thrilled by the erotic edge of water, happily took him up on his offer. As Mitch began pouring his load into my mouth, finally released my own and ejaculated into the back of Ryan's throat. stripper gang mmf As he was having his way with me, paused to open my eyes. His cock was hard and standing out, almost parallel to the ground. It wasn't long before we both exploded. went down to see him and we sat around bullshitting and swapping lies when the owner of the bookstore came in. Momentarily, stripper gang mmf felt a finger beginning to inch its way into my puckering asshole. That made him shoot even harder into my mouth. Bent upward, almost in a position for praying and at 24, feel so young and yet so old at the same time. got on top of him to begin the sixty-nine."Oh stripper gang mmf God, Brian. Most of the men had their cocks out or at least feebly tried to cover them as passed.” “I s’pose so. removed by Calvin Klein briefs and socks and stood before my four friends and lovers and Ryan. had the idea that might embarrass somebody, or hurt their feelings (not stripper gang mmf to mention the embarrassment for myself). Deacon had pulled away from his cock now and was climbing over the back of the couch and grabbing his ankles pulling his legs up to his chest.
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mmf bisexual cartoons thought he might like to do it again Steve pulled his shorts down to reveal his long, thick, semi-hard cock It turned out to be the doorway leading to my wildest dreams We took off from our airports at basically the same time The group huddle broke up, so we had to stop Gregory looked behind at me, dizzy with sheer lust It was becoming something we both didn't expect Rearing back, looked down once more to see his ass We've been expecting you," said the twenty-something greeter got down on my knees in front of him while he was still sitting down “Can you see my face in the dark?” He asked"Fuck, Mike…I can't hold on Surprisingly enough, Jerry took my shoulders and stood me up just when was ready to dance my tongue into his shorts My mouth suckled from his right peck, slowly taking in his nipple that was welcomed into my starving mouth We heard a door slam and the moment was gone forever truly felt as if were a teenage virgin once more-- bent on finding the right match Every muscle had a muscle on it During the time that we were in the bar, the crowd went from quiet and reserved to a loud, laughing gaggle was watching TV and he said he was going on the Internet to look at some porn After two or three stokes, someone grabbed my hand and removed it from my dick One day my wife followed me"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!OOOOOOHHHHHMMMMMYYYY" screamed before lost my voice in a wave of extasy and pleasure as bolted shot after shot of warm cum into my mysterious man mouth He stopped thrusting for a brief minute so we could kiss"Look at your cock," he said His head fell back and felt his hot cum splash against the walls of my insides could feel my heart pumping “There you go,” he said Finally, one night, he mentioned it: “Hey, Scott, don’t want to get too personal, but is everything okay with you?” “Sure, s’pose so It was me"We gonna ruin your ass said no, and he stripped down to black briefs Our hands intertwined, lifted myself up for my very first kiss with a man took off his shirt because thought it would get in the way, at least that's what told him really just wanted to touch his smooth chest Each fingertip lightly grazed the cock while admired it's immense beauty The young man started to slowly thrust his cock in and out of his mouth and he let him fuck his face At this time, realized we were in the middle of cars and the sound of the train moving began to give me a headache, so gladly followed him into the next car Yet, she was still part man as she thrusted her cock in and out He had planned on being right here at this moment letting his lover fuck his mouth as he sucked every drop of stored up cum from his prick It was amazing Out of curiosity slid my finger over the cum and then stuck my cum drenched finger in my mouth was paralyzed with fear"Don't look at my junk gave her a few seconds to adjust before starting into a steady rhythm couldn’t believe how hot his dick felt on my tongue had just tuned 18 Once we had cleaned up a little, Mike got back into bed with me and we laid together in the nude went to my girlfriend's house to get some relief He was petite in every way, but he was also extremely personable Standing up, he went over to the cabinet beside us and took out a bottle of something pushed myself down onto the head, gently and felt this massive member parting my virgin hole Carrie watched him walk away and then got up too and said,"and have some shopping to do sat, open mouthed, staring at his lustrous dark eyes as then looked again at his amazing cock Since Pat was gay, alarms were going off in his head"I'll give you something to cry about His cock was fantastic"Your with this hot guy and your questioning it? Are you an idiot!?" Alrite, suck it up Mikal stripper gang mmf don't know what came over me, had to do something Yet wanted more “I’m Brian To my surprise got a pretty quick motion going and knew could would not be able to hold out long It somehow turned into a"pack everyone into the corner" game “My son likes to fuck me as often as he can but I’m sure he would enjoy having you fuck him As the night moved on produced a joint The county government made sure our couple school buildings were always painted and repaired, but they never found the money to fix that sign That first night just waited for it to stop" OH MY GOD!! 10 o'clock in the morning and I've had more sex than any one man could possibly handle A talented mouth sucked on my pulsating member while provided simultaneous service to Ryan's incredible penis Once had come home late and had forgotten my keys We weren't even one-third of the way toward our goal silently prayed for his approval as a lusty sigh came from his mighty chest “God, what are you doing to me? feel you…” he mumbled with his tongue splayed across my neck" He then undid his pants and they fell down, exposing his hairless crotch stripped down to my socks and underwear and waited for Ryan and Mitch to emerge from the backroom also found that he was huge"Time for your first birthday gift, Brian silently prayed for his approval as a lusty sigh came from his mighty chest How could even be hungry right now? My beautiful waiter pulled his still semi-hard tool from my mouth The young man grunted loudly and ground himself against his father’s ass, holding himself still against him, filling his ass with his hot come, mixing it with his said did and she started to tell me that it had been her fantasy to watch me with another man He moved over to the sink and turned on the water ” He stood up, tying the towel around his waist was trying to look perfectly normal He dropped them on the bed and told me to put them on"Please, suck it, suck it," whispered, yurning for my dick to be inside his warm mouth Even on the nights that didn’t hear it, figured that he was either being extra quiet or that he had held off until I’d drifted off to sleep My heart was racing “Bet it doesn’t feel as good as you got me feeling,” he said softly, “You’ve got really great hands His cock was hard and standing out, almost parallel to the ground We both sighed in pleasure as my eyes looked at the lucky material of the thong that was tucked between his mouth-watering cheeks This set off a string of jolts-- rocking Gregory's browned flesh Turned out to be all different couples making love to each other At this, he jammed himself into my manhole with nothing but strength and force “Is that better?” “Yes,” said softly soon found myself beyond the point of no return and began to cum, shooting onto my stomach and the desk John was quickly behind me as we made are way out of the bar His cock was so hot Within a short time, he began moaning louder and breathing faster increasing the rate at which he jerked his cock" He murmured He went right back to bed and went to my room, shutting the door “And you’re gonna cumm inside me, aren’t you? Aren’t you, Brian?” He demanded I'll just drink very slowly and will only buy a six pack hi," the man offered ; “Oh yeah, that’s it It was pulsing with early signs of orgasm He walked over to the wall and put his hands up on it"Hey Dave My hunch paid off as Gregory violently shuddered But, my efforts paid off"Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggmmmmmmmmmmm" he belted as he sent wave after wave of hot cum into my asshole After a few dances with him it doesn't take long before we're walking together along the street just laughing and joking and enjoying the lust of each other's company stripper gang mmf My boss is a really nice guy but he hates his wife"Oooh, you're so tight," Pat muttered love foreskins, and this one was extra special, for on the underside of his cock, just below the head, his foreskin was pierced and held a ½ inch gold hoop The first spurt shot over Steve's left shoulder and landed on his back “Is it that obvious that we hate each other?” “Not really, just pay a lot attention Mitch stepped forward My head fell to the table as let out a loud cry of ecstasy Occasionally would remove his cock from my mouth and lick, nibble and kiss the underside of his shaft It was now extending to almost a foot and was as thick as a beer can! Being impaled with that could certainly be the end of me slipped a condom over my throbbing cock and reached for the lube What all that means to you, reading this story, is simply this told him of the guy at the rest stop As he entered the kitchen, he found the black man on his knees, his son pumping his long black cock in and out of the man’s ass as fast as he could"Here we are," Dave said, turning off the engine Gentleness consumed me as lightly grazed my lips to his, tasting my own salty essence on his lips Before could even get back up, Sam's huge hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me into the shower had been surfing the gay chat rooms all morning We set a date young bisexual mmf ” He managed to utter while clutching my sweaty cheeks His breathing became ragged and he started to pound into me Since had no girlfriend at the time, my mind was drifting through many of my primitive fantasies Moans of utter euphoria echoed in his room as felt another man's mouth-watering ass for the first time This sent him over the edge and he began to shoot his cum in my mouth He grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head The feeling was starting to come back to his body as the black man gently sucked on his hard cock He was in his early thirty, with shoulder length hair Casting me a sly smile, the charming bartender asked me what was looking for tonight, and simply replied; “A nice hunk After a few laps, Gregory saw that all was doing was looking at his splendid ass Aaron noticed him right away one demanding thrust, and then a man's tongue pierced my ass for the very first time Their kissing quickly moved into some very heavy petting and feeling up of one another In fact But his young cock just looked so damn good that wasn’t about to say no These boys were about a year older than Donny and myself Steak for both, salad and a few more drinks Gratefully, was given a repeat, and after a few minutes knew wouldn't be able to wait till going home, and slowly undid my own jeans, pulled them and my undies down to my knees, and began stroking myself as watched Donny again, as we both laid back on his bed, side by side He was wearing dark colored, panties! looked back into his eyes, and sank to my knees Dave had swallowed every single drop with and with a smile he looked up into Deacon's eyes and proclaimed his love for him Bumping, grinding, blowing into my ear, rubbing himself up and down my body tried to get my cock as deep into him as possible… wanted nothing more than to brand him with my sperm By then he was standing beside my bed, waiting for me to lie on my stomach couldn’t believe it Soon, he was naked before me, revealing a large cock, with plum-sized balls beneath it feel like a person again"Say my name and beg me to come!" Sam said That was it for me also Glancing over my shoulders, he could see the nervous virgin gaze in my eyes That made it a lot easier His moans turned into muffled squeals as felt the first wave of sperm saturate my ass Two or three minutes into this visual feast, the second older guy with the chubby cock was nearing climax Nuzzling my neck, Gregory's tongue glazed my neck and shoulder as he pressed his hardness upon my ass Our eyes met as began bobbing up and down He started to push the head of the dildo inside me The man helped him into a chair Sam was still under the stream of hot water Nate is incredible It only took a moment or two before Dave had exploded in his mouth giving him a mouthful of the seed he so desired"Maybe they'll let me cum this time," thought to myself wait a second There were again several opportunities to lick up some of his cum after he unloaded, yet decided that wanted to have my first taste of his cum directly from the source felt the first signs of orgasm, and slowed my pace to shake off the tickle was asked to remove my shirt and to set back in the chair over against the wall"No problem," said, stretching out Our elders have started passing on and we have crossed each others paths while showing proper respect to our loved ones They were like poster girls for country living Walking in to the main floor, my eyes soon saw a multitude of male couples together got an instant boner made my pardons for blocking the view of the others as made my way to the seat again felt the persistence of his hand behind my head He began getting erect while Pat pounded into him from behind, and he reached down and started jerking himself off To this day they remain two of the most beautiful girls I've ever known His cock was like a hot poker Here was surrounded by images of naked people screwing, sucking, licking asses and cumming all over each other but this was beyond anything had ever experienced before"No, not yet," he said stripper gang mmf Black guys sucking and fucking with other black guys He told me it was probably the most he'd ever shot before We began talking about sex and being married could not believe my day had turned into this But, what the hell, we were on vacation He placed his hands on my head and helped show the rhythm he liked Almost by surprise, felt my own orgasm come on quickly and without warning The delay only made me more upset kept wondering, hoping that this afternoon would get a repeat performance, also wondering if would have the courage to join him, as we jerked off together liked the idea of building up to the moment with flirting, anticipation and maybe a bit of seduction from and to each other ” With that, he returned to the other room complied with him, and figured was the last one in Our handsome waiter proceeded to give me a lap dance like no other We quickly packed his things and he kissed all his bisex guys and wife good-buy And I'm not even sure what it is exactly that I'm looking at Leaning back, closed my eyes and started stroking my throbbing member again had to save face, said, “well, would leave, but this is my room!” He laughed and got up" He murmured Then as Dave recovered is when he had bent Dave over the couch and reamed him preparing his tight ass for a good ole fashion fucking Nice to finally meet you mmf action noticed that all the other men were watching me as slowly began to pull on my engorged cock As sat down to eat, noticed the expressions on their faces ” “Not one bit A admire the bursting, deeply carved pecks that were incredible to touch He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders was laying on my stomach when Phil said that was going to get a bad burn if weren't careful figured could experiment a with it and if it didn't interest me always had a toy to use on a partner"Shhh, keep the blindfold on," he said mean, after May, I’ll be out of school…which is good, but bad I've wanted to suck your cock for a long time slid as much of it as dare into my mouth and then slowly slid it back out wasnt bad at sucking dick, but wasnt hardly as good as he was His long, thick, legs stood un-natually steady on two huge shifty feet We’d love to help you,” the man in front of him said as he reached forward and grabbed his cock again God this was hot sweaty male on male sex just as it should be he thought Here lubed up my ass and slowly and painfully inserted the dildo"We will stay here for a few hours So the hardest part was where and when to meet gave her a few seconds to adjust before starting into a steady rhythm"I don't have time for small talk or chit-chat," heard myself saying Right then began to wonder if he was going to cum in my mouth On the way to the bar to pick up his car, he said “James meet me in my office tomorrow at 3:00 was going to get to taste two new cocks This day has been unbelievable He continued to stroke my back gently His hand came up just behind my head and gently brushed my hair He went from my cock to my balls and back to my cock"I couldn't help but enjoy the show that has been going on over here by your table At that time, all could think of was reaching for that cock and sucking it down my throat had to have Jordan and had to taste his spooge oozing down my throat look at this gorgeous ass For while had had the experience of sucking a guys cock once it was still something that turned me on and seemed very taboo After two days of wrangling with the problem, decided to make him the one You can expect anything to happen in there, and it usually does For weeks after she keep asking if would do a three way with another man and make her fantasy come true must have set a record for a quick shower While was still shocked about the force he had used with me, barely registered that he was getting off his knees and preparing to mount me His body lunged to one side, as if every muscle in his body connected “You just lay there and let me do all the work,” the man said as he got up and turned around, straddling his knees and lowering himself over his hardening cock What did matter was that he was clean, clean-cut, obviously well to do, and extremely handsome We switched into a mutually satisfying sixty-nine and orally pleasured each other like our lives depended on it The good feelings won as watched Donny take his hard rod in both hands, sit down and begin to stroke his cock up and down; had always thought that had pretty nice sized cock, but Donny's was a fucking monster We shared a light lunch as he asked me to go swimming with him in his indoor pool This ass" He said with a smirk," Get whacked by the towel But the sight of me wearing a garter belt and stockings and being fucked by a guy wearing the same thing got me hot again right away The rest of the night, jerked my self off, thinking about Phil's cock The stranger muttered a simple, 'thanks' and disappeared" Without saying another word, automatically turned to face the handsome black stranger, dropped to my knees and took his gorgeous cock into my mouth Like Dave before them, screamed bloody murder when Pete took my ass “Over there,” he said, pointing in the general direction of where he had left his car so long ago, or so it seemed my definitive fate Our tongues brushed, our lips parted and soon we were locked in a beautiful French kiss He told me to get it wet with my mouth and that he wanted to watch me suck that cock as sucked his mmf bi action Just knowing my body would make a man cumm is a thought that still causes my heart to skip a beat ” He added as looked to him in surprise"Later," he called over his shoulder, and left me there on the couch, alone, with my hard-on" OH MY GOD!! 10 o'clock in the morning and I've had more sex than any one man could possibly handle finally broke the silence by telling him how turned on got driving down to pick him up"I rarely lose," he grinned He had short golden brown hair and green eyes Both Sam and Pete's eyes seemed to glow red and their teeth looked large and pointed like a dog's Then we could catch up on old times meant that I…mmmm" He was unable to finish and for the next couple of minutes used my newly learned rimming skills on him wondered if he regretted it ” He watched the man sit right down on his cock as he felt the first spurt of his come, spew up into him As my eyes adjusted more noted that the older gentleman next to me had absolutely no problem with achieving an erection! His cock was at least 12 inches if not more With his other hand, he was caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, was in sexual ecstasy Finally, he shuddered and with his last thrust, left his cock in my mouth, holding it there for a while kept trying to get a glimpse here and there His hand started pumping my lower shaft as his mouth and tongue worked the upper half of me A bit later went upstairs and sat in a chair next to him I’ll do 30 if have a lot of stress or wanna stay away from my wife, but usually the most do is 20 My orgasm lasted minutes The five of us marched in and were greeted at the front desk by a handsome and somewhat feminine acting young fellow Soon enough, heard Donny give me the warning, where previously would have taken him out of my mouth to finish him with my hands As he slowly walked over to the restroom, stretching, he entered to find two men inside"Hey bro," he said to Pete heard him swallow 12 times The rigor of giving me my massage had caused him to work up a light sweat, and as a result, his body glistened in the dim light just like the hot studs in the body building magazines If he came, he would fill me with a load of come From force of habit, he'd walked a couple extra steps to peek into her room told john to order one more beer whale go to make a phone call Let us demonstrate how they work"I wanna do this daily humped his hands like mad" With that, he turned and walked out of the shower And the only words that came from my sex partner was"That's TEN!" We cleaned one another off and our food was delivered immediately My lips formed a seal around his meat so that not a single drop would be lost My heart fluttered as a low moan came from me Again did as he wanted of me Have fun Sam But, if he kept rubbing my ass the way he was, was about to come out to the whole world I'll bet you want to get fucked, too There was no racial barriers in this place “Oh man, what a beautiful ass you have there Waiting in the main lobby, ordered a drink as anxiously watched the clock tick away As came through the door and he shut it, turned around and saw that Phil was naked He was obviously a business man of some sort out of the office for the afternoon The mere size of his dick would have been intimidating under normal circumstances, but my animalistic need to feast on cocks of any size or shape threw all inhibitions out the window Again began to doze off Although it was soft – almost too soft to hear – it was obvious to me that Mike was jerking off in bed However, our raging hard-ons that were suspiciously half poking against the material of our pants didn't help matters much" looked each one of them over as they stood before our table Gay guy celebrates 21st birthday in style At that point, my foot grazed his took off my own suit and lay back down Right way broke off and started sucking the black guys long spongy cock stripper gang mmf The pain was almost overwhelming and the assault on his ass seemed never ending had always enjoyed piercings on male lovers How do you do it?” “Well go to the gym twice maybe three times a week began stroking them as sucked Donny hard again Too consumed by an undying cause to make this man liberate his beloved seed told him that had money to gamble with ” Now, if that had been the end of it, fine" He slipped out of my view in front of his locker As the man licked him and sucked all the come out of him, he concentrated on the hard firm cock between his lips attempted to get him into my throat, but he was too thick Birthday Boy!" he instructed She withdrew from under us so that she could get a better view just She was definitely enjoying getting her pussy eaten by the gorgeous red head His bellowing cries filled the bedroom as savored his salted broth before swallowing it into my empty stomach was getting a bit nervous, both from the crank and he innuendoes he was making There were bikinis, and thongs, sun tan oil and all sorts of goings on The scorching warmth of another man’s ass consumed my penis as both of my hands now rested on his rounded globes Beth walked to her table, put down her jewelry, then took a couple more steps to her dresser He asked if I’d just put it in my room and that he’d be there in a minute" Jim covered his eyes with his hands, then started talking quietly We opened the door and went inside I’m not one for cuming and then fucking again right away"We are going to the rest stop building, here, put this on," Dave said, throwing me a short robe But thank God we gotten somewhat accepting of occasional boy-boy contact After a few minutes, he felt it twitch and then a hot load of bitter sweet come crossed his tongue on its way down his throat"Could we talk?" He asked" had stripped naked, and was rummaging through my pack for dry clothes when looked up - and saw Dave watching me through the rearview mirror After a long shower, and primping myself like a first date, made my way to the bathhouse ” Not wanting to waste any more time, lit it and took a huge drag Boy, it’s a good thing it was Saturday By the time that Mike had been there for two weeks, decided that there was very could do Your have a great cock for fucking Myself, I’m only 5’7” but still manage to turn a lot of ladies eyes My hands they run down and glide beneath my underwear, through the thick dark pubes that encapsulate and surround my penis and testicles was quickly whisked out of the van and nearly carried into one of the arcades by my four hosts Then felt Steve's thick fingers working some lube into my asshole Momentarily, felt a finger beginning to inch its way into my puckering asshole" said to myself His fingers felt so good at that point, didn't want him to stop truly home got to the point that exploded onto my stomach turned on the television so we didn’t have to talk so much also discovered that about half of the videos in the booths were gay oriented They both laughed loudly at this The young man started to slowly thrust his cock in and out of his mouth and he let him fuck his face As licked, sucked and pumped his cock, playing with his balls and tasting them too, could feel Donny's cock growing in my mouth, as he moaned in pleasure She was so damned hot, plus she resembled my cute sister, which was a major turn on too" Phil laughed and said that his problem was just the opposite, that his wife was completely dominant

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